Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 Vials

Wow, so it's been a week? Jeez, I'm slacking.

Saw Jaws on the big screen. I wish I could tell you that no one pulled out a cell phone but it happened. I just can't fuckin' believe people. Let me clarify:


Anyway, great movie. No sense talking about that, 'cause it's undisputed. Also, it's ranked #136th greatest movie of all time. Way to go, internet douchebags. Over 11,000 people have voted it a 5 or under.

New Batman movie: #22 greatest movie. Jaws: #136. I wish there had been more abortions in the past 20 years.

Went to the doctor today. I just told him to do every blood test available. Just check all the boxes. I've never had blood drawn, haven't had a physical since I was 18. I'm like, "Get it now or don't ever get it".

So they drew 8 vials of blood. I'm not kidding. Like, 5 inch vials too, not little dinky ones.

I celebrated making it through the withdrawal with, you guessed it, a double cheeseburger.

In filmmaking news, I have been helping my lead actor from GOH do some VFX for his UFO/soap opera drama he's been doing. It looks good, but I keep telling him he's got story issues. Nothing's happening. That's death for a web series. You gotta make the people WANT to come back every week.

Don't spread it, but here's what I did for him--he gave me this shot of a girl with a green screen background, not lit too well. He wants her to open her eyes and have those all-black alien eyes with an alien background.

I went online and found some material to use for the eyes--technically I could create a black fill with some specular highlights, but it never looks as good as real photographed materials. I motion tracked and matted them in to the eyes, then found a random hi-res background online and used it behind her. It's blurred and color corrected so he'll never get sued in case it's copyrighted.

Here's what the finished version looks like--don't link to it, as it won't be up long:
Girl 1:
Girl 2:

I think it came out pretty well. Maybe too well. He's asking me if I can do a couple more. It's sort of a trade deal--I do this shit, he'll be acting in my next flick for free. (I have a part for him in the vampire flick)

So in the end it'll work out if I make the flick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Body, She Betrays Me

Yeah, think I mentioned my foot has been screwed for a while. Tried some pills, now trying some cortisone pills. If they don't work it's cortisone shot time.

On top of that my eye freaked out a couple weeks ago. My doc thought it was conjunctivitis. Gave me some drops. Got a little better, but now has been getting worse again so I went to an eye doctor.

Long story short, uveitis. No, my eye doesn't look like that.

They're giving me new drops. Not fun. My left eye's been blurry for a couple weeks now.

Makes ya wanna jump off a bridge or something. (Too soon? And what IS that? So weird to think Tony Scott just stopped his car on the bridge, climbed and jumped without any hesitation.)

Watched The Shark Is Working on blu ray tonight. After waiting to see it for 4 years, perhaps that's why it was slightly disappointing. A lot of the stuff seemed like retreaded material to me.

We didn't watch the film, 'cause we're gonna go see it on the big screen on Thursday. That should be cool.

Then watched Road Warrior on Blu. Still a fun movie, but for a flick I watched multiple times as a kid, I've forgotten a lot of it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Budget Stuff

So Luke's getting a little panicked that Bunker just may not get made. I told him(and I think I told you) that I'm just not interested in shooting a 50-60K picture if we're gonna spend 20K on the set. Sure, we could still shoot it with a bunch of local actors, but I'm not willing to do that. (He actually mused that perhaps HE'D direct it...I gotta tell ya, part of me is amused at the thought...)

Which led to a talk with Luke's mom about maybe talking to some more of her rich friends/acquaintances about investing. Luke asks me what would be a decent number that I'd feel confident about moving forward on.

This number, in my mind, is a number that gets me Lance, Shepis, Wells, and another guy I've been eyeing up as another lead. And still lets us spend 20K on the set(which is almost unavoidable).

I say $150K and I feel pretty confident we get it done, and good. He and his mom are going to put out some feelers, but they want me to draw up a prospectus for the investors. Haven't done that in a long time(since the first FOC, to be fair).

So I get to work on that. I take a break to work on the increased budget to see where I think stuff would go. I do some research on the net. I come across this blog, which is pretty cool. I hope he hasn't stopped doing it, because it's pretty interesting and has some informative stuff in it.

Check it out if you're a low budget person:

Meanwhile I will continue to try to figure out what you actually should pay a production designer and a casting director on a low budget flick.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things That Annoy Me, Facebook Edition

  • Timeline. Too easy, and nobody likes it. But it does annoy me.
  • People who make low budget movies and make a different page for EVERY FUCKIN' MOVIE and beg for you to LIKE them. And people do.
  • Meanwhile, I have just the one know, easy one-stop place to check and see if we're up to anything new. No need to hunt around on 900 different pages. And we have less than 400 likes. That's annoying.
  • People who add you to their group without asking.

  • People who send you a friend request but have no profile picture. Really? You can't be bothered to put ANY picture up? I can't be bothered to accept your request then.

  • People who tag you in stuff barely tangential to ANYTHING related to you, just to get your attention.

  • People who request you as a friend only to, the INSTANT you approve, ask you for something.
So, near as I can tell, it's mostly PEOPLE who annoy me on Facebook...I guess it IS a true representation of society.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hunting More Humans

A while back copies of the limited edition FOC2 were selling for over $100 on Amazon through side dealers. I don't know why other than Amazon was temporarily out of them, because I hadn't refilled their orders.

Now, check this out:

Pretty funny...two different dealers trying to hawk my first flick for over $145...

Which is funny, because recently in my downtime I've decided to really work on finishing the HH3 script. Hell, I been writing it for like 5 years...and while I figure there's like a zero point zero chance I'll make it, it could technically be a stand-alone script.

I don't think you'd even have to know about HH to enjoy I just have to come up with a title that doesn't make it look like a sequel.

There's like four scripts I've been working on for over 5 years and HH is one of them, so I'm really gonna buckle down and try to get them finished and out of my system. (for the record: a script that has ghosts but isn't a ghost script, a ghost script I was laughingly calling "Autasm", one I call my "Kill God" one,  and HH3).

On the "Bunker" front we're really starting to sweat the budget. Building our set, which I had hoped to be able to do for under 10K is looking expensive now that I've looked at what imitation brick costs(even brick wallpaper is expensive).

I need to find some way to make it work for under 10K, because I don't want to spend 15-20% of our budget on the set. Luke would rather build the set for whatever it takes, then shoot with local actors and maybe just the Shep.

I'd rather just not shoot the movie, because it has about the same chance of distribution as the other no-budget flicks we're doing, and I'm not interested in slaving away on another no-budget movie for two years for no money. It's time to move up or not do it at all.

So we're looking at the options. I wish there was a production designer locally who I could maybe talk to and would come up with some ideas, and work on making this set look great.


Ooh, almost forgot. I got some melatonin at Costco 'cause I heard it works for insomnia and is more natural than all the Lunesta I've been popping. It's like $7 for 100 pills so I figured why not?

Took one Sunday night and went to sleep. I'm not sure if the melatonin had anything to do with it, but I had one of the weirdest dreams I can remember:

I was living in the old apartments I lived in back in college, but they were all connected into one big giant building, and I owned it for some reason.

And also I kidnapped Charlize Theron. I took her back to my place and then cut her head off. Now hold on...I don't remember doing THAT in the dream. One sec she's whole and struggling to get away, next I've got her head on one side and the body on the other.

And they're both moving still. Like, the body is struggling around like a fish out of water and her head is talking like it's not severed. But for some reason it's not getting oxygen. I have some device I keep plugging her head onto to get her air.

The problem happens that apparently I'm also about to host a party at my place. People keep arriving, and they want to go upstairs, and that's where I'm keeping Charlize, so I have to keep stopping them WHILE hosting the party and periodically running back upstairs to plug Charlize's head back into the oxygen device.

And she keeps begging me to let her go, that she won't tell anybody, but I'm dubious.

I told you it was a weird dream. At some point it segued into me at my parents' house and there were bugs and spiders EVERYWHERE, and I had a flyswatter I kept trying to kill them all with. I ran into a big web and that's when I woke up, and some of my wife's hair had fallen across my face.

Anyway, have taken another melatonin and will tell you if I have any more freaky dreams on it. Maybe this shit is like LSD for me.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Lost. Boys.

The wife is on vacation. Normally she goes to the beach, but she claims to have a lot of stuff she needs to do around the house, so she didn't go this time.

That means she watches a lot more TV with me. We're totally caught up on Big Brother and America's Got Talent(we have seen just about every Big Brother season since they started). Last night we watched the Blu Ray of Hard Rain that I bought a while back and never opened.

Still not a bad movie--has some impressive sets given that they put all of them at least 4 feet under water. But that script fails if Morgan Freeman doesn't take the role he did...

Tonight we went out to a flick--The Watch. It's okay. Like, a decent DVD or Netflix watch, but not really worth going to the theater for. Then we came back and had some drinks. I had mentioned I wanted to watch the Lost Boys sometime this summer because it had been a few years since I last saw it, and it's a favorite of mine. (here's what I stare at everyday):
She says she loves that movie and wants to watch it too. So we pop it in. A few notes about this movie:
STILL a great movie. And it's one of those things where everything sort of comes together--the story isn't that great or different really. It's Karate Kid setup mashed in with a bit of Fright Night, but the characters are all so great, the acting is spot-on and the soundtrack is possibly the greatest soundtrack of all time.

Remember when movies has soundtracks? Fuuuuck.

And then just when I didn't think the movie could get any better, the movie ends, credits start rolling...and I won't say much other than...BJ. Let's just say the Lost Boys has never been this great before. (and I do feel slightly ashamed because I WANTED to see the Rover touch down on Mars...but come on! I don't think you'd blame me...)

Other stuff is going on, but I really feel too relaxed to talk much about it. Maybe next time.

Friday, August 03, 2012

A Note For Actors

I don't wanna come off like a dick but(here goes):

I don't owe you shit. Let's get that out of the way first. If I told you I was going to pay you, you got paid. If I told you that you weren't going to get paid and you still wanted the part, you took it. You must have decided the imdb credit was worth the hassle of coming out.

My point is, you wanna ask me for some video of you from the film, don't act entitled. If the movie's out on dvd and you were promised a dvd, you'll get it.(but this is in response to my movies that have not come out yet)

Now, if I'm nice enough to export some of your video, copy it from my edit computer to my other computer, then upload it to my web site and make a temporary .htm file so you can download said video...maybe a thank you is in order.

Further, if you download the .mpg I made for you, don't come back to me later and say, "Hey, my program doesn't recognize that file format. Is there any way you can export to FILL IN THE BLANK".

I'm sorry you're making your acting reel on imovie or some piece of shit video editing program. Not my problem. I made them .mpg because it's one of the most universally-recognized formats out there. If you can't work with it, well, too fucking bad.

Okay. Done.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Orleans Last Night

We packed up the truck, cleaned up the room. Got done somewhere around 8pm.

We were starving, so we looked at the free-dinner coupons they gave us for screwing us on the room. Turns out it's good for a free appetizer plus dinner plus dessert. We say fuck it--

I order sliders for an appetizer, chicken fingers for dinner, then ice cream for dessert. My brother orders crawfish nachos(yuck) for an appetizer, filet mignon for dinner, and ice cream. The lady brings it all--the bill says $110...but with the coupons it's all free.

Sweet. We eat, and I get a text from Nelly that some of them are back on Bourbon street. Do I wanna come?
Some of the group waiting for me. Left-to-right: Jamie, Tracy, Gerald, Nelly and Colin

I say, once again, fuck it--I'm tired, but how often am I gonna get to New Orleans? My brother's tired and is gonna get up to shoot pictures of the sunset and maybe go to the aquarium.

I head out on my own. Takes me a little while of wandering, but I find the group. I get myself a $9 frozen vodka drink and a shot for Nelly.

Nelly and I. You probably can't tell how hot it is, but we are MELTING.

We wander the streets, passing tons of cabarets and strip joints. Most of them have the skankiest ladies out front...I think, "If your best is out front, how bad are the girls inside?"

Nelly wants to wander down to where she heard "It's cool", so we wander the streets away from Bourbon, eventually finding a place where they played jazz. We're accosted by some drunks, who almost get in a fight amongst themselves.

Most of us want to go back to Bourbon Street, so we do. It's so freakin' hot that my shirt is soaking through. The humidity is BAD.
Jamie got pretty drunk too...

We near a strip club, and the man outside tries to talk us into going in. Two of our party, Travis and Josh, are so drunk they wanna go inside. The doorman mistakes Nelly for my wife, and tells me "I'd never invite you and your wife in if the place was sleazy!"

I go along with it, and Nelly almost blows it. We let him talk us inside finally when he mentions it's air conditioned.

Inside they sit us down. The strippers are pretty weak, but the air is SOOO nice. We're sat in a nice cushy section and a stripper comes over to milk us--I mean, talk to us. She zooms in on Josh, and he falls in love with her. Nelly wants to get him a lapdance, but the girl wants $30 for one. I talk her down to $20.

Josh goes off and gets his lapdance, comes back and says it was the best thing ever.

Another busty stripper comes over and starts chatting us up. And she doesn't stop talking. She tells everybody about her life, where she wants to go. It really isn't a shakedown--this lady just wants to talk...

Then another stripper comes over to me and says, regarding Nelly, "I know a lady who wants a lapdance when I see one! Buy your wife a lapdance!" I go along with it--not the lapdance part of it--but Nelly blows it when the stripper wants to know how we met. She fesses up.

It gets late and I get bored, since I've only had the one drink plus two beers. But I am nice and cool now. We head out, and since Nelly has to work in the morning(she's staying a couple more days for work), we all head back.

There's pretty much the end. Fairly uneventful besides the elevator thing. I tried to meet up with Proctor, who was in town, but it didn't work out.