Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Goddamn New Year's Eve

Have I told you how much I would really love to just stay home and watch the Twilight Zone marathon? Drink some toasted almonds, maybe some vodka cranberries. Whatever.

But once again we have been roped into going to that New Year's Eve thing with the in-laws. Yeah, the open bar is cool. The dinner is normally okay. The band's not terrible, but I'm always more inclined to dance when they take a break and play normal music.

Anyway, busy couple of weeks. Am shooting a LOT of video this week and next. The biggest auction of the year is coming up and not only am I shooting the videos on some stuff they're selling but I also have to do the "presentation" video that they almost didn't do. But now it's on.

So I shot the first part today and am editing it now. (BOR-ING) They'll send me the title cards, I'll put them in and upload them to Youtube.

Then Wednesday we'll try to shoot a lot of the presentation video.I've talked them into doing a little tiny bit of stop-motion animation because I haven't done it in so long and I thought it might be funny with the dolls. I'm not gonna be anal about it--gonna do it pretty fast, as most of the dolls aren't articulated all that well anyway. But it'll still take longer than just shooting.

Then 2nd week of Jan I go to L.A. -- there was talk of staying a couple of extra days to see friends out there but I just don't think I'm gonna be able to. A shame, as I'd love to see Jacky(who just got engaged), Mun, Danielle, Proctor, and Josh.

Also wouldn't mind stopping by my producer's reps to light a fire under their asses about Bounty. If they don't get a dvd deal in the next year I get the rights back, so there's that. I guess I could make some limited editions dvds or Blu Rays...

Anyway, happy new year!

Also, courtesy of Kelli Maroney(of Night of the Comet fame):

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012?

Okay, I'll give it a shot. I've a terrible memory, so I'm going to go over other people's lists and look for the ones I liked a lot.

Cabin In The Woods
The Avengers

The Grey
The Raid
Seven Psychopaths

Dark Knight Rises--Just a special note about this one, because people are putting it on their "Best Of" lists. If you think this movie is one of the best movies that came out, you are fucking retarded. Just absolutely batshit fucking retarded. This movie is so laughably bad in parts that it's almost like every fanboy is now a "Best Of" writer. Hey, Christopher Nolan isn't God. It's okay to admit he makes mistakes, and plenty. When these fanboys mature and look back they are going to be mighty embarrassed that they thought this was a good movie.
Amazing Spider-man
Pirahna 3DD
The Devil Inside
Man With The Iron Fists

Haven't seen Django, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, or Paranorman yet so the jury's out on those.
UPDATE: Saw Jack Reacher and Django. Both were enjoyable movies in their own ways. Django could have lost 15 minutes and been a better movie but I wholeheartedly endorse the 100% lack of CGI blood.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watched Movies Must Report

So, watched two VOD movies tonight. One is Killer Joe, so let's talk about that.

Let's say William Friedkin directed a movie about drug addicted rednecks that was based on a play. No, not Bugs--that was his last one. Why is he doing another?

Well, good news is this one is better than Bugs. Bad news is, it's still not great. It's got some cool moments but in the end it's just a big bottle of nothing. Not much happens and then the ending is just...I blame Sopranos. All these crappy clipped endings that come out of nowhere at inappropriate moments.

Of course, this movie is high art compared to the next one I watched. VHS. I wanted to like it. I'd heard good things about it. The trailer is pretty cool. And I know it didn't cost much.

BUT fuck, man. Edit your fucking movie. This movie drags so often and has so much footage of absolutely nothing happening that it makes the PA movies look action packed. And if VHS was only like 80 minutes long you might forgive some of that, but this movie is 1hr52 minutes...

It can take some shaving off.  The script is pretty terrible and the "through-line" story is pretty irrelevant.  A big disappointment.

Also am watching the Silent Night remake now. It's not very good, but it's not so bad I'm turning it off. Just feels a bit like it's missing the point of the original.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nothing To Report

I know, like, it's been forever since I posted, right? Just busy doing stuff.

Saw The Hobbit. In 24fps the way movies are supposed to be. I try not to get mad at the fucking retards who say they can't tell the difference, but it's hard. And to Peter Jackson, who I normally dig--how the fuck you can think THAT is what the future of cinema is...

I dunno--do you want your movies to look like live plays? If so, GO TO A FUCKIN' LIVE PLAY. If I wanted to see The Hobbit: The Play, I'd do that.

But hey, 24fps was good. Little slow at the beginning but after they get out of the Shire it's good stuff.

Tonight I watched Batman Returns. It's a Christmas movie and I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remember. Yes. It was.

Followed it up with the original Silent Night Deadly Night. I don't remember if I saw it back in the 80's. I have a feeling if I had then I would have loved it. Man, so many boobies! It was enjoyable if a little unimaginative on the kills.

Then watched Winnebago Man, a documentary on that dude who became an internet sensation when the outtakes of his winnebago commercials was released. It's pretty interesting, and oddly introspective.

Nothing to report on the movie front. I really don't want to be negative all the time, but it's the choice between that and silence. Suffice it to say the young, dumb, internet crowd continues to cheer on how awesome and powerful the internet is for movie distribution while simultaneously wondering why they're not getting paid for their movies.

I mean, I know people whose shitty movies are getting distribution and are being put on Netflix, and people are clapping them on the back and thinking they're successes! They're on Netflix so they must be successful.

Then you talk to the guys and yep, they gave their movie away for no advance. Back-end. Year goes by and they still haven't seen any money. It's like I keep saying--it's EASY to get your movie distributed. The hard part is getting PAID to get your movie distributed.

This is a huge change from the way it used to be--it was SOOOOO hard to get your movie distributed that that was the holy grail for a filmmaker. (I can only say this from being in the midst of all this talk; you see, my very first movie got distributed and I got an advance that was more than the entire budget of the film, so I never had trouble getting my movies distributed AND getting paid. That is, until the internet came along and somehow did the opposite to me of what everybody says it should be doing.)

So I'm still bitter. But we'll see. My plan goes into effect late January or early February. I will see if I can harness this internet thing. This...series of tubes, as the late not-so-great Alaskan politician said. I have my doubts but you don't know 'til you try, right?

Am still plugging away at the Halloween script. Have also quietly been contemplating a return to the FOC universe without any of the previous cast. Maybe a super low-budget flick like I should have done with FOC2.

Dunno. If I don't get back here before then, Merry Christmas fuckers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making Hard

Gonna tell you a little secret: Editing the "Making Of" a movie is much harder than editing the actual movie.

Now I'm not talking about those shitty 5 minute bullshit "Making Of"s that many companies put on their dvds. I'm talking the serious ones, like mine for instance, that really try to show you what happened behind the scenes.

And the main reason it's harder is this: If you're editing a movie you already have each scene sectioned off with all the clips of footage for that scene. So if you're editing scene 10, you have a folder named Scene 10 with all the clips to choose from.

But if you're editing a Making Of you have footage from those scenes, but then you have all these interviews with people from the cast/crew and the things they say don't necessarily relate to any particular scene. Like, if you have someone talking about how hard shooting a low budget movie is, you could perhaps use that sound byte over any number of clips from the behind the scenes.

So you really just have to be so familiar with the material that when you come upon a clip of, say, shit going wrong--you can remember that you have a clip of somebody talking about shit going wrong. Sure, you could log all that interview shit but I've found that just because something is written down doesn't mean you remember it.

And all this means that you really can't afford to walk away from editing a Making Of like you could if you were editing a movie; if you do, you risk losing the familiarity with the video clips.
In other news I talked to a buddy of mine I hadn't talked to in a while. He's been nominated for an Oscar for best adapted screenplay a few years back. Been doing a lot of work since then getting paid ridiculous money to come in and fix screenplays while he tries to get his other projects off the ground.

He also was hired to write the adaptation of the Reacher books. Yeah, the one about to open with Mr. Top Gun playing the lead character. He wrote the script and sent it to me after I begged him to read it--I'm a huge Reacher fan, have been for a long time.

The script is freakin' GREAT. Like, I studied it for a couple of days because it's impressive how much he sets up in like 7 pages and it doesn't feel cluttered or slow or complicated.

Then bad news for him. Another writer/director is brought on by the studio because he has a working relationship with Mr. Top Gun and the studio knows they can get him if they hire this writer/director. THAT writer/director decides he wants the full credit so he demands that he writes his own version of the movie even though the studio is very happy with the screenplay they have.

The studio finally relents. My buddy get paid well for what he did, but now he gets no screenplay credit nor residuals. He tells me the writer/director is a giant tool--got to talk to him a couple of times.

But man does it sound like shit to be a working Hollywood screenwriter. I've heard anecdotes over the years like this from people I don't know, but to hear it from a guy I know who's a great writer with a successful past, nominated for an Oscar...bleak.

Anyway, am going to LA in the middle of January. Trying to figure out if there's a way to get together with everybody out there that I know in only the 2 extra days I'll have out there. Gonna be tough.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Holy Shitty Movie Batman!

Luke wanted to watch the new Batman movie. He's seen it. I have not, due to the fact that I didn't like the other two Nolan movies that much.

Refresher course on why? First movie HERE. Second movie HERE.

And I'd heard bad stuff from people who really liked the other flicks, so I knew this was not going to be the greatest.

Prepped myself for a bad superhero movie by watching a good superhero movie first with my kid. Superman 2. I actually got chills the first time Clark Kent changes into Superman in the alley and flies off. Kind of caught me off guard.

Then went over to Luke's. Nelly cooked us some salmon. Then we went down to put on Batman.

I guess I still sort of thought maybe there was a chance it would be okay, even with all the stuff I heard. But I wasn't prepared for how INCREDIBLY GOOFY Bane sounded when he spoke. Like, every time. He sort of sounded like Fozzie Bear, except when Fozzie Bear talks you can understand him.

And my God...are you going to eventually have any Batman in your Batman movie? I think if you added up Batman's screen time in the first 2 hours it would be maybe 7 minutes. Tops.

And the talking! So much talking! Everybody has a little anecdotal story to tell! There are characters who have no reason to be IN the movie! Seriously, tell me how the movie would have changed if Matthew Modine's character wasn't in it.

And convolution! This plot revels in it. It's a really, really bad movie and I'm still amazed at how many people call this shit great. It's like, they think Nolan can do no wrong even though he's proven otherwise quite a few times.

I think if you tried to show this to a 12 year old he would doze off or walk away after 20 minutes.

Anyway, we watched Joe Dante's The Hole afterward. It's okay. Seems like an episode of Goosebumps or something though. All-ages horror. But it's good to see Dante back in the saddle, and the cameos by Dick Miller and Bruce Dern were cool.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Allow Me To Bore You

Some might say "Again".

Anyway, this will probably only interest you if your name is Andrew and your last name rhymes with Hellcare.  Maybe even not then.

So I'm looking into what's involved with making Blu-Rays of GOH. If my experiment is successful I'll be doing it myself on a limited basis, probably needing between 500-1000.

I've had DVDs done in the past and it was pretty easy. Make a DVD with a minimal menu, send it off and they make a glass master and replicate it. Note, that's the difference between replicating and duplicating--duplicating is simply taking your disc and burning it a bunch of times. Not only is it more expensive but it also has a higher incidence of non-playing on players.

Anyway--come to find out it's not that easy for Blu-Rays. They cannot take your Blu-Ray and make a master from it. You need to provide them with this:"Blu Ray with BDCMF or SONY CMF format".

Uh...say what? I do some looking. Adobe has nothing that exports either of those. It appears there's a MAC program that can do it but that seems to be about it. This doesn't look good.

I can create a Blu-Ray and have them duplicate it, but the cost is nearly double per disc to do this. Seems like Adobe would have been all over this by now.

Another hidden cost when you get Blu-Rays done is that you're forced to buy a AACS license when you get them run, and it's only good for a year. So if you go back to press more Blu's and it's a day over 12 months, you get to pay the $550 again.

What is it? Some sort of piracy protection, which we all know works real well as it's impossible to find any Blu-Ray quality movies on the torrents. Impossible, I say.

I decide to put that shit on a backburner and download the Blu-Ray template for the disc and packaging. Might as well take a look at it. I'm not a graphic designer but I can probably put something together that's not terribly embarrassing. It'll just take a lot of time.

On a side note, ate at Fuddrucker's today for lunch. Lunch, you ask? Yes. I fell asleep this morning at 9am and woke up at 9:15am, wide awake. I have no idea why. Tried to go back to sleep but no dice. Fifteen minutes. So I got up and went out and did shit.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Was over Luke's the other night trying to find something fun to watch. We tried a movie on Netflix called The Pact, but were pretty bored at the 15 minute mark. No tolerance.

So I started scrolling through the movies to watch and see Robocop. Haven't seen it in a few years and they were up for it so we watched it. Man, still such a great movie. And I'm not sure I ever realized Rob Bottin created Robocop and all the impressive FX. For some reason I had Stan Winston in my head. But now it all makes sense when you look at how gruesome a lot of those FX are.

And how you could look at that Robocop design and say, "Hey, let's completely scrap the look" for the remake? If you wanna sleek it up a bit, okay, but to toss it completely and go with that super-shitty GI Joe suit? Fuck you, studio.

After it was over Netflix suggested we watch Starship Troopers. Another great movie I haven't seen in years. So we watched that. Jesus God were Denise Richards' boobs EPIC in that movie. And those CGI insects are probably still the greatest CGI creatures ever designed, second possibly only to Jurassic Park's.

Afterward got me thinking though: Where the fuck is Verhoeven? Yeah, Showgirls was terrible and Hollow Man wasn't great, but it does not mean you stop making movies...

Since 2000 when he did Hollow Man it appears he's done NOTHING if you don't count 2 movies you have never heard of. (Black Book and Steekspel, which is clearly a foreign film)

Come on, man, get back on the horse!

Anyway, still editing, still writing. Got CHUD going in the background. It's on Netflix and I vaguely remember enjoying it when I was in high school.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Things I Learned Today

Watched a CNBC special called Game On from 2006 that detailed the rise of gaming from way back. It was pretty interesting, and nostalgiac to see many of those games/systems again. Things I learned that I didn't know(which came as a surprise to me).

  • Atari means Prepare to Be Attacked in Japanese
  • Steve Jobs worked at Atari and actually created Breakout before leaving to start Apple
  • The founder of Atari is also the founder of Chuck E. Cheese.
Then I decided to watch Hardware. It's streaming on Netflix. I've heard about it but had never seen it, so I figured what the hell?

I notice that it was produced by the Weinsteins. Back in 1990. Wow.

Then I see the director's name and think, "Where have I heard that name before?" Richard Stanley. Guy did Dust Devil, which I don't think I liked but can't remember anything about it.

The shocking thing I see is that this dude is only 4 years older than I am. I think...what? Yeah, he directed Hardware, a movie that looks like it had a decent budget, provided by the Weinsteins, all at the age of 24.

How does that happen? Color me jealous.

Anyway, editing continues on the Making of GOH. There's some funny stuff in there.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Inner Half Ass Strikes Again

I didn't use to have an inner half ass. I really didn't. It didn't matter what it took or how much work, I always did the best I could on everything involving my movies. I spent nearly as much time editing the Making Of's and supplements as I did the movie.

Those days are over.

I'm working on the GOH Making Of right now and there's a part where I talk about the lead, Richard Cutting. I mention that he auditioned for my previous flick but had to bow out after I cast him. In the past, I would have gone and found that footage, on whatever tape it's on, and played it during this Making Of.

But now my inner half ass just tells me, "Fuck That Noise".

The problem really is just that it appears nobody but me cares. I'm not saying that to complain. Just more as a point of fact.

As I think of it the whole thing kind of mirrors something I'd talked about with my comic book friends. There are comic artists who were SUPER good, but after a while they start phoning it in. It's like, what happened? I think it gets to a point where they feel like "Hey, we get paid the same no matter if we put in a 100%-effort page or a 70%-effort page, so let's just do 70s".

Take, for instance, my buddy Tim Vigil. This is a guy who was a big name when I was in my late teens. He was doing Faust and Grips, two hyperviolent comics with nudity. And he's a phenomenal artist. I don't say that because we're friends now.

But most of the stuff he puts out now is a shadow of what he used to do. I'm pretty sure, though he doesn't talk about it, that he's bitter about having put out some of his best work and it was ignored. Like, check out this page from Gothic Nights of his(and blow that bitch up):

He put his heart and soul into this thing. It rivals the greatest Bernie Wrightson stuff--look at how detailed yet not "busy" that art is...and the book sold shit.

This is another pic of his:
The man can draw. But he doesn't do that level of art anymore.

And while I certainly am nowhere near as talented at anything as he is, I think my inner half-ass is beginning to show his colors more often.

A pity. I think the Making Of will still be decent, but it won't be as great as it would have been five or ten years ago.

  • Addam's Family Values for Thanksgiving. Man, did Raul Julia nail that character. John Astin is great--and face it, the role wouldn't have existed without him, but Raul is just GREAT.
  • Klown. Funny, but not as great or controversial as I'd heard. It was entertaining though.
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Ridiculous but okay. Some decent action even if the slow-mo gets overused to hell.
  • Dinosaur. Wow, would I have loved this movie when I was in my teens. Stupid, juvenile sex romp through a world full of naked busty women, with dinosaurs. Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski teaming up. Some of the forced perspective stuff was fun, but some of those dinosaurs were just embarrassingly bad. I mean, when the dinosaur from Carnasaur is the best dinosaur in your movie, you've got problems.
  • Black Rain. Still like this movie, but it's kind of striking how much of Michael Douglas' character is the exact same as the character he'd play 3 years later in Basic Instinct. Nick Conklin Vs. Nick Curran. Can that be coincidence?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Ladies

So my wife goes to work early this morning. (usually at 4am, but this morning at 2am)

I watch her to her truck and let the dog out to piss. Normal routine. She starts the truck, so I go piss while the dog is still outside.

Mid-pee I hear the dog barking. At 2 in the morning. I'm thinking, "Great, who the fuck is walking around the neighborhood?"

Get back to the door and see my wife's truck stopped in the road two doors up. Weird.

I yell at the dog to shut up and come inside. She doesn't listen, keeps barking at the truck. So I walk outside. Then I notice my wife in the yard two doors up. She calls out to me, a little panicked. "Come here, quick."

I think, "Shit, she hit an animal...she'll be a wreck."

I walk out of the yard, up the sidewalk and that's when I notice there's an old lady laying in the yard two doors up in a nightgown. My wife is bending over her. "Help me stand her up."

The old lady says, "Bless you, oh my God, you two are angels. I've been here since eight pm."

I'm trying to digest how nobody walked by the house since 8 pm. The lady's skin is COLD--it's like 48 degrees outside. We get her up delicately, because--as she says when I try to brace her back--her back is hurt.

We get her to her feet and she says--no shit--"Oh thank you. Who won the Ravens game?"

I fuckin' laughed. Couldn't help it. This lady is dying in her front yard and she's concerned with who won a football game. Her door was locked, but her window was open so I popped it and reached in, unlocked the door.

My wife helped her in and got her in bed. All I could think was, man, I will kill myself LONG before I get to that age...believe me.

Anyway, remember the experimental thing I was talking about doing with our new movie? Gonna do it. In the next 2 months. May fail big time, but it'll be an interesting experiment. If it works it means fast money(but not a lot), and QUICK distribution everywhere. If it doesn't work it just means I send it to my producer's rep and it'll come out in 3 years.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Dallas was reasonably uneventful. Fuckin' hate flying. Not so much the actual flying, but the showing up at the airport, stripping for the search thing, waiting to board, boarding, cramming in with people you don't know, waiting to see how large the dude next to you is gonna be, enduring the boredom of flight, waiting to get off the plane once it lands, then walking 10 miles to get out of the airport.

Had some computer issues--java to be exact--dealt with them but it made working on Saturday pretty stressful.

Managed to see the new Bond film. Not bad, but certainly not as great as everyone's saying. Not the best Bond movie ever, and not even the best Daniel Craig Bond movie.

Back, back to the grind. I ain't getting shit done. I'd tell you about my issues, but it would fuckin' bore the piss out of you. So let's not.

Wanna talk about things I don't give a shit about?
  1. First, politics. It's fuckin' over people. My guy didn't win either. (Gary Johnson) But to talk about seceding? Seriously? Like, are we first graders now? If I can't be first, I'm gonna take my ball and go home...
    Fuckin' move. You ain't seceding anything. That's not the way things work, and if you weren't retarded you'd know it already.
  2. Star Wars/Disney. You see, it's not 1985 anymore, as much as I wish it was. Star Wars is shit now. Lucas ruined them because he's creatively bankrupt. Has been for years. So let's all stop conjecturing on who's gonna direct, what it's gonna be about, etc. We can talk about it when the first trailer airs, okay?
  3.  Animals being abused. I know, it sounds harsh. But some people keep posting pics/info about abused animals, and that's just not why I'm on FB. It's a shame, but guess what? You can't fix it. There's far too many animals, far too many of them fucking and making babies uncontrollably, and PS: People are douchebags. Your informative and/or shockingly-horrible picture about animal abuse will do nothing to change it. So, uh, stop.
Things I do care about:
  1. Halo 4: Fun. Enjoying it. I'm not terribly great at it like I am at many of the games, but I can hold my own. I'd be playing it right now but my fucking arms are killing me. 
  2. Smoothies: I dunno why, but lately I've been digging wild berry smoothies. Got one at Haagen Daaz, got one at McDonald's. Almost got on at Burger King.
  3. A diet. I gotta go back on it. I've gained some weight, but I'm not sure how the shake diet works when I have to eat stuff in order to take all the advil I'm taking. I'm not in crazy fat territory yet--somewhere in the 204 range, but I feel heavier.
Also, been looking up old pictures of the area for certain reasons and came upon this pic. One of my favorite theaters ever. This is the one I saw the double feature of Conan/ET at. And look at the two movies they were playing at the time of this pic...I may have even seen the top one there.

Also came across these pics--used to LOVE going to this place and playing Asteroids and Ms. Pacman.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dallas Bound

If the plane crashes, this will be my sign off post. It's funny, just saw Flight last week and it had a pretty brutal crash scene. Now I can imagine that during take offs and landings! Sweet. (It's a good movie, but it's not being advertised as the movie it is)

Halo 4 came out. I have it. I'm taking a brief break to type this, then back at it.

I'm editing something that you're going to hear about soon. Details to come.

Election yesterday. Stood in line for 40 minutes.

Watched Seeking A Friend For The End of The World. Luke's gonna kill himself; he was outlining a script very similar to that when we saw the first advertisement. Been there before. It sucks. But his is different enough, and nobody saw this movie, so I think he can still do it.

Got my other computer hooked up pretty nice now. Most programs installed. Only big problem is that I really don't wanna install AOL on that computer because AOL runs like 4 programs CONSTANTLY. Even if it's not been booted.

Technically I could go through the web to access my aol accounts, but I have like 5 of them that I use so it would take longer to do, and isn't as user friendly an interface as the actual software...and yeah, if I hadn't had those emails for like 20 years I'd just ditch them. (seriously...I have names with NO numbers after them; that's how long I've had those emails)

I could swear there was something I wanted to put in here that I can't remember...will update if I do remember.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween. 2012 Style.

Man, did fuckin' October go by fast or what?

Pumpkin party went over well. Luke and Nelly came over, and Nelly carved her first pumpkin. (well, 2 really, because Luke pussied out even after my wife hollowed out the pumpkin for him)

Saturday night we went out to a bar. Nelly went--Luke dropped her off and then went home to play WOW.

I recycled my cop uniform from past movies. It's funny how many people think I'm actually a cop. Too bad the bouncer wouldn't let me take my handcuffs in. (they've passed 2 other years with no problem)

Ran a $120 bar tab, drank so much I got sick that night and the next day. It was rough, but fun.

Then there was, like, a hurricane or something. We didn't lose power at all, which was nice. Really, the only hardship I had was my internet was a little spotty so I couldn't play BF3 with some friends. I know, tough.

Tuesday I went over to Zig's to try to play catchup on some horror flicks. We watched The Howling. Followed it up with Excision, a new horror flick that's getting rave reviews but actually sucks pretty bad. It's pretty, empty, and boring. Which is I guess what people look for nowadays...

Finished up with Alone In The Dark, the original with Martin Landau and Jack Palance. Pretty good, but with the weirdest extended ending on a movie I may have seen in a non-David-Lynch movie.

Then, the actual Halloween day. My kid went out as Willy Wonka and was a pretty big hit. I may be the only person in the world following his kid around with cinema-quality camera videotaping his trick-or-treating.
Course, I had to shoot at 6400 iso even with my 1.4 lens. It's grainy, but nothing close to the gopro. If I was shooting a flick I'd shoot no higher than 3200 and light my subject(and that's only if I was shooting it myself--if I had a DP, we'd shoot no higher iso than 800). But as it is, if I upload some of the other videos, you'll see the sky actually has color to it...when it was completely black when I shot.

Best part is the kid has to stay in character the whole time, which involved walking very slowly and deliberately with the cane, just like Gene Wilder. My kid's a freakin' method actor. 

On the script thing I only got to page 14. Maybe I'll try to do more, but we'll see. I have a hard time writing Halloween shit at Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Party

My wife readies the pumpkin party. She's behind more than usual. I went out and bought some dry ice and got the fog machine ready. That's the extent of my stuff.

Also got my camera together in the "film mode". Looks like this:

My brother Paul called last night. Said Party City is selling a mask that looks an incredible amount like the clown we created for FOC1 who shall remain nameless so search engines don't come here. He didn't have a picture.

I went there today to find out, 'cause I will sue some mutherfuckers if I find out it's true. That shit is copyright me and my bro. I couldn't find it, so I dunno. There was a couple sort of similar but not enough that I'd say it's a direct copy. He said the one he saw had a big crooked smile just like our guys. I didn't see that one.

On that new script thing--on page 10. I was working on a paid thing yesterday(which I now have to edit), so didn't get to work much on it but I'm kind of excited because I'm doing something in the script that I have NEVER done(in approximately 30 scripts).

I'm not gonna mention what it is because I wanna see if anybody(my buds who will read it) notice. I think Zig will. Not sure about anybody else.

But I'm starting to get the gist of what it's about. Still, no, will never finish it by Halloween.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back & I'm Psychic

Back from the fest, and look at that: Got it exactly right. We got 4 awards. Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Feature. Pretty awesome.

The fest was fun. My only real gripe is that their projection was pretty crappy, so nobody's flick looked great.

Now back into the swing of Halloween things. I had a good idea for a movie last week and started thinking about it. Only real problem is that it's a Halloween-time story, and I have a hard time writing out-of-season things.

So today I decided to convince myself I'm gonna write 90 pages in a week. I know it's not gonna happen, especially since I don't really know the STORY yet. I've got characters, I've got incidents, but I don't really know WHY it's happening.

And I haven't written by the seat of my pants in YEARS, so I'm not sure I can do it anymore. I normally like to have the skeleton of it before I start working.

Anyway, am writing today. Listening to soundtracks while doing it: Dead Silence and Zodiac so far. Not sure what's next. Was thinking about Alien, but it probably won't have the right texture.

The wife is getting ready for her annual pumpkin party. We didn't have it last year, I don't think.

Saw PA4 and Seven Psychopaths. PA4--someone needs to tell them they need more Activity in their Activity movies. Also, I'm not even sure what's happening-- I can't remember what happened in the others. They need to just start a new storyline instead of trying to advance the old one over and over.

Liked Seven Psychopaths a lot. Quirky, funny, interesting, with some great performances. Worth checking out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philly Bound

Off to Philly to that fest where they will be showing GOH for only the 2nd public showing ever. We're nominated for like 11 awards, and my prediction is that we take 4. Nothing scientific, just guessing, even though they sent an email that sort of tips the hat that I have won 1 award and my lead actor has won.

Luke's driving. We're gonna watch our main competition on Friday night, hang out, see what's up. Then Saturday I'm not sure what we're doing before our showing at 6:30pm. I don't really wanna see any shorts that they're playing.

After the film is the awards ceremony, then we come right back since we both work the next morning. Fun. Hope I don't drink too much.

Sounds like there will be a few cast/crew there, so could be fun. The things that bother me a little:

1) They're playing GOH from a DVD, since they say they can't play a blu-ray. Won't look as nice.
2) The venue they're playing it in isn't an actual movie theater. I'm not exactly sure what it is. It sort of looks like a college theater area with one of them drop-down white screens. Probably means the sound system will suck.
3) They say there's no food/drinks in the place where they show the movies. Say fuckin' what? No popcorn? That sucks.

October's flying by too fast. I'm really slacking on the horror movie watching. I watched Monsters Vs. Aliens Vs. Mutant Pumpkins and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow(Disney cartoon) with my kid, which are both Halloween-related but not exactly horror.

Been busy with money-making stuff to pay the bills, so haven't done shit with the GOH making/distribution stuff or the prospectus for Bunker.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Opener

My thoughts on the opener, live blogged. No spoilers.

What the hell is that on Carl's gun? Looks like a funnel.

Woah. New opening is not great. The original one was much better. Also, I heard Darabont's name was gonna be completely wiped out, but it was still there.

Might be jealousy because I don't get condor-crane lighting, but MAN IS THAT MOON BRIGHT! It's like it's 100 feet above them!

Is it me, or are those the worst muzzle-flashes you've ever seen? They don't look believable, and it doesn't help that the actors aren't even trying to sell recoil...I don't wanna sound old(too late), but holy fuck has technology made us lazy. This is why I will continue to use blanks in my guns. People react to them correctly.

Again, maybe it's just me, but if you were going to bash/stab/impale a zombie, would you keep your mouth open as you did so? Knowing that a drop of blood in your mouth means you're gonna turn? I'd be wearing a freaking surgical mask over my face if I went hand-to-hand with zombies.

Watching all this prison stuff makes me hope that they REALLY follow the comic storyline. I mean, REALLY.

Wow, they weren't kidding when they said they were gonna up the zombie killing. Holy shit, good luck with that zombie-kill countdown on Talking's gonna take a half hour just to recount them all...

Digital blood. Still not a fan.

You know, what if they find Neosporin, spread it in a zombie and it totally fights off the infection! They could reverse this whole thing!

Oh my God, another commercial for another Paranormal Activity that looks JUST LIKE THE OTHER ONES! So excited. (not)

Well THAT was mildly unexpected. PS: Yuck.

Overall a pretty good episode. I don't think I once thought, "Why the heck did so-and-so do that?", which has been the major problem with the series.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do I Look Different?

So. Had enough of the old computer. Playing Youtube vids was slow. Playing other streamed video was slow to stopped. Couldn't use my Adobe programs on it without rebooting to the 2nd partition.

And it was acting up in 100 other different ways.

Took all night, but I copied both hard drives onto an external hard drive, then booted up my "Bounty" edit computer and started turning it into an internet computer. (my edit computers NEVER hit the internet--that way there's never a chance of viruses or footage getting leaked.)

Had to install all my programs--still working on that--and logging in everywhere so my browser can remember my billion different passwords.

As I'm doing this I'm watching the first episode of "Arrow". It's the Smallville treatment for D.C.'s Green Arrow. And it is NOT good...

Starts out, the main dude has been stranded on an island for between 5-8 years when he's rescued by two Asian fisherman. He was shipwrecked as a teen. He has a voiceover as he's ferried away from the island and it goes like this, no exaggeration: "I've been stranded on that island for however many years. To survive I had to become a weapon. Now I'm returning to my city and I'm going to punish those who poisoned her."

Huh? You were a carefree teen when you got shipwrecked, and now you get rescued by people who don't speak English, so how do you know someone poisoned your city?

Then he gets back to his city. The newspapers and TV cover his return because he's a multimillionaire's son,  and he becomes the Green Arrow. That is, a dude who wears a hood and runs around shooting arrows at people. No mask(he sort of colors around his face with green in a mask shape). Which is weird, because he confronts the bad guy face to face in a dim parking garage, and the very next scene the bad guy is talking to a cop. "He was a guy in a hood!" That's all he could make out.

hahahahahano. It's funny to watch it shot, because when he pulled the bad guy to his face it's all a side shot. If they were to show you the bad guy's POV it would be laughable.

And the bad guys, with submachine guns, can't seem to hit GA from as close as 5 feet away.

For the most part the directing is good. It's David Nutter--guy's done some stuff. But the writing is BAD.

Anyway, also been catching Wilfred on Netflix. That's a funny freakin' show. You should check it out.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Watch

Uh oh, slacking on the horror movies.

Went to the theater and saw End of Watch. It's pretty good, which is weird given that its storyline really doesn't kick in for an hour or so. Credit the strong performances from Jake and Michael Pena that keeps you pretty involved.

Followed it up with Frankenweenie, which I'm going to consider a horror movie for the purpose of the one-a-day thing. I mean, it's cleary Halloween-oriented. It was okay. Nice to see Burton back in the directing saddle of something not horrible, but it was just a little too kid-friendly for me.

Last night found out Victor Salva's newest flick is on Netflix streaming. It's called Rosewood Lane. I like his Clownhouse, Jeepers 1 and Powder, so was curious to check it out.

It's not good. First of all, the bad guy is--I kid you not--the paperboy. Pretty hard making that menacing. You might as well make it an Amish serial killer. Yeah, ridiculous, I know.

It has some decent parts, so nice shots too, but it just feels Way below what Salva can do.

But hey, it's a horror flick.  So that one counts.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Horror Movies

Got some catchup done on the horror movie a day thing.

Went over Luke's last night and watched The Omen(the original). Haven't seen it since I was like 12.

Came home and watched the remake of the Crazies that I got on Blu Ray a while back and hadn't watched since I saw it in the theater. I think it's still a pretty solid flick, and who doesn't love some Olyphant?

Tonight went to Zig's and we watched American Werewolf in London, wide screen.

Followed it up with Happy Hell Night, a flick I've seen the previews for but never the movie. It's a pretty goofy movie with a  rough plot. The killer who keeps saying "No FILL IN THE BLANK" looks cool, but is undermined by his ridiculous one-liners. "No sex!", and he kills someone. "No STV" and he kills someone.

Goofy. Then we watched an episode of Tales from the Crypt. Which leads me to think maybe I'll pop out my box sets of that and do a marathon of those.

Got home and decided to watch Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. It's on Netflix streaming. I'd love to own the Blu Ray but I'm not paying $25 for it...

In other news, I think I'm just gonna say fuck the Halloween short for this year. October's too busy for me right now, and it would mean a massive amount of work. I don't have the energy for the fight right now.

Oh well. Getting old sucks. File that away under SHOCKING.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Foreign Sales N Lack of Good Horror

Hung out with a dude named Mark that I met last year at the con. He's going to AFM this year. He went last year, managed to get some foreign sales--all without a room or a table. He crashes the lobby and knows a couple of people there.

Anyway, asked me if I had any flicks trying to get foreign sales. I told him I have FOC ready. I think I told you, we only ever sold 1 territory because my rep doesn't deal with foreign and that country approached us outright.

But I have a PAL master, so why not? (It's funny--this is so soon after I just sent a copy to another foreign distributor, but I haven't heard back)

I put together an ad slick, will make him a couple hundred color copies of. He passes out screeners of his flick, but I'm not gonna do that. Seems like a bad idea. Here's the slick. I may spruce it up a bit more, but I think it's not bad considering I'm not a great graphic design dude.

Anyway, continuing to try the horror-movie-a-day thing, but not having much luck. I tried 11-11-11(tonight) and gave up after like 15 minutes. Tried to watch Tall Man(last night) and gave up after about an hour. Tried to watch American Werewolf in London(tonight)...and it's not widescreen on Netflix. WTF?

So last night I watched Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. I haven't seen that since I was 13 in the theater. It's campy, but really not a half bad movie. Didn't know back then that that was Michael Ironsides as the main bad guy. And it cracks me up everytime they do one of those shots that reminds you the movie was originally in 3D.

Then tonight I happened to notice that Brick is on Netflix. It's an earlier movie by the director of Looper. Figured I'd give it a try, but it's not horror...

Wife's going away for the weekend, so I may go check out a pumpkin farm. Really gotta get my act together if I'm gonna attempt this short.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Some cool Jaws homage posters I stumbled across last month

Won't talk much about the con. Was a little weak this year. Some of my buds didn't show, others left early because their vaginas were hurting. I dunno. Got to hand with Dominic(my #1 fan) who is now managing actors/directors, and one of his guys Eugene Clark, the black zombie from Land of the Dead.

Anyway, I know some people who are trying the 1-horror-movie-a-day-in-October thing, so I figured I'd give it a shot, knowing I'll fail.

Yesterday I tried to watch "Remains"--a new flick on Netflix. I sorta know a couple people involved in it. It's pretty terrible. The story is uninspired, and the camerawork is amateur hour.

So I threw in Dead Silence. I've had it for a while, been meaning to rewatch it. I didn't like it when I saw it in the theater, but I remember it had some decent parts.

Turns out, everything I remember was true. The movie starts falling apart early as the main dude puts the spooky dummy that has something to do with his wife's murder on the hotel chair staring at him while he sleeps. There is no one in the history of humankind who would do that.

Then he goes out and buries it, and he gets back in the car. The doll shows up right outside his door and he gets out to check it out. Uh, no, nobody does that.

Did I mention I saw Looper and Dredd 3D the other day? I liked Looper a lot. It's not what you think it is from the trailer. Course, Luke saw it and was bored.

Dredd was decent too, if a bit simplistic. Cool 3D. Karl's a much better Dredd than Stallone. Too bad it didn't do well, 'cause I'd love to see the Judge Death storyline, which has gotta be the greatest Dredd story out there.

Friday, September 28, 2012


There was an update to Appzilla tonight. Appzilla is an app for the iphone that has like 200 apps inside of it. It's cheap, and has some goofy, some useful, some useless apps.

I updated the app, and there's now some new apps inside it. One of them is the ability to break down your date of birth into everything. Here's what it told me. Commence crying.

My Age In:
Months  - 504
Weeks - 2,193
Days - 15,351
Hours - 368,424
Minutes - 22,105,440

So, there's that.

Finished the Halloween short script breakdown. Kinda excited. If I can do it like I imagine it'll be a nice-looking, creepy little short

Anyway, off to the con tomorrow. It doesn't have a ton of celebrities, but I mostly go for the drinking and hanging out with friends. But there's an off chance I'll get Flash Gordon to sign something. Yes, Ted's Flash Gordon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Short

Did I mention I wanted to do a Halloween short? I can't remember what I talk about on these blogs and I'm too lazy to go look.

Anyway, adapted the script from a short story I read in a book a long time ago. I have no rights to it, but since I wouldn't be selling the short I can do whatever I want.

It doesn't have any's just a creepy little thing. Lotta atmosphere with a creepy open ending. With the exception of a location(a big pumpkin field) it's pretty easy to shoot, assuming I can get some people to work for me for free.

I just started breaking it down into a shooting script. It's pretty liberating breaking down 10 pages into a shooting script. You can sort of make every shot count. Technically, you'd like to do that in a feature also but I don't have Michael Bay's money...

Not sure if I can get this done before Halloween. Kind of need to, as it will save on set dressing since it all takes place at Halloween. I may start making some calls to actors I know, see if they're up for it. We can probably shoot it in 2 days, maybe 3 tops.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, got a package today. It contained this stuff:

 This was in the box, along with like 8 of its cousins. That's what we used to put audio on because we were too poor for DA-88s. I still have my DAT full size recorder--it's a beast, but it really never failed. You knew when it was recording, what it was recording, and as long as you didn't rewind your tape there was no chance of recording over your shit or losing it.

Alas, it's weighed like 30 pounds and was the size of a suitcase.

 This is a BETA-SP case. You've got no scale, but the case is like 6 inches by 10 inches. There was a bunch of these in the box also.

This is what it looks like inside. It's like a giant VHS tape. This is what HH was mastered to, and the facility that fixed my master also outputted to BETA-SP. Since I paid for all that shit, it all comes back to me.
 Anyway, few more years and the HH domestic rights come back to me! And then...dunno.

In other news, went to the door to let the dog out, and this is hanging on the glass door at eye level. It was about 4 inches long.


Lastly, you know when I mentioned I got some news from the doc? So, I got a disease. It's not minor but it's not life-threatening. You could say it's just gonna irritate me for the rest of my life.

But, you know that old Sam Cooke song "Cupid"? Where he sings "Cupid, draw back your bow"...

The name of the disease I have fits perfectly in the place of Cupid. I'm not sure why I keep wanting to sing it with that put in brain, she don't work so much.

Also, have sent the script for "Bunker" to Tiff and the FX guys. Will see what they say.



Kinda cool. Just received word that a festival we got accepted to in Philly next month announced their nominations and we're nominated for a bunch. They are:
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best Feature Script
Best Director of Photography
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor(we have 4 people nominated)
Best Supporting Actress(we have 2 people nominated)
Best Sound Design
Best Score

A couple of notes. I don't wanna bag or make fun of anything, but I noticed some things...

We're nominated for Best Director of Photography but not for Best Cinematography. I think you probably know why that's weird. I mean, it's weird that they have two categories that are essentially the same thing.

Under Best Supporting Actress is nominated a woman who played ONLY a dead woman. She's basically an extra. But apparently a VERY convincing dead woman. I'm just gonna assume it's 'cause she's a very BUSTY dead woman that they thought she deserved some extra support. (sorry for the pun)

Best Sound Design: I can only assume the guy nominating either doesn't know what that means or he reads this blog and knows how much work I put into making that disastrous audio into something barely acceptable.

Harvey was not nominated for Best Editing, which is hard to believe. That guy is a beast. He's always innovative. I wanna see some of the other flicks that got nominated, 'cuz that's robbery.

Speaking of robbery, if we don't win Best Score, it's a crime. Seriously.

Anyway, you can see the festival web site by clicking on the first link on this page:
I don't want to link directly to it in case it gets traced back here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stupid Questions

I was on googs looking at something stupid regarding a fast-food joint. I noticed something at the bottom--it tells you about other commons questions. Here were the other popular questions on that page.

  • What should I get at Taco Bell?
  • I have a new job and I'm drive through. Will the register tell me how much change to give back?
  • If you work at KFC, do they give you the secret recipe?
Okay, really? Like, mine was an informational question. There is really someone out there who thinks googs will know what they should get at Taco Bell?

And then another person who just got a job at drive through, but wasn't taught if the register will tell them how much change to give back. Worse--this worries them enough to type it into the computer, because apparently subtraction is a lost art.

The third--someone REALLY wants KFC's secret recipe, huh?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I feel like these are all so boring, so I been slacking off on the posting. I'm not a big dispenser on the information on this blog...I pass on whatever filmmaker info I know through the film blogs at

The prospectus I've been working on is pretty great if I do say so myself. Almost makes ME wanna invest in an indy movie. Honestly, if you can get a half mil to shoot an indy movie, and you know what you're doing script-wise and casting-wise, you got a decent shot at making some money. I intend to do it for a quarter mil.

I just need some pictures for the prospectus and I'll be ready to pass it on. Then we see if they can work some magic. Hell, if we can get to $150K then I'll feel confident about moving forward. We have almost half of that already, so we really only need about $80-90K for me to start making concrete plans.

Watched a flick called Exit Humanity on Netflix. It's a Civil War zombie movie. Main guy looks JUST like Ewan McGregor...kinda distracting. It's not a bad flick. Looks great(it was shot on the Red Epic), and they claim it was only shot for $300K.

Not bad considering it has Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie and it's narrated by Brian Cox. My only complaint is that it's a little too long.

Then tonight Luke and I watched Cabin in the Woods with the commentary by the director and writer. Interesting, but the director had a weird way of talking where it sounded like he kept running out of breath--only, sometimes it was in the middle of sentences and he didn't stop talking. So, it's not him running out of breath. It was weird.

And he kept interrupting Joss, which was irritating. But it had some funny parts, and Joss actually bags on Prometheus, which is funny.

Anyway, looking forward to the end of next week. I'm going to a convention for my new b-day ritual. I get a room by myself, go on up and get drunk with some of my horror friends. Also, Flash Gordon himself is gonna be there so maybe I'll get my Blu-Ray signed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Batman Parody Palooza

Buddy posted a link to some of these today. They're pretty funny.

Also got some fairly alarming news about those blood tests from the doc. Not gonna post it publically. It's weird. If you know me well you can figure it out by this: The doc told me what I have, and my first thought was "Cool, I'm a werewolf". I mean, I know that's not what it is, but I can't help my brain.

Coincidentally(or not), last week I was thinking "Jesus, there's a couple of scripts that I've literally been writing for ten years". I gotta stop the procrastinating and get them done. What happens if I just up and die? They don't get done.

So been hitting the Backyard one(the "autasm" one) pretty hard. I was somewhere around page 50, and am now at page 54. I had to convert it from Final Draft to Movie Magic, since that's what I use now. That took a little time, as there are always errors in the process.

I should be able to rock this one out, as I've got most of what happens in my mind. My biggest worry is that it might come out a little short. Maybe around 75 pages.

Then I gotta back back on the HH3 script, and the Kill God one, then I can take a look at some of the other ideas that have been percolating. Sometimes I fear I'll run out of ideas, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I just noticed today that the foreign license for my first film, the now infamous HH, expired over a year ago. Yet they still list it on their web site here:

So tomorrow I send a cease and desist letter. Not sure what it'll mean, as I don't think I paid for their PAL master. That means if I want to sell foreign, I'd have to make one.

And they sold a ton of territories already, so there's probably not money to be made there.

Hey, this week I find out the blood test results, and also probably get a cortisone shot! Fun with doctors, part II!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day, Not So Much

Labor Day. The wife went to the beach with the kid, so mini-vacation took place for me once again.

Went to the movie with Zig. Caught The Day, a sort of indy-yet-produced-by-the-WWE flick. Post-apocalyptic, and I have a soft spot for those. It's so so. Clearly pretty low budget, so I'm not sure why the WWE had anything to do with it. (there were no pro wrestlers in it)

Some really bad CGI blood/FX.

Then we went to Hit and Run. I'd say we snuck into it, but a manager I know was there and he escorted us to it, chatting the whole way. That movie was also pretty so so. You can tell, without knowing ahead of time, that an actor wrote it. It's the sort of movie where THIS happens and then THIS happens and then THIS happens...

Then over to Zig's house where we ate some Five Guys burgers and watched Real Steel. Entertaining enough, if only a rehash of Rocky meets Over The Top.
Met up with my D.P. from FOC1&2--he's in the area directing a flick, so I told him I'd go out and have a couple of beers with him. We hit some bars with Jared, the DP on GOH who is DP'ing for him

Next day went to a Labor Day party at a buddy's house. A few of us snuck inside and watched a local filmmakers piece of shit movie. Now, I typically reserve myself on commenting on other low budget filmmakers stuff, because I don't know what their budget is or what they went through to shoot the flick.

THIS fucking douche is the guy who has been forging insurance certificates on his productions, lying about people who are associated with the movie, lying about his background(he's alternately an ex-navy SEAL, a magician, an actor, friends with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, a psychiatrist), and more.

And hey, his web site just went up. Check it out. I'll wait. Definitely go look at his About page. See how careful he is with his grammar, spelling, and sentence structure? That's about the same care he gives to his movies.

His movie is a giant piece of shit. Constant soft or completely out-of-focus shots, many shots are framed with people half in the picture, and sometimes the camera will go from locked down, to randomly moving as if it's looking for something that it doesn't find.

Did I mention there was a local fest that gave this piece of shit movie Best Cinematography? WTF?

The script is terrible. Just a complete mess of scenes that have no bearing on ANYTHING, one after the other. PS: The fest also awarded this fat douchebag a Best Director award. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

And this guy thinks he's AWESOME. Look at that web site! He's "Making Magic One Movie At A Time"! He's a "true director of the future"! His werewolf picture(which is "Based On True Events") is going to "redefine horror".

I mean...what the fuck is this fat douche thinking? Here's a little video I made using my movie to illustrate sort of what his movie looked like.

Anyway, after coming home I had to wash the horrible visions from my eyes so I finally broke open my Jurassic Park blu ray set and watched all three, back to back. I still greatly enjoy all of them, but obviously none are as awesome as the first.

I followed that up with The Burbs. I was just feeling in the mood. Then I popped in my Blu of Adventures of Robin Hood so I could see Errol Flynn clearer than ever.

Am working on the prospectus for Bunker to hand to an investor. Only major problem is that we have no pictures or artwork for the prospectus. I've been looking for images I can use to create a mock poster but not much luck right now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 Vials

Wow, so it's been a week? Jeez, I'm slacking.

Saw Jaws on the big screen. I wish I could tell you that no one pulled out a cell phone but it happened. I just can't fuckin' believe people. Let me clarify:


Anyway, great movie. No sense talking about that, 'cause it's undisputed. Also, it's ranked #136th greatest movie of all time. Way to go, internet douchebags. Over 11,000 people have voted it a 5 or under.

New Batman movie: #22 greatest movie. Jaws: #136. I wish there had been more abortions in the past 20 years.

Went to the doctor today. I just told him to do every blood test available. Just check all the boxes. I've never had blood drawn, haven't had a physical since I was 18. I'm like, "Get it now or don't ever get it".

So they drew 8 vials of blood. I'm not kidding. Like, 5 inch vials too, not little dinky ones.

I celebrated making it through the withdrawal with, you guessed it, a double cheeseburger.

In filmmaking news, I have been helping my lead actor from GOH do some VFX for his UFO/soap opera drama he's been doing. It looks good, but I keep telling him he's got story issues. Nothing's happening. That's death for a web series. You gotta make the people WANT to come back every week.

Don't spread it, but here's what I did for him--he gave me this shot of a girl with a green screen background, not lit too well. He wants her to open her eyes and have those all-black alien eyes with an alien background.

I went online and found some material to use for the eyes--technically I could create a black fill with some specular highlights, but it never looks as good as real photographed materials. I motion tracked and matted them in to the eyes, then found a random hi-res background online and used it behind her. It's blurred and color corrected so he'll never get sued in case it's copyrighted.

Here's what the finished version looks like--don't link to it, as it won't be up long:
Girl 1:
Girl 2:

I think it came out pretty well. Maybe too well. He's asking me if I can do a couple more. It's sort of a trade deal--I do this shit, he'll be acting in my next flick for free. (I have a part for him in the vampire flick)

So in the end it'll work out if I make the flick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Body, She Betrays Me

Yeah, think I mentioned my foot has been screwed for a while. Tried some pills, now trying some cortisone pills. If they don't work it's cortisone shot time.

On top of that my eye freaked out a couple weeks ago. My doc thought it was conjunctivitis. Gave me some drops. Got a little better, but now has been getting worse again so I went to an eye doctor.

Long story short, uveitis. No, my eye doesn't look like that.

They're giving me new drops. Not fun. My left eye's been blurry for a couple weeks now.

Makes ya wanna jump off a bridge or something. (Too soon? And what IS that? So weird to think Tony Scott just stopped his car on the bridge, climbed and jumped without any hesitation.)

Watched The Shark Is Working on blu ray tonight. After waiting to see it for 4 years, perhaps that's why it was slightly disappointing. A lot of the stuff seemed like retreaded material to me.

We didn't watch the film, 'cause we're gonna go see it on the big screen on Thursday. That should be cool.

Then watched Road Warrior on Blu. Still a fun movie, but for a flick I watched multiple times as a kid, I've forgotten a lot of it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Budget Stuff

So Luke's getting a little panicked that Bunker just may not get made. I told him(and I think I told you) that I'm just not interested in shooting a 50-60K picture if we're gonna spend 20K on the set. Sure, we could still shoot it with a bunch of local actors, but I'm not willing to do that. (He actually mused that perhaps HE'D direct it...I gotta tell ya, part of me is amused at the thought...)

Which led to a talk with Luke's mom about maybe talking to some more of her rich friends/acquaintances about investing. Luke asks me what would be a decent number that I'd feel confident about moving forward on.

This number, in my mind, is a number that gets me Lance, Shepis, Wells, and another guy I've been eyeing up as another lead. And still lets us spend 20K on the set(which is almost unavoidable).

I say $150K and I feel pretty confident we get it done, and good. He and his mom are going to put out some feelers, but they want me to draw up a prospectus for the investors. Haven't done that in a long time(since the first FOC, to be fair).

So I get to work on that. I take a break to work on the increased budget to see where I think stuff would go. I do some research on the net. I come across this blog, which is pretty cool. I hope he hasn't stopped doing it, because it's pretty interesting and has some informative stuff in it.

Check it out if you're a low budget person:

Meanwhile I will continue to try to figure out what you actually should pay a production designer and a casting director on a low budget flick.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things That Annoy Me, Facebook Edition

  • Timeline. Too easy, and nobody likes it. But it does annoy me.
  • People who make low budget movies and make a different page for EVERY FUCKIN' MOVIE and beg for you to LIKE them. And people do.
  • Meanwhile, I have just the one know, easy one-stop place to check and see if we're up to anything new. No need to hunt around on 900 different pages. And we have less than 400 likes. That's annoying.
  • People who add you to their group without asking.

  • People who send you a friend request but have no profile picture. Really? You can't be bothered to put ANY picture up? I can't be bothered to accept your request then.

  • People who tag you in stuff barely tangential to ANYTHING related to you, just to get your attention.

  • People who request you as a friend only to, the INSTANT you approve, ask you for something.
So, near as I can tell, it's mostly PEOPLE who annoy me on Facebook...I guess it IS a true representation of society.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hunting More Humans

A while back copies of the limited edition FOC2 were selling for over $100 on Amazon through side dealers. I don't know why other than Amazon was temporarily out of them, because I hadn't refilled their orders.

Now, check this out:

Pretty funny...two different dealers trying to hawk my first flick for over $145...

Which is funny, because recently in my downtime I've decided to really work on finishing the HH3 script. Hell, I been writing it for like 5 years...and while I figure there's like a zero point zero chance I'll make it, it could technically be a stand-alone script.

I don't think you'd even have to know about HH to enjoy I just have to come up with a title that doesn't make it look like a sequel.

There's like four scripts I've been working on for over 5 years and HH is one of them, so I'm really gonna buckle down and try to get them finished and out of my system. (for the record: a script that has ghosts but isn't a ghost script, a ghost script I was laughingly calling "Autasm", one I call my "Kill God" one,  and HH3).

On the "Bunker" front we're really starting to sweat the budget. Building our set, which I had hoped to be able to do for under 10K is looking expensive now that I've looked at what imitation brick costs(even brick wallpaper is expensive).

I need to find some way to make it work for under 10K, because I don't want to spend 15-20% of our budget on the set. Luke would rather build the set for whatever it takes, then shoot with local actors and maybe just the Shep.

I'd rather just not shoot the movie, because it has about the same chance of distribution as the other no-budget flicks we're doing, and I'm not interested in slaving away on another no-budget movie for two years for no money. It's time to move up or not do it at all.

So we're looking at the options. I wish there was a production designer locally who I could maybe talk to and would come up with some ideas, and work on making this set look great.


Ooh, almost forgot. I got some melatonin at Costco 'cause I heard it works for insomnia and is more natural than all the Lunesta I've been popping. It's like $7 for 100 pills so I figured why not?

Took one Sunday night and went to sleep. I'm not sure if the melatonin had anything to do with it, but I had one of the weirdest dreams I can remember:

I was living in the old apartments I lived in back in college, but they were all connected into one big giant building, and I owned it for some reason.

And also I kidnapped Charlize Theron. I took her back to my place and then cut her head off. Now hold on...I don't remember doing THAT in the dream. One sec she's whole and struggling to get away, next I've got her head on one side and the body on the other.

And they're both moving still. Like, the body is struggling around like a fish out of water and her head is talking like it's not severed. But for some reason it's not getting oxygen. I have some device I keep plugging her head onto to get her air.

The problem happens that apparently I'm also about to host a party at my place. People keep arriving, and they want to go upstairs, and that's where I'm keeping Charlize, so I have to keep stopping them WHILE hosting the party and periodically running back upstairs to plug Charlize's head back into the oxygen device.

And she keeps begging me to let her go, that she won't tell anybody, but I'm dubious.

I told you it was a weird dream. At some point it segued into me at my parents' house and there were bugs and spiders EVERYWHERE, and I had a flyswatter I kept trying to kill them all with. I ran into a big web and that's when I woke up, and some of my wife's hair had fallen across my face.

Anyway, have taken another melatonin and will tell you if I have any more freaky dreams on it. Maybe this shit is like LSD for me.