Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weird Happenstances some weird idea in the shower yesterday about a new angle on distribution. I'd tell you more about it, but it's still percolating and also you'll try to steal it. So not yet, ya goddamn thieves.

Then I get a call from the most dangerous man on earth. I won't name his name or it might summon him. Anyway, you might remember that I did a script for him.

Basically he brought an idea with the first 17 pages set in Mexico and said it should be a fight movie with the rest set in Cambodia. Had some chat sessions with he and his wife, and then I went off and wrote about 78 pages of stuff. We went back and forth on it, I finally passed it back when they wanted to make a few changes I didn't really agree with.

Not angry or anything. I was very happy with where it was, and not so happy with where they'd take it, but it's their thing. I did it as a favor for Tom, who came out and busted his ass for me for free on Bounty.

I pays my debts.

Anyway, hadn't heard much about it so I figured they couldn't get funding. Tom's been busy on a CRAPLOAD of stuff, from Tarantino's new flick to a couple of movies with Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the new GI Joe(that just got pushed back) and more.

Also, crazy health problems I won't go into, but suffice it to say that I learned tonight that he has actually been clinically dead at least two times. A doctor claimed recently that he died again on the operating table, but Tom told me that's bullshit "Because I died twice before, and this one didn't feel like those."

You see, even God can't kill this guy.

Sometime in the past two years Tom met a fairly well-known producer who needed a favor from Tom, so Tom passed her the script. Apparently she's interested enough that they hired a REAL screenwriter to come in and touch up that script.

NOW it may be moving forward so Tom called me to find out how much money would be acceptable for him to agree to since we three would be splitting the dough(me, Tom and his wife--the screenwriter was already paid VERY well to do his touch up).

So if it goes forward, could be a decent paycheck and Tom says our names WILL stay on the screenplay.

He sent me the new version. Dunno. Still think my version is much better. A lot of the great lines have been taken out, which is fine because I'll just put them in a future script. But honestly I don't think anyone's moving forward with this script.

I guess we'll see.


Andrew Bellware said...

Distribution ideas? Oh. Do tell. We "promise" not to steal them.

Aric Blue said...

Ha! Not yet! I'm so paranoid that I'm afraid to even google some of the terms to see if it's been done before exactly like this(I'm aware of something similar but don't remember the details)...

...if I google it, and google shows someone else my search then THEY could then do it! Paranoia! It's beautiful!

But I told co-writer/producer Luke about it and he's kind of nutso crazy about the idea. Thinks it could work. Dunno. I'm skeptical.

Did all that help? :)

Andrew Bellware said...

That is a spectacular level of paranoia!
I hope it works. My plan is to just ride on your coattails...

Aric Blue said...

Cool! The downside is it involves a lot of cocaine. The upside is that COCAINE MAKE YOU FEEL AWESOME!!

Andrew Bellware said...

I feel like hookers are a better investment but hey, you're the guy with the plan!