Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Goddamn New Year's Eve

Have I told you how much I would really love to just stay home and watch the Twilight Zone marathon? Drink some toasted almonds, maybe some vodka cranberries. Whatever.

But once again we have been roped into going to that New Year's Eve thing with the in-laws. Yeah, the open bar is cool. The dinner is normally okay. The band's not terrible, but I'm always more inclined to dance when they take a break and play normal music.

Anyway, busy couple of weeks. Am shooting a LOT of video this week and next. The biggest auction of the year is coming up and not only am I shooting the videos on some stuff they're selling but I also have to do the "presentation" video that they almost didn't do. But now it's on.

So I shot the first part today and am editing it now. (BOR-ING) They'll send me the title cards, I'll put them in and upload them to Youtube.

Then Wednesday we'll try to shoot a lot of the presentation video.I've talked them into doing a little tiny bit of stop-motion animation because I haven't done it in so long and I thought it might be funny with the dolls. I'm not gonna be anal about it--gonna do it pretty fast, as most of the dolls aren't articulated all that well anyway. But it'll still take longer than just shooting.

Then 2nd week of Jan I go to L.A. -- there was talk of staying a couple of extra days to see friends out there but I just don't think I'm gonna be able to. A shame, as I'd love to see Jacky(who just got engaged), Mun, Danielle, Proctor, and Josh.

Also wouldn't mind stopping by my producer's reps to light a fire under their asses about Bounty. If they don't get a dvd deal in the next year I get the rights back, so there's that. I guess I could make some limited editions dvds or Blu Rays...

Anyway, happy new year!

Also, courtesy of Kelli Maroney(of Night of the Comet fame):

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