Saturday, May 05, 2012

Awesome Movie Weekend

Wife took the kid to the beach for a couple of days. So I decided to watch some of my favorite movies of all time, all packed together.

Last night I watched Aliens followed by Big Trouble In Little China--we watched them at Luke's house. Then I came home and watched Tremors.

Today, Seven went in the player. Been a while since I saw, what an fuckin' great movie.

Trying to decide what goes in next. Starship Troopers? Total Recall? I'm going through the Blu's I haven't watched yet and trying to decide...I don't have Back to the Future on Blu yet or I might watch those.

Should be writing. I think I'm gonna try very hard to finish the Vamp script this weekend. Am on page 76, and honestly, if it ends up at like 85 pages I'm fine with that.

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