Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back & I'm Psychic

Back from the fest, and look at that: Got it exactly right. We got 4 awards. Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Feature. Pretty awesome.

The fest was fun. My only real gripe is that their projection was pretty crappy, so nobody's flick looked great.

Now back into the swing of Halloween things. I had a good idea for a movie last week and started thinking about it. Only real problem is that it's a Halloween-time story, and I have a hard time writing out-of-season things.

So today I decided to convince myself I'm gonna write 90 pages in a week. I know it's not gonna happen, especially since I don't really know the STORY yet. I've got characters, I've got incidents, but I don't really know WHY it's happening.

And I haven't written by the seat of my pants in YEARS, so I'm not sure I can do it anymore. I normally like to have the skeleton of it before I start working.

Anyway, am writing today. Listening to soundtracks while doing it: Dead Silence and Zodiac so far. Not sure what's next. Was thinking about Alien, but it probably won't have the right texture.

The wife is getting ready for her annual pumpkin party. We didn't have it last year, I don't think.

Saw PA4 and Seven Psychopaths. PA4--someone needs to tell them they need more Activity in their Activity movies. Also, I'm not even sure what's happening-- I can't remember what happened in the others. They need to just start a new storyline instead of trying to advance the old one over and over.

Liked Seven Psychopaths a lot. Quirky, funny, interesting, with some great performances. Worth checking out.

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