Saturday, November 17, 2012


Dallas was reasonably uneventful. Fuckin' hate flying. Not so much the actual flying, but the showing up at the airport, stripping for the search thing, waiting to board, boarding, cramming in with people you don't know, waiting to see how large the dude next to you is gonna be, enduring the boredom of flight, waiting to get off the plane once it lands, then walking 10 miles to get out of the airport.

Had some computer issues--java to be exact--dealt with them but it made working on Saturday pretty stressful.

Managed to see the new Bond film. Not bad, but certainly not as great as everyone's saying. Not the best Bond movie ever, and not even the best Daniel Craig Bond movie.

Back, back to the grind. I ain't getting shit done. I'd tell you about my issues, but it would fuckin' bore the piss out of you. So let's not.

Wanna talk about things I don't give a shit about?
  1. First, politics. It's fuckin' over people. My guy didn't win either. (Gary Johnson) But to talk about seceding? Seriously? Like, are we first graders now? If I can't be first, I'm gonna take my ball and go home...
    Fuckin' move. You ain't seceding anything. That's not the way things work, and if you weren't retarded you'd know it already.
  2. Star Wars/Disney. You see, it's not 1985 anymore, as much as I wish it was. Star Wars is shit now. Lucas ruined them because he's creatively bankrupt. Has been for years. So let's all stop conjecturing on who's gonna direct, what it's gonna be about, etc. We can talk about it when the first trailer airs, okay?
  3.  Animals being abused. I know, it sounds harsh. But some people keep posting pics/info about abused animals, and that's just not why I'm on FB. It's a shame, but guess what? You can't fix it. There's far too many animals, far too many of them fucking and making babies uncontrollably, and PS: People are douchebags. Your informative and/or shockingly-horrible picture about animal abuse will do nothing to change it. So, uh, stop.
Things I do care about:
  1. Halo 4: Fun. Enjoying it. I'm not terribly great at it like I am at many of the games, but I can hold my own. I'd be playing it right now but my fucking arms are killing me. 
  2. Smoothies: I dunno why, but lately I've been digging wild berry smoothies. Got one at Haagen Daaz, got one at McDonald's. Almost got on at Burger King.
  3. A diet. I gotta go back on it. I've gained some weight, but I'm not sure how the shake diet works when I have to eat stuff in order to take all the advil I'm taking. I'm not in crazy fat territory yet--somewhere in the 204 range, but I feel heavier.
Also, been looking up old pictures of the area for certain reasons and came upon this pic. One of my favorite theaters ever. This is the one I saw the double feature of Conan/ET at. And look at the two movies they were playing at the time of this pic...I may have even seen the top one there.

Also came across these pics--used to LOVE going to this place and playing Asteroids and Ms. Pacman.

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