Friday, September 28, 2012


There was an update to Appzilla tonight. Appzilla is an app for the iphone that has like 200 apps inside of it. It's cheap, and has some goofy, some useful, some useless apps.

I updated the app, and there's now some new apps inside it. One of them is the ability to break down your date of birth into everything. Here's what it told me. Commence crying.

My Age In:
Months  - 504
Weeks - 2,193
Days - 15,351
Hours - 368,424
Minutes - 22,105,440

So, there's that.

Finished the Halloween short script breakdown. Kinda excited. If I can do it like I imagine it'll be a nice-looking, creepy little short

Anyway, off to the con tomorrow. It doesn't have a ton of celebrities, but I mostly go for the drinking and hanging out with friends. But there's an off chance I'll get Flash Gordon to sign something. Yes, Ted's Flash Gordon.

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