Friday, September 28, 2012


There was an update to Appzilla tonight. Appzilla is an app for the iphone that has like 200 apps inside of it. It's cheap, and has some goofy, some useful, some useless apps.

I updated the app, and there's now some new apps inside it. One of them is the ability to break down your date of birth into everything. Here's what it told me. Commence crying.

My Age In:
Months  - 504
Weeks - 2,193
Days - 15,351
Hours - 368,424
Minutes - 22,105,440

So, there's that.

Finished the Halloween short script breakdown. Kinda excited. If I can do it like I imagine it'll be a nice-looking, creepy little short

Anyway, off to the con tomorrow. It doesn't have a ton of celebrities, but I mostly go for the drinking and hanging out with friends. But there's an off chance I'll get Flash Gordon to sign something. Yes, Ted's Flash Gordon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Short

Did I mention I wanted to do a Halloween short? I can't remember what I talk about on these blogs and I'm too lazy to go look.

Anyway, adapted the script from a short story I read in a book a long time ago. I have no rights to it, but since I wouldn't be selling the short I can do whatever I want.

It doesn't have any's just a creepy little thing. Lotta atmosphere with a creepy open ending. With the exception of a location(a big pumpkin field) it's pretty easy to shoot, assuming I can get some people to work for me for free.

I just started breaking it down into a shooting script. It's pretty liberating breaking down 10 pages into a shooting script. You can sort of make every shot count. Technically, you'd like to do that in a feature also but I don't have Michael Bay's money...

Not sure if I can get this done before Halloween. Kind of need to, as it will save on set dressing since it all takes place at Halloween. I may start making some calls to actors I know, see if they're up for it. We can probably shoot it in 2 days, maybe 3 tops.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, got a package today. It contained this stuff:

 This was in the box, along with like 8 of its cousins. That's what we used to put audio on because we were too poor for DA-88s. I still have my DAT full size recorder--it's a beast, but it really never failed. You knew when it was recording, what it was recording, and as long as you didn't rewind your tape there was no chance of recording over your shit or losing it.

Alas, it's weighed like 30 pounds and was the size of a suitcase.

 This is a BETA-SP case. You've got no scale, but the case is like 6 inches by 10 inches. There was a bunch of these in the box also.

This is what it looks like inside. It's like a giant VHS tape. This is what HH was mastered to, and the facility that fixed my master also outputted to BETA-SP. Since I paid for all that shit, it all comes back to me.
 Anyway, few more years and the HH domestic rights come back to me! And then...dunno.

In other news, went to the door to let the dog out, and this is hanging on the glass door at eye level. It was about 4 inches long.


Lastly, you know when I mentioned I got some news from the doc? So, I got a disease. It's not minor but it's not life-threatening. You could say it's just gonna irritate me for the rest of my life.

But, you know that old Sam Cooke song "Cupid"? Where he sings "Cupid, draw back your bow"...

The name of the disease I have fits perfectly in the place of Cupid. I'm not sure why I keep wanting to sing it with that put in brain, she don't work so much.

Also, have sent the script for "Bunker" to Tiff and the FX guys. Will see what they say.



Kinda cool. Just received word that a festival we got accepted to in Philly next month announced their nominations and we're nominated for a bunch. They are:
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best Feature Script
Best Director of Photography
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor(we have 4 people nominated)
Best Supporting Actress(we have 2 people nominated)
Best Sound Design
Best Score

A couple of notes. I don't wanna bag or make fun of anything, but I noticed some things...

We're nominated for Best Director of Photography but not for Best Cinematography. I think you probably know why that's weird. I mean, it's weird that they have two categories that are essentially the same thing.

Under Best Supporting Actress is nominated a woman who played ONLY a dead woman. She's basically an extra. But apparently a VERY convincing dead woman. I'm just gonna assume it's 'cause she's a very BUSTY dead woman that they thought she deserved some extra support. (sorry for the pun)

Best Sound Design: I can only assume the guy nominating either doesn't know what that means or he reads this blog and knows how much work I put into making that disastrous audio into something barely acceptable.

Harvey was not nominated for Best Editing, which is hard to believe. That guy is a beast. He's always innovative. I wanna see some of the other flicks that got nominated, 'cuz that's robbery.

Speaking of robbery, if we don't win Best Score, it's a crime. Seriously.

Anyway, you can see the festival web site by clicking on the first link on this page:
I don't want to link directly to it in case it gets traced back here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stupid Questions

I was on googs looking at something stupid regarding a fast-food joint. I noticed something at the bottom--it tells you about other commons questions. Here were the other popular questions on that page.

  • What should I get at Taco Bell?
  • I have a new job and I'm drive through. Will the register tell me how much change to give back?
  • If you work at KFC, do they give you the secret recipe?
Okay, really? Like, mine was an informational question. There is really someone out there who thinks googs will know what they should get at Taco Bell?

And then another person who just got a job at drive through, but wasn't taught if the register will tell them how much change to give back. Worse--this worries them enough to type it into the computer, because apparently subtraction is a lost art.

The third--someone REALLY wants KFC's secret recipe, huh?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I feel like these are all so boring, so I been slacking off on the posting. I'm not a big dispenser on the information on this blog...I pass on whatever filmmaker info I know through the film blogs at

The prospectus I've been working on is pretty great if I do say so myself. Almost makes ME wanna invest in an indy movie. Honestly, if you can get a half mil to shoot an indy movie, and you know what you're doing script-wise and casting-wise, you got a decent shot at making some money. I intend to do it for a quarter mil.

I just need some pictures for the prospectus and I'll be ready to pass it on. Then we see if they can work some magic. Hell, if we can get to $150K then I'll feel confident about moving forward. We have almost half of that already, so we really only need about $80-90K for me to start making concrete plans.

Watched a flick called Exit Humanity on Netflix. It's a Civil War zombie movie. Main guy looks JUST like Ewan McGregor...kinda distracting. It's not a bad flick. Looks great(it was shot on the Red Epic), and they claim it was only shot for $300K.

Not bad considering it has Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie and it's narrated by Brian Cox. My only complaint is that it's a little too long.

Then tonight Luke and I watched Cabin in the Woods with the commentary by the director and writer. Interesting, but the director had a weird way of talking where it sounded like he kept running out of breath--only, sometimes it was in the middle of sentences and he didn't stop talking. So, it's not him running out of breath. It was weird.

And he kept interrupting Joss, which was irritating. But it had some funny parts, and Joss actually bags on Prometheus, which is funny.

Anyway, looking forward to the end of next week. I'm going to a convention for my new b-day ritual. I get a room by myself, go on up and get drunk with some of my horror friends. Also, Flash Gordon himself is gonna be there so maybe I'll get my Blu-Ray signed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Batman Parody Palooza

Buddy posted a link to some of these today. They're pretty funny.

Also got some fairly alarming news about those blood tests from the doc. Not gonna post it publically. It's weird. If you know me well you can figure it out by this: The doc told me what I have, and my first thought was "Cool, I'm a werewolf". I mean, I know that's not what it is, but I can't help my brain.

Coincidentally(or not), last week I was thinking "Jesus, there's a couple of scripts that I've literally been writing for ten years". I gotta stop the procrastinating and get them done. What happens if I just up and die? They don't get done.

So been hitting the Backyard one(the "autasm" one) pretty hard. I was somewhere around page 50, and am now at page 54. I had to convert it from Final Draft to Movie Magic, since that's what I use now. That took a little time, as there are always errors in the process.

I should be able to rock this one out, as I've got most of what happens in my mind. My biggest worry is that it might come out a little short. Maybe around 75 pages.

Then I gotta back back on the HH3 script, and the Kill God one, then I can take a look at some of the other ideas that have been percolating. Sometimes I fear I'll run out of ideas, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I just noticed today that the foreign license for my first film, the now infamous HH, expired over a year ago. Yet they still list it on their web site here:

So tomorrow I send a cease and desist letter. Not sure what it'll mean, as I don't think I paid for their PAL master. That means if I want to sell foreign, I'd have to make one.

And they sold a ton of territories already, so there's probably not money to be made there.

Hey, this week I find out the blood test results, and also probably get a cortisone shot! Fun with doctors, part II!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day, Not So Much

Labor Day. The wife went to the beach with the kid, so mini-vacation took place for me once again.

Went to the movie with Zig. Caught The Day, a sort of indy-yet-produced-by-the-WWE flick. Post-apocalyptic, and I have a soft spot for those. It's so so. Clearly pretty low budget, so I'm not sure why the WWE had anything to do with it. (there were no pro wrestlers in it)

Some really bad CGI blood/FX.

Then we went to Hit and Run. I'd say we snuck into it, but a manager I know was there and he escorted us to it, chatting the whole way. That movie was also pretty so so. You can tell, without knowing ahead of time, that an actor wrote it. It's the sort of movie where THIS happens and then THIS happens and then THIS happens...

Then over to Zig's house where we ate some Five Guys burgers and watched Real Steel. Entertaining enough, if only a rehash of Rocky meets Over The Top.
Met up with my D.P. from FOC1&2--he's in the area directing a flick, so I told him I'd go out and have a couple of beers with him. We hit some bars with Jared, the DP on GOH who is DP'ing for him

Next day went to a Labor Day party at a buddy's house. A few of us snuck inside and watched a local filmmakers piece of shit movie. Now, I typically reserve myself on commenting on other low budget filmmakers stuff, because I don't know what their budget is or what they went through to shoot the flick.

THIS fucking douche is the guy who has been forging insurance certificates on his productions, lying about people who are associated with the movie, lying about his background(he's alternately an ex-navy SEAL, a magician, an actor, friends with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, a psychiatrist), and more.

And hey, his web site just went up. Check it out. I'll wait. Definitely go look at his About page. See how careful he is with his grammar, spelling, and sentence structure? That's about the same care he gives to his movies.

His movie is a giant piece of shit. Constant soft or completely out-of-focus shots, many shots are framed with people half in the picture, and sometimes the camera will go from locked down, to randomly moving as if it's looking for something that it doesn't find.

Did I mention there was a local fest that gave this piece of shit movie Best Cinematography? WTF?

The script is terrible. Just a complete mess of scenes that have no bearing on ANYTHING, one after the other. PS: The fest also awarded this fat douchebag a Best Director award. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

And this guy thinks he's AWESOME. Look at that web site! He's "Making Magic One Movie At A Time"! He's a "true director of the future"! His werewolf picture(which is "Based On True Events") is going to "redefine horror".

I mean...what the fuck is this fat douche thinking? Here's a little video I made using my movie to illustrate sort of what his movie looked like.

Anyway, after coming home I had to wash the horrible visions from my eyes so I finally broke open my Jurassic Park blu ray set and watched all three, back to back. I still greatly enjoy all of them, but obviously none are as awesome as the first.

I followed that up with The Burbs. I was just feeling in the mood. Then I popped in my Blu of Adventures of Robin Hood so I could see Errol Flynn clearer than ever.

Am working on the prospectus for Bunker to hand to an investor. Only major problem is that we have no pictures or artwork for the prospectus. I've been looking for images I can use to create a mock poster but not much luck right now.