Friday, May 04, 2012

Premiere, Done

Well, it's over.

The premiere went pretty well. The limo came by and got us--big stretch bad boy, and I only had 6 of us in it. Honestly, I didn't want to invite most of the actors, because let's face: Fuck them.

I wanted to stretch out and relax a little. So I only invited the lead actor, Luke and his wife, and another actor who lives near me and has only a small part in the flick. I invited Zig and his woman, but they turned us down(citing various bullshit reasons).

Got to the theater and mingled with everybody out front. Looked like a decent crowd. I got interviewed by Click on This, an internet show that's local. I was actually pretty nervous when they turned on the light and started, so I hope I don't come off as a total tool. When they post it, I'll post the link.

Then the snafu...the theater manager comes up and says, "You're going to be starting soon?" I'm like, yeah, we'll start between 7:15-7:30. He says, "We have Hunger Games playing at 9:30pm, so I really need you to start soon."

I'm like...dude, I told the corporate guy we'd start by 7:30pm. It was in the contract. He's apologetic, feels bad, but will need to do shit. I tell him fine, I'll get it up on the screen at 7:15pm.

So I start trying to get everybody in the theater. It's nearly sold out, so the theater is crowded. I get up at 7:13pm and say a few words. Thanks for coming, put your cell phones off, drinks across the way afterward.

The movie starts. People are still coming in as it plays...I don't get people who show up at premieres late. You KNOW there's gonna be traffic; it's Baltimore, for fuck's sake.

Movie plays. People clap at the gore(as always), laugh at most of the jokes. I still feel like the movie's 10 minutes too long, but I'm not gonna take a look again for a couple of weeks.

Afterward we got the obligatory congrats from everybody. Scrambled to the bar. Got a shot of vodka from a buddy, and downed it as I waited for my two drinks to come. I two-fisted it all night, and got pretty drunk by the end of the night. Lied my way to a smaller tab too--told them I had a deal with the girl that if I brought a bunch of people they'd cut me a break, so they cut my tab in half.

Limo took us home, I got some crazy sex action from the wife. Good times. And here's the first review of the flick that came in tonight:

Also of note, one of the actors in the movie posted this the next day, which even touched my blackened heart a little:
Yesterday night I watched myself perform in a great movie called Garden of Hedon. I was the big tough Mexican character Oscar who seemed to be to comic relief for this intense wild horror film. Almost everything I did or said got the crowd to laugh. I was amazed by this but nothing could prepare me for what I felt after the movie ended. People in the movie theater liked my character so much that they kept walking up to me and telling me how much they liked my character and smiles where on their faces and they kept hugging me and shaking my hand. They did not want to stop talking to me and they acted like they knew me for years. This also kept happening in the after party and even until I left to go home. I been on a lot of films and TV shows and yesterday was the first time I experienced something special. This touched my soul and heart as an actor and will cherish this moment for the rest of my life.

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