Monday, December 03, 2012


Was over Luke's the other night trying to find something fun to watch. We tried a movie on Netflix called The Pact, but were pretty bored at the 15 minute mark. No tolerance.

So I started scrolling through the movies to watch and see Robocop. Haven't seen it in a few years and they were up for it so we watched it. Man, still such a great movie. And I'm not sure I ever realized Rob Bottin created Robocop and all the impressive FX. For some reason I had Stan Winston in my head. But now it all makes sense when you look at how gruesome a lot of those FX are.

And how you could look at that Robocop design and say, "Hey, let's completely scrap the look" for the remake? If you wanna sleek it up a bit, okay, but to toss it completely and go with that super-shitty GI Joe suit? Fuck you, studio.

After it was over Netflix suggested we watch Starship Troopers. Another great movie I haven't seen in years. So we watched that. Jesus God were Denise Richards' boobs EPIC in that movie. And those CGI insects are probably still the greatest CGI creatures ever designed, second possibly only to Jurassic Park's.

Afterward got me thinking though: Where the fuck is Verhoeven? Yeah, Showgirls was terrible and Hollow Man wasn't great, but it does not mean you stop making movies...

Since 2000 when he did Hollow Man it appears he's done NOTHING if you don't count 2 movies you have never heard of. (Black Book and Steekspel, which is clearly a foreign film)

Come on, man, get back on the horse!

Anyway, still editing, still writing. Got CHUD going in the background. It's on Netflix and I vaguely remember enjoying it when I was in high school.

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