Friday, November 30, 2012

Things I Learned Today

Watched a CNBC special called Game On from 2006 that detailed the rise of gaming from way back. It was pretty interesting, and nostalgiac to see many of those games/systems again. Things I learned that I didn't know(which came as a surprise to me).

  • Atari means Prepare to Be Attacked in Japanese
  • Steve Jobs worked at Atari and actually created Breakout before leaving to start Apple
  • The founder of Atari is also the founder of Chuck E. Cheese.
Then I decided to watch Hardware. It's streaming on Netflix. I've heard about it but had never seen it, so I figured what the hell?

I notice that it was produced by the Weinsteins. Back in 1990. Wow.

Then I see the director's name and think, "Where have I heard that name before?" Richard Stanley. Guy did Dust Devil, which I don't think I liked but can't remember anything about it.

The shocking thing I see is that this dude is only 4 years older than I am. I think...what? Yeah, he directed Hardware, a movie that looks like it had a decent budget, provided by the Weinsteins, all at the age of 24.

How does that happen? Color me jealous.

Anyway, editing continues on the Making of GOH. There's some funny stuff in there.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Inner Half Ass Strikes Again

I didn't use to have an inner half ass. I really didn't. It didn't matter what it took or how much work, I always did the best I could on everything involving my movies. I spent nearly as much time editing the Making Of's and supplements as I did the movie.

Those days are over.

I'm working on the GOH Making Of right now and there's a part where I talk about the lead, Richard Cutting. I mention that he auditioned for my previous flick but had to bow out after I cast him. In the past, I would have gone and found that footage, on whatever tape it's on, and played it during this Making Of.

But now my inner half ass just tells me, "Fuck That Noise".

The problem really is just that it appears nobody but me cares. I'm not saying that to complain. Just more as a point of fact.

As I think of it the whole thing kind of mirrors something I'd talked about with my comic book friends. There are comic artists who were SUPER good, but after a while they start phoning it in. It's like, what happened? I think it gets to a point where they feel like "Hey, we get paid the same no matter if we put in a 100%-effort page or a 70%-effort page, so let's just do 70s".

Take, for instance, my buddy Tim Vigil. This is a guy who was a big name when I was in my late teens. He was doing Faust and Grips, two hyperviolent comics with nudity. And he's a phenomenal artist. I don't say that because we're friends now.

But most of the stuff he puts out now is a shadow of what he used to do. I'm pretty sure, though he doesn't talk about it, that he's bitter about having put out some of his best work and it was ignored. Like, check out this page from Gothic Nights of his(and blow that bitch up):

He put his heart and soul into this thing. It rivals the greatest Bernie Wrightson stuff--look at how detailed yet not "busy" that art is...and the book sold shit.

This is another pic of his:
The man can draw. But he doesn't do that level of art anymore.

And while I certainly am nowhere near as talented at anything as he is, I think my inner half-ass is beginning to show his colors more often.

A pity. I think the Making Of will still be decent, but it won't be as great as it would have been five or ten years ago.

  • Addam's Family Values for Thanksgiving. Man, did Raul Julia nail that character. John Astin is great--and face it, the role wouldn't have existed without him, but Raul is just GREAT.
  • Klown. Funny, but not as great or controversial as I'd heard. It was entertaining though.
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Ridiculous but okay. Some decent action even if the slow-mo gets overused to hell.
  • Dinosaur. Wow, would I have loved this movie when I was in my teens. Stupid, juvenile sex romp through a world full of naked busty women, with dinosaurs. Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski teaming up. Some of the forced perspective stuff was fun, but some of those dinosaurs were just embarrassingly bad. I mean, when the dinosaur from Carnasaur is the best dinosaur in your movie, you've got problems.
  • Black Rain. Still like this movie, but it's kind of striking how much of Michael Douglas' character is the exact same as the character he'd play 3 years later in Basic Instinct. Nick Conklin Vs. Nick Curran. Can that be coincidence?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Ladies

So my wife goes to work early this morning. (usually at 4am, but this morning at 2am)

I watch her to her truck and let the dog out to piss. Normal routine. She starts the truck, so I go piss while the dog is still outside.

Mid-pee I hear the dog barking. At 2 in the morning. I'm thinking, "Great, who the fuck is walking around the neighborhood?"

Get back to the door and see my wife's truck stopped in the road two doors up. Weird.

I yell at the dog to shut up and come inside. She doesn't listen, keeps barking at the truck. So I walk outside. Then I notice my wife in the yard two doors up. She calls out to me, a little panicked. "Come here, quick."

I think, "Shit, she hit an animal...she'll be a wreck."

I walk out of the yard, up the sidewalk and that's when I notice there's an old lady laying in the yard two doors up in a nightgown. My wife is bending over her. "Help me stand her up."

The old lady says, "Bless you, oh my God, you two are angels. I've been here since eight pm."

I'm trying to digest how nobody walked by the house since 8 pm. The lady's skin is COLD--it's like 48 degrees outside. We get her up delicately, because--as she says when I try to brace her back--her back is hurt.

We get her to her feet and she says--no shit--"Oh thank you. Who won the Ravens game?"

I fuckin' laughed. Couldn't help it. This lady is dying in her front yard and she's concerned with who won a football game. Her door was locked, but her window was open so I popped it and reached in, unlocked the door.

My wife helped her in and got her in bed. All I could think was, man, I will kill myself LONG before I get to that age...believe me.

Anyway, remember the experimental thing I was talking about doing with our new movie? Gonna do it. In the next 2 months. May fail big time, but it'll be an interesting experiment. If it works it means fast money(but not a lot), and QUICK distribution everywhere. If it doesn't work it just means I send it to my producer's rep and it'll come out in 3 years.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Dallas was reasonably uneventful. Fuckin' hate flying. Not so much the actual flying, but the showing up at the airport, stripping for the search thing, waiting to board, boarding, cramming in with people you don't know, waiting to see how large the dude next to you is gonna be, enduring the boredom of flight, waiting to get off the plane once it lands, then walking 10 miles to get out of the airport.

Had some computer issues--java to be exact--dealt with them but it made working on Saturday pretty stressful.

Managed to see the new Bond film. Not bad, but certainly not as great as everyone's saying. Not the best Bond movie ever, and not even the best Daniel Craig Bond movie.

Back, back to the grind. I ain't getting shit done. I'd tell you about my issues, but it would fuckin' bore the piss out of you. So let's not.

Wanna talk about things I don't give a shit about?
  1. First, politics. It's fuckin' over people. My guy didn't win either. (Gary Johnson) But to talk about seceding? Seriously? Like, are we first graders now? If I can't be first, I'm gonna take my ball and go home...
    Fuckin' move. You ain't seceding anything. That's not the way things work, and if you weren't retarded you'd know it already.
  2. Star Wars/Disney. You see, it's not 1985 anymore, as much as I wish it was. Star Wars is shit now. Lucas ruined them because he's creatively bankrupt. Has been for years. So let's all stop conjecturing on who's gonna direct, what it's gonna be about, etc. We can talk about it when the first trailer airs, okay?
  3.  Animals being abused. I know, it sounds harsh. But some people keep posting pics/info about abused animals, and that's just not why I'm on FB. It's a shame, but guess what? You can't fix it. There's far too many animals, far too many of them fucking and making babies uncontrollably, and PS: People are douchebags. Your informative and/or shockingly-horrible picture about animal abuse will do nothing to change it. So, uh, stop.
Things I do care about:
  1. Halo 4: Fun. Enjoying it. I'm not terribly great at it like I am at many of the games, but I can hold my own. I'd be playing it right now but my fucking arms are killing me. 
  2. Smoothies: I dunno why, but lately I've been digging wild berry smoothies. Got one at Haagen Daaz, got one at McDonald's. Almost got on at Burger King.
  3. A diet. I gotta go back on it. I've gained some weight, but I'm not sure how the shake diet works when I have to eat stuff in order to take all the advil I'm taking. I'm not in crazy fat territory yet--somewhere in the 204 range, but I feel heavier.
Also, been looking up old pictures of the area for certain reasons and came upon this pic. One of my favorite theaters ever. This is the one I saw the double feature of Conan/ET at. And look at the two movies they were playing at the time of this pic...I may have even seen the top one there.

Also came across these pics--used to LOVE going to this place and playing Asteroids and Ms. Pacman.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dallas Bound

If the plane crashes, this will be my sign off post. It's funny, just saw Flight last week and it had a pretty brutal crash scene. Now I can imagine that during take offs and landings! Sweet. (It's a good movie, but it's not being advertised as the movie it is)

Halo 4 came out. I have it. I'm taking a brief break to type this, then back at it.

I'm editing something that you're going to hear about soon. Details to come.

Election yesterday. Stood in line for 40 minutes.

Watched Seeking A Friend For The End of The World. Luke's gonna kill himself; he was outlining a script very similar to that when we saw the first advertisement. Been there before. It sucks. But his is different enough, and nobody saw this movie, so I think he can still do it.

Got my other computer hooked up pretty nice now. Most programs installed. Only big problem is that I really don't wanna install AOL on that computer because AOL runs like 4 programs CONSTANTLY. Even if it's not been booted.

Technically I could go through the web to access my aol accounts, but I have like 5 of them that I use so it would take longer to do, and isn't as user friendly an interface as the actual software...and yeah, if I hadn't had those emails for like 20 years I'd just ditch them. (seriously...I have names with NO numbers after them; that's how long I've had those emails)

I could swear there was something I wanted to put in here that I can't remember...will update if I do remember.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween. 2012 Style.

Man, did fuckin' October go by fast or what?

Pumpkin party went over well. Luke and Nelly came over, and Nelly carved her first pumpkin. (well, 2 really, because Luke pussied out even after my wife hollowed out the pumpkin for him)

Saturday night we went out to a bar. Nelly went--Luke dropped her off and then went home to play WOW.

I recycled my cop uniform from past movies. It's funny how many people think I'm actually a cop. Too bad the bouncer wouldn't let me take my handcuffs in. (they've passed 2 other years with no problem)

Ran a $120 bar tab, drank so much I got sick that night and the next day. It was rough, but fun.

Then there was, like, a hurricane or something. We didn't lose power at all, which was nice. Really, the only hardship I had was my internet was a little spotty so I couldn't play BF3 with some friends. I know, tough.

Tuesday I went over to Zig's to try to play catchup on some horror flicks. We watched The Howling. Followed it up with Excision, a new horror flick that's getting rave reviews but actually sucks pretty bad. It's pretty, empty, and boring. Which is I guess what people look for nowadays...

Finished up with Alone In The Dark, the original with Martin Landau and Jack Palance. Pretty good, but with the weirdest extended ending on a movie I may have seen in a non-David-Lynch movie.

Then, the actual Halloween day. My kid went out as Willy Wonka and was a pretty big hit. I may be the only person in the world following his kid around with cinema-quality camera videotaping his trick-or-treating.
Course, I had to shoot at 6400 iso even with my 1.4 lens. It's grainy, but nothing close to the gopro. If I was shooting a flick I'd shoot no higher than 3200 and light my subject(and that's only if I was shooting it myself--if I had a DP, we'd shoot no higher iso than 800). But as it is, if I upload some of the other videos, you'll see the sky actually has color to it...when it was completely black when I shot.

Best part is the kid has to stay in character the whole time, which involved walking very slowly and deliberately with the cane, just like Gene Wilder. My kid's a freakin' method actor. 

On the script thing I only got to page 14. Maybe I'll try to do more, but we'll see. I have a hard time writing Halloween shit at Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know?