Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Party

My wife readies the pumpkin party. She's behind more than usual. I went out and bought some dry ice and got the fog machine ready. That's the extent of my stuff.

Also got my camera together in the "film mode". Looks like this:

My brother Paul called last night. Said Party City is selling a mask that looks an incredible amount like the clown we created for FOC1 who shall remain nameless so search engines don't come here. He didn't have a picture.

I went there today to find out, 'cause I will sue some mutherfuckers if I find out it's true. That shit is copyright me and my bro. I couldn't find it, so I dunno. There was a couple sort of similar but not enough that I'd say it's a direct copy. He said the one he saw had a big crooked smile just like our guys. I didn't see that one.

On that new script thing--on page 10. I was working on a paid thing yesterday(which I now have to edit), so didn't get to work much on it but I'm kind of excited because I'm doing something in the script that I have NEVER done(in approximately 30 scripts).

I'm not gonna mention what it is because I wanna see if anybody(my buds who will read it) notice. I think Zig will. Not sure about anybody else.

But I'm starting to get the gist of what it's about. Still, no, will never finish it by Halloween.

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