Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Party

My wife readies the pumpkin party. She's behind more than usual. I went out and bought some dry ice and got the fog machine ready. That's the extent of my stuff.

Also got my camera together in the "film mode". Looks like this:

My brother Paul called last night. Said Party City is selling a mask that looks an incredible amount like the clown we created for FOC1 who shall remain nameless so search engines don't come here. He didn't have a picture.

I went there today to find out, 'cause I will sue some mutherfuckers if I find out it's true. That shit is copyright me and my bro. I couldn't find it, so I dunno. There was a couple sort of similar but not enough that I'd say it's a direct copy. He said the one he saw had a big crooked smile just like our guys. I didn't see that one.

On that new script thing--on page 10. I was working on a paid thing yesterday(which I now have to edit), so didn't get to work much on it but I'm kind of excited because I'm doing something in the script that I have NEVER done(in approximately 30 scripts).

I'm not gonna mention what it is because I wanna see if anybody(my buds who will read it) notice. I think Zig will. Not sure about anybody else.

But I'm starting to get the gist of what it's about. Still, no, will never finish it by Halloween.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back & I'm Psychic

Back from the fest, and look at that: Got it exactly right. We got 4 awards. Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Feature. Pretty awesome.

The fest was fun. My only real gripe is that their projection was pretty crappy, so nobody's flick looked great.

Now back into the swing of Halloween things. I had a good idea for a movie last week and started thinking about it. Only real problem is that it's a Halloween-time story, and I have a hard time writing out-of-season things.

So today I decided to convince myself I'm gonna write 90 pages in a week. I know it's not gonna happen, especially since I don't really know the STORY yet. I've got characters, I've got incidents, but I don't really know WHY it's happening.

And I haven't written by the seat of my pants in YEARS, so I'm not sure I can do it anymore. I normally like to have the skeleton of it before I start working.

Anyway, am writing today. Listening to soundtracks while doing it: Dead Silence and Zodiac so far. Not sure what's next. Was thinking about Alien, but it probably won't have the right texture.

The wife is getting ready for her annual pumpkin party. We didn't have it last year, I don't think.

Saw PA4 and Seven Psychopaths. PA4--someone needs to tell them they need more Activity in their Activity movies. Also, I'm not even sure what's happening-- I can't remember what happened in the others. They need to just start a new storyline instead of trying to advance the old one over and over.

Liked Seven Psychopaths a lot. Quirky, funny, interesting, with some great performances. Worth checking out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philly Bound

Off to Philly to that fest where they will be showing GOH for only the 2nd public showing ever. We're nominated for like 11 awards, and my prediction is that we take 4. Nothing scientific, just guessing, even though they sent an email that sort of tips the hat that I have won 1 award and my lead actor has won.

Luke's driving. We're gonna watch our main competition on Friday night, hang out, see what's up. Then Saturday I'm not sure what we're doing before our showing at 6:30pm. I don't really wanna see any shorts that they're playing.

After the film is the awards ceremony, then we come right back since we both work the next morning. Fun. Hope I don't drink too much.

Sounds like there will be a few cast/crew there, so could be fun. The things that bother me a little:

1) They're playing GOH from a DVD, since they say they can't play a blu-ray. Won't look as nice.
2) The venue they're playing it in isn't an actual movie theater. I'm not exactly sure what it is. It sort of looks like a college theater area with one of them drop-down white screens. Probably means the sound system will suck.
3) They say there's no food/drinks in the place where they show the movies. Say fuckin' what? No popcorn? That sucks.

October's flying by too fast. I'm really slacking on the horror movie watching. I watched Monsters Vs. Aliens Vs. Mutant Pumpkins and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow(Disney cartoon) with my kid, which are both Halloween-related but not exactly horror.

Been busy with money-making stuff to pay the bills, so haven't done shit with the GOH making/distribution stuff or the prospectus for Bunker.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Opener

My thoughts on the opener, live blogged. No spoilers.

What the hell is that on Carl's gun? Looks like a funnel.

Woah. New opening is not great. The original one was much better. Also, I heard Darabont's name was gonna be completely wiped out, but it was still there.

Might be jealousy because I don't get condor-crane lighting, but MAN IS THAT MOON BRIGHT! It's like it's 100 feet above them!

Is it me, or are those the worst muzzle-flashes you've ever seen? They don't look believable, and it doesn't help that the actors aren't even trying to sell recoil...I don't wanna sound old(too late), but holy fuck has technology made us lazy. This is why I will continue to use blanks in my guns. People react to them correctly.

Again, maybe it's just me, but if you were going to bash/stab/impale a zombie, would you keep your mouth open as you did so? Knowing that a drop of blood in your mouth means you're gonna turn? I'd be wearing a freaking surgical mask over my face if I went hand-to-hand with zombies.

Watching all this prison stuff makes me hope that they REALLY follow the comic storyline. I mean, REALLY.

Wow, they weren't kidding when they said they were gonna up the zombie killing. Holy shit, good luck with that zombie-kill countdown on Talking's gonna take a half hour just to recount them all...

Digital blood. Still not a fan.

You know, what if they find Neosporin, spread it in a zombie and it totally fights off the infection! They could reverse this whole thing!

Oh my God, another commercial for another Paranormal Activity that looks JUST LIKE THE OTHER ONES! So excited. (not)

Well THAT was mildly unexpected. PS: Yuck.

Overall a pretty good episode. I don't think I once thought, "Why the heck did so-and-so do that?", which has been the major problem with the series.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do I Look Different?

So. Had enough of the old computer. Playing Youtube vids was slow. Playing other streamed video was slow to stopped. Couldn't use my Adobe programs on it without rebooting to the 2nd partition.

And it was acting up in 100 other different ways.

Took all night, but I copied both hard drives onto an external hard drive, then booted up my "Bounty" edit computer and started turning it into an internet computer. (my edit computers NEVER hit the internet--that way there's never a chance of viruses or footage getting leaked.)

Had to install all my programs--still working on that--and logging in everywhere so my browser can remember my billion different passwords.

As I'm doing this I'm watching the first episode of "Arrow". It's the Smallville treatment for D.C.'s Green Arrow. And it is NOT good...

Starts out, the main dude has been stranded on an island for between 5-8 years when he's rescued by two Asian fisherman. He was shipwrecked as a teen. He has a voiceover as he's ferried away from the island and it goes like this, no exaggeration: "I've been stranded on that island for however many years. To survive I had to become a weapon. Now I'm returning to my city and I'm going to punish those who poisoned her."

Huh? You were a carefree teen when you got shipwrecked, and now you get rescued by people who don't speak English, so how do you know someone poisoned your city?

Then he gets back to his city. The newspapers and TV cover his return because he's a multimillionaire's son,  and he becomes the Green Arrow. That is, a dude who wears a hood and runs around shooting arrows at people. No mask(he sort of colors around his face with green in a mask shape). Which is weird, because he confronts the bad guy face to face in a dim parking garage, and the very next scene the bad guy is talking to a cop. "He was a guy in a hood!" That's all he could make out.

hahahahahano. It's funny to watch it shot, because when he pulled the bad guy to his face it's all a side shot. If they were to show you the bad guy's POV it would be laughable.

And the bad guys, with submachine guns, can't seem to hit GA from as close as 5 feet away.

For the most part the directing is good. It's David Nutter--guy's done some stuff. But the writing is BAD.

Anyway, also been catching Wilfred on Netflix. That's a funny freakin' show. You should check it out.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Watch

Uh oh, slacking on the horror movies.

Went to the theater and saw End of Watch. It's pretty good, which is weird given that its storyline really doesn't kick in for an hour or so. Credit the strong performances from Jake and Michael Pena that keeps you pretty involved.

Followed it up with Frankenweenie, which I'm going to consider a horror movie for the purpose of the one-a-day thing. I mean, it's cleary Halloween-oriented. It was okay. Nice to see Burton back in the directing saddle of something not horrible, but it was just a little too kid-friendly for me.

Last night found out Victor Salva's newest flick is on Netflix streaming. It's called Rosewood Lane. I like his Clownhouse, Jeepers 1 and Powder, so was curious to check it out.

It's not good. First of all, the bad guy is--I kid you not--the paperboy. Pretty hard making that menacing. You might as well make it an Amish serial killer. Yeah, ridiculous, I know.

It has some decent parts, so nice shots too, but it just feels Way below what Salva can do.

But hey, it's a horror flick.  So that one counts.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Horror Movies

Got some catchup done on the horror movie a day thing.

Went over Luke's last night and watched The Omen(the original). Haven't seen it since I was like 12.

Came home and watched the remake of the Crazies that I got on Blu Ray a while back and hadn't watched since I saw it in the theater. I think it's still a pretty solid flick, and who doesn't love some Olyphant?

Tonight went to Zig's and we watched American Werewolf in London, wide screen.

Followed it up with Happy Hell Night, a flick I've seen the previews for but never the movie. It's a pretty goofy movie with a  rough plot. The killer who keeps saying "No FILL IN THE BLANK" looks cool, but is undermined by his ridiculous one-liners. "No sex!", and he kills someone. "No STV" and he kills someone.

Goofy. Then we watched an episode of Tales from the Crypt. Which leads me to think maybe I'll pop out my box sets of that and do a marathon of those.

Got home and decided to watch Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. It's on Netflix streaming. I'd love to own the Blu Ray but I'm not paying $25 for it...

In other news, I think I'm just gonna say fuck the Halloween short for this year. October's too busy for me right now, and it would mean a massive amount of work. I don't have the energy for the fight right now.

Oh well. Getting old sucks. File that away under SHOCKING.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Foreign Sales N Lack of Good Horror

Hung out with a dude named Mark that I met last year at the con. He's going to AFM this year. He went last year, managed to get some foreign sales--all without a room or a table. He crashes the lobby and knows a couple of people there.

Anyway, asked me if I had any flicks trying to get foreign sales. I told him I have FOC ready. I think I told you, we only ever sold 1 territory because my rep doesn't deal with foreign and that country approached us outright.

But I have a PAL master, so why not? (It's funny--this is so soon after I just sent a copy to another foreign distributor, but I haven't heard back)

I put together an ad slick, will make him a couple hundred color copies of. He passes out screeners of his flick, but I'm not gonna do that. Seems like a bad idea. Here's the slick. I may spruce it up a bit more, but I think it's not bad considering I'm not a great graphic design dude.

Anyway, continuing to try the horror-movie-a-day thing, but not having much luck. I tried 11-11-11(tonight) and gave up after like 15 minutes. Tried to watch Tall Man(last night) and gave up after about an hour. Tried to watch American Werewolf in London(tonight)...and it's not widescreen on Netflix. WTF?

So last night I watched Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. I haven't seen that since I was 13 in the theater. It's campy, but really not a half bad movie. Didn't know back then that that was Michael Ironsides as the main bad guy. And it cracks me up everytime they do one of those shots that reminds you the movie was originally in 3D.

Then tonight I happened to notice that Brick is on Netflix. It's an earlier movie by the director of Looper. Figured I'd give it a try, but it's not horror...

Wife's going away for the weekend, so I may go check out a pumpkin farm. Really gotta get my act together if I'm gonna attempt this short.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Some cool Jaws homage posters I stumbled across last month

Won't talk much about the con. Was a little weak this year. Some of my buds didn't show, others left early because their vaginas were hurting. I dunno. Got to hand with Dominic(my #1 fan) who is now managing actors/directors, and one of his guys Eugene Clark, the black zombie from Land of the Dead.

Anyway, I know some people who are trying the 1-horror-movie-a-day-in-October thing, so I figured I'd give it a shot, knowing I'll fail.

Yesterday I tried to watch "Remains"--a new flick on Netflix. I sorta know a couple people involved in it. It's pretty terrible. The story is uninspired, and the camerawork is amateur hour.

So I threw in Dead Silence. I've had it for a while, been meaning to rewatch it. I didn't like it when I saw it in the theater, but I remember it had some decent parts.

Turns out, everything I remember was true. The movie starts falling apart early as the main dude puts the spooky dummy that has something to do with his wife's murder on the hotel chair staring at him while he sleeps. There is no one in the history of humankind who would do that.

Then he goes out and buries it, and he gets back in the car. The doll shows up right outside his door and he gets out to check it out. Uh, no, nobody does that.

Did I mention I saw Looper and Dredd 3D the other day? I liked Looper a lot. It's not what you think it is from the trailer. Course, Luke saw it and was bored.

Dredd was decent too, if a bit simplistic. Cool 3D. Karl's a much better Dredd than Stallone. Too bad it didn't do well, 'cause I'd love to see the Judge Death storyline, which has gotta be the greatest Dredd story out there.