Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Orleans Part 2

Got up early in the morning and unloaded the truck. Wasn't too hard, as nothing's particularly heavy. Only snafu is that one of the freight elevators breaks--it's stuck open on the upper floor, so we can't even call the other elevator because it thinks we HAVE an elevator.

Somebody has to run down a level, call the other elevator, then ride it up. Some might call this foreshadowing...

We set everything up and take off.


Uneventful night--don't really remember what we did--took a Lunesta and woke up the next morning early.

Got the computer and camera all set up, made sure we were broadcasting to the internet. Took some pics and video for the thing I'll edit later about the whole auction.

This is what the room looked like from my view. I sit at that table at the computer most of the time.

I won't say the day went fast. We worked from 7:30am until 11:00pm, with only one real break. Then we had to be back down by 7:30am the next morning.

But, looking at it from my point of view, I work harder and longer hours on the set of a film, and we do it for at least two weeks straight. This is only two days.

Seemed pretty successful for the company.


Back up early. Set up again, get some new shots of the room, as there's new items out for auction. It all runs about as expected--then, to help expedite the load out I head out to help load the truck. I gotta go to my room to change out of the suit first, though.

I hop in an elevator with another guy from the auction. There's a husband/wife and two kids in the elevator. We hit floor 26 and 27.

The elevator reads 23 when there's a loud CRUNCH sound and the whole elevator JERKS to a stop so hard that we're almost knocked off our feet. It's pretty scary for a second.

The woman starts pushing buttons. Floor buttons. Door open button. Nothing's working. It's pretty clear that we are stuck.

She starts freaking out, pounds the ALARM button. I can hear it clanging out in the halls(and I heard later that they could hear it pretty loud in all the banquet rooms).

Did I mention the elevators aren't air conditioned? No shit, it's probably 90 degrees in there. I'm sweating badly. I pull my tie and shirt off, so I'm in my undershirt.

I say fuck it, let's see if it's like the movies. I tell them, let's pull the doors apart and see if we can get it open, maybe jump out on whatever floor we're stuck between. Colin(the other guy) and me pull the door open. Here's what it looked like:
As you can see, we appear to be between 22 and 23. When we opened the door and the other elevator moved though, a great rush of cold air came into our elevator--it was much needed.

The woman calmed down a little bit. One of her kids never woke up. The other little girl was pretty freaked out, crying silently. Her dad kept telling her it would be okay.

We couldn't get the white doors opened though so we could jump out.

A lady came on the intercom to tell us they were aware of the problem, and asked us what floor we were on. They would send an engineer.

After about 25 minutes we heard a guy outside yelling--he was the engineer. He pried the white door open(NOW I know how to get those doors open), and said jump out.

BUT...he said, don't jump backwards. Jump forwards. Everybody jumped out. I was last, 'cause I'm studly like that. After I jumped I could see why he said jump forwards. The elevator was halfway up, so underneath it was a 23 story hole...

I wish I'd gotten a picture, but at that point I was so freakin hot and just wanted to change into shorts and a T-shirt.

Final part coming.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Orleans Part 1

The view out our 27th floor window.

Went to New Orleans on Thursday. Work. Took my younger brother, as they needed some extra help and he could use the cash.

We got there around 5pm, so we went to check in. The hotel says they are completely booked out of rooms with double beds, even though the company reserved these rooms with double beds six months ago. Florence, the owner of the company, gets pretty uppity and loud about how this won't do.

They say there's nothing they can do. They have nothing. They can bring up an air mattress or a fold-out bed, but they only have king-sized beds. Personally, not a big deal. It's a huge bed, and he's my brother so I'd be able to live with it.

As a consolation, they give us a bunch of coupons. Free drink at the bar, free breakfast(buffet or anything off the menu) and a free dinner.

We go to the room. They've upgraded us to a SUITE. This thing is bigger than the suite I stayed at in the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. There's two bathrooms, a giant living room with a big couch, two TVs. The lady at the front counter told us we could switch to a double-bed room the next night if we wanted. But after seeing the room, we don't want to.

We all go out to eat at some restaurant. It's one of those freaky places that doesn't have chicken fingers(tenders) as an appetizer. That's my barometer for a restaurant; chicken fingers or mozzarella sticks on the appetizer list, and it's okay. If not, it sucks.
One side of our table at dinner.

Turns out the salmon was pretty good though. Luke tried some gumbo, which looked terrible and--judging by how much he ate--tasted the same.

Afterward we wandered around Bourbon Street. Got a $9 frozen drink like they used to serve in Baltimore at Fat Tuesdays. Thing had so much vodka in it my stomach burned.

Went back to the hotel, took a pill, and tried to sleep. We had to get up at 7am...

I know, boring story so far...but wait! I get trapped in an elevator on day 3!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy Week

So the company I've been doing work for(and going out of town for) wanted some videos created showing off some of the pieces they'll be auctioning next week in New Orleans. I didn't get much of an idea of what I was supposed to shoot, so I just loaded up some gear and went down there.

It was Luke's mother, the owner of the company, doing an impromptu presentation. She didn't rehearse or have a script. I used two T2i's--Luke and mine. Only problem is that mine has Magic Lantern on it, so I can set everything to exactly what I want.

Originally they wanted two 10-minute videos, but her presentation ended up running long. The first night I shot for about four hours, and edited it down into three parts, each around 10 minutes. The sucky part is that we had her mic'd with a new lav mic, but I didn't set it up right so we ended up using the camera mic. Sounds like shit, but sue me--I'm used to having a sound dude with a boom.

Second night went down and had it set up right, so that video's much better. If you're super bored, check 'em out. They will cure of your non-super boredom unless you're really into old dolls. If you're only gonna look at one, I'd check out part 4--she talks for like 3 or 4 minutes, then we go to the dolls, so you might have to skip ahead.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Then on Friday the 13th I went over Zig's house to help him out on the movie he wrote and produced. He's supposed to deliver a final cut to the director so it can get sent to the composer this week, and it was a ways away from being ready.

So I sat down and went at it with Zig sitting behind me. He'd already made the tough choices and done the big work. I just went in and did a little here and there, and when we couldn't fix the audio, I trimmed some stuff out.

Like I always say, the shorter the better, anyway!

We edited from like 3pm to 1:30am...didn't get to watch any F13 movies...oh well. Isn't there another F13 this year?

Did another pass on my vampire script. I'm pretty happy with it now. It's 90 pages even.

Things of note:

Didja see the Jimmy Fallon Dark Knight trailer with Pee Wee Herman voice? Genius.

Wasn't gonna see Magic Mike. Had thought about it because it was Soderbergh, but then rethought it because of all that maleness in the film. Now I find out that nobody shows dong, but more important, Olivia Munn goes topless. Maybe more than once(one reviewer claims 3 times). You can see a quick pic of it below. Might go see it some time.

Am rewatching Arrested Development on Netflix. Man, what a great show.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Fade To Black on another script

So, a hard-fought first-draft on the thing we've been calling Bunker. We went back and forth but Luke approves(or at least, accepts) most of my changes. We tweaked some dialogue, and fought over 1 word for like a half an hour.

Then we talked about exactly what should happen in the end, and I went home and wrote the last 8 pages in two nights.

Typing Fade To Black was pretty gratifying, I can tell you. I like a lot of it, but there's still some iffy stuff.

What I can tell you is this: It's not complicated. There's barely any exposition whatsoever. The longest speech in the script was written by me, so you know it's under a page in length. The entire script in total is 87 pages.

Short and sweet. I've sent it to Luke to see what he thinks of what I wrote, then we'll go through one more time before I send the draft to Zig to see what clear eyes think.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Netflix Gets More Crap

Been feeling pretty uninspired and lazy lately. Don't feel like doing much.

So I took a look at Netflix, which I haven't really been using lately. Saw some movies I thought I'd give a try to.

Of Unknown Origin, which was apparently The Alien Within when it first aired as a TV movie. It had Roddy McDowell and was a Corman produced thing, so I thought I'd try it. It's terrible. I only got like 30 minutes in.

But if anybody can tell me what movie is on TV that they're watching, I'd totally watch that movie. It had a big-boobed topless chick fighting what appeared to be ninjas. Has to be a Corman movie, I'd think.

If I had seen this as a teen, my head might actually have exploded. Boobs AND ninjas?

So, Sorority House Massacre is also on Netflix. I think I saw the trailer over at Zig's, so am watching that now. There's a bunch of other 80's horror flicks showing up.

My favorite part of Massacre so far: The four girls are walking through the park and you can CLEARLY see the boom pole and part of the mic in the frame...that's pretty funny.

Anyway, may go to the AFI theater in Silver Spring with Luke to watch a 35mm print of Fright Night tonight(Friday).

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Batman Trailer contest

So, this sucks. You know that contest I mentioned that I entered? They opened up voting and all that, so now you can comb thousands of entries. I'm the only Kevin K. though, so there's that.

Anyway, here's my problem. Go to this link and watch it, and click on 5 Bats(you don't have to register for anything):

Now, go watch the actual Youtube version that they pulled from--does their conversion throw off the whole flicker editing I did like it does on my computer? It doesn't even appear in sync any more(on the computer I'm watching it on). UPDATE: I watched it on Luke's computer and looks fine, so I guess it's just my antique computer.

Not like I figured I'd win anyway, since I didn't whore myself out to Chrysler like you were really supposed to. But hey, it only took like 2 hours.

Oh well, what you gonna do? Movie's gonna suck anyway.

Also: Watched my Basic Instict Blu Ray that I bought a while back. Haven't seen this movie in like 15 years which led me to the inevitable conclusion that THIS MOVIE IS 20 FUCKING YEARS OLD? Jesus, kill me now. Please.

Watched Xmen 2. Still a very good movie, Seeing Wolverine stab people with his claws still makes me smile. And I realize that I should be very very angry with Brett Ratner. X-men could have been a great trilogy, but he just fuckin tanked it hard. Like, even if it had been OKAY you would have still called it a good trilogy.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Right Foot(Not A Sequel to the movie)

My foot's been hurting pretty bad for about 3 months. The bottom, under the heel. So I've been limping for that time, which is causing OTHER parts of my foot to hurt. You're not really meant to walk on the side of your foot, you know?

I was trying to wait it out. Normally it takes something wrong with my junk to get me to go to the doctor's, which is why I NEVER go--haven't had anything wrong with the hunk since like 1988 or so. (knock on wood)

Anyway, finally made an appointment to see the doc. I go in, he takes a look, and is surprised to find out the pain isn't normally where he'd expect it. He seems kind of happy it's not a run of the mill thing. He calls a podiatrist while I'm sitting there, his old next-door neighbor, he tells me.

So I get referred to this guy. I go to him. He examines me. Says Plantar Fasciitis. Gives me a foot thing to wear when I'm sitting or sleeping, plus anti-inflammation pills. Says I should take them and rest the foot, and come back in 6 weeks.

If it doesn't improve, they can give me some cortisone pills, and if THOSE don't work--it's cortisone shots. He says "those are kinda painful". I know what that means. That means EXCRUCIATING.

I wear the pads and take the pills, and the pain has gone away some. But I can't wear the pad when I'm sleeping. I sleep on my stomach. The foot thing keeps my foot at a 90 degree angle. Ends up bending my leg weirdly.

Anyway, wife is away for a week with the kid so it's vacation/work time. I've re-worked the script that Luke and I were working on. I told him on the phone that I was going to simply go in and start changing stuff that didn't work for me. No more considering whether it would bother Luke or not.

He was pretty reluctant, but at this point it's either I rework it to something I'm happy with, or we just don't do it. I'm fine with either, and as I told him, there's a kind of relieved feeling I get from a movie NOT happening...because hey, there's a year or two of my life where I won't be killing myself...

I sent him the new draft and he thinks he can live with most it. Wants to work on some lines, but the character changes I made don't bother him that much. We were going to get together to finish the end tonight but he hasn't had power since the big storm hit the other night.

So I stayed home and worked on it a little. Now I'm putting in the Return of the Living Dead blu ray I bought and haven't watched. Zig reminded me it's a July 4th movie, so I'll check it out. I also heard there was a great documentary about it, but can't remember if it's on the Blu or is a stand-alone.