Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoot Me Now

I shouldn't be posting this because it just forces me to think about it all the more, but did I mention how I have to foley/loop pretty much 50% of my new movie's scenes?

I don't want to think about it really, as it will probably paralyze me with anger and frustration. I just have to keep knocking at in chunks, not looking at the big picture. Chip away at the mountain and eventually it will be gone...

So I looped the main actor's dialogue the other night. For 8 hours. And that's not 'cause he's bad at it...there's just THAT MUCH stuff to loop. And we didn't even do the outside part, because there are crickets now, and there were no crickets that night we shot(in November)...

Then I looped two other actors the next night. I have like 8 more people to loop, then I get to recreate many of the scenes with foley. Basically just shooting the entire scene again with a microphone instead of a camera.


Hey, how about another sobering look at how shitty it is to be an indy filmmaker?


Honestly, I wish I was not compelled to make movies. I could actually be making money doing other stuff since I'm a pretty smart guy.


Monday, September 19, 2011

You say it's your birthday...

Well, it was mine also over the weekend. I decided to go to a local horror show where John Carpenter and some other celebs were going. I booked myself a room at the hotel and went with absolutely nobody.

I'm sure it seems kind of weird to others, but I really dig being alone. I have always been a pretty solitary person, so every once in a while it's nice to get away.

Told the wife I'd be gone overnight, and when I tell her I'm not going with anybody she looks at me funny.

Anyway, I knew I'd see people there I knew. I got there about 3pm on Saturday, and who's standing outside with one other person, smoking a cigarette? John mutherfuckin' Carpenter himself.

I'm not one who bothers people, so I didn't say anything. It was nice to see that he appeared to be having a good time. (as opposed to the last time I saw him at a Con, when he appeared to hate everybody)

Inside, I'm a little shocked to see that it's VERY lightly attended. To put this in context, when I went to this very same show in Jersey to see Carpenter, we had to park about a half a mile away, and the line to see Carpenter went outside of the hotel...

I don't know what it is. Sure, there was another big show about 2 weeks ago within 2 hours of here, but their guest list was weak. And THAT show used to be in this same exact hotel, and was PACKED when they did it. So it's not the hotel...

The show didn't get busy at all. If you wanted to chat with Carpenter or Anthony Michael Hall or some of the True Blood people or Jeffrey Coombs, have at it. Frequently there was nobody at their tables.

I hung out a little at Dire Wit's table with my FX peeps from GOH, Jason and Kayleigh. I met up with a long-time fan Dominic. Richard Cutting, star of GOH, showed up, so I showed him and a couple of others some rough footage of the flick.

I started drinking Vodka cranberries about 6pm.

Pretty uneventful. Seemed like everybody had partied themselves out the night before. We hung out in the bar for a while, watching Anthony Michael Hall try to pick up chicks. Jason and Kayleigh took off about 2am or so, and I hung out with Dom and his Australian buddy Brett.

Brett works for some film company and had some stories to tell. (like, David Warner was the original Freddy Krueger for 4 days until he got fired 'cause he couldn't hack the prosthetics. I have never heard this story--there's no mention of it in the pretty comprehensive NOES doc--and this sounds like big news. Brett says he has a still of Warner in makeup to prove it, so if he emails it to me, I'll post it)

We talked about flicks in general, and about 5am we all packed it up. I had a decent buzz.

For some reason I woke up at 8:30am with a raging headache and couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up, went out and got breakfast, and came back. Good thing about having been to this hotel about 100 times is that I know how to get into the dealer's room without paying. No way I'm paying $20 to walk in to that tiny dealer's room just to say goodbye to my buddies.

Anyway, since I was up that way I stopped at Padonia Station Pub to grab some crab dip to go(some of the best in the state), and came home to watch some football.

If you want to see a link to the Carpenter Q&A that I missed, here it is. See Carpenter give someone the finger! (in that person's defense, I totally agree with him)

Pretty low key birthday, but it's cool.

The pic he just emailed me...I dunno, does it look like David Warner?

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Tiff

Remember when I said I wanted to get some smaller names in my flick that we'd like to shoot next year? My plan had been to go to Pittsburgh to meet up with Tiff, one of those names I mentioned, take her out to dinner and chat with her a little.

Well, some other local filmmakers cast her in a comedy(?) and brought her here, and my man Zig got on their flick as the Production Manager. So he kept an eye out for any spare time that I might be able to catch up with Tiff while she was here.

The production brought her in one night and things didn't go great at first. So Tiff had a night and a day free, so I took her, Zig and his girlfriend out to breakfast a couple of days ago.

Happy to report that Tiff is every bit as cool as billed. Very down to earth and funny, and has some pretty funny stories. (the ones we heard dealt with Lance H., the guy I'd like to cast in my flick, and W. Forsythe, who I do not want to cast in anything after hearing the story)

She's interested in the flick, and if I can meet her weekly "friend" quote and make sure her schedule is clear, she'd be in.

Here's a pic of us after breakfast at Zig's. Did I mention she's hot?

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Long Time Coming

I am watching a movie right now that I haven't seen in 28 years.

First off, I'd like to reject the notion that I could have seen a movie almost 30 years ago, as I am only 24 years old. But anyway...

You might have remembered me talking about the summer of 1982 in this blog entry here, and the double feature movie I went to with my dad and brother. If you don't remember, well, that's why I put a link there.

I saw ET followed by Conan, and of course Conan overshadowed the movie ET. I had no idea at the time who Steven Spielberg was. I vaguely remember liking the movie more than I thought I would, but it was ALL about Conan that night.

Since then I've had thoughts about rewatching ET, and I'm not sure why I haven't. It's never playing on cable(have you noticed that?) like most other movies.

Tonight, that's changed. Am mid-watch. Not sure I can handle all these 80's flashbacks. D&D. Asteroids. Star Wars figures. Man, I was probably about as old as Elliot's brother in the movie when I first saw this...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Did you just discover this blog?

If so, comment and let me know how...

I'm just curious why this blog is all of a sudden getting a lot of hits...

Friday, September 02, 2011

I Am Peter Parker

Meaning, I am a paid photographer now.

A long while ago I started submitting photos to a stock photo company online.

Stock photos are where you go if you're lazy and/or just can't find that photo you want for your book/movie/ad/whatever. You just go to a site, search for the image, pay for it, and then it's yours to use.

The place I used is called Big Stock Photo, though Istock Photo is probably bigger. Big Stock is pretty picky. I've submitted 38 photos, but they've only accepted 7 of them.

I try to submit stuff I think people could use, like mysterious silhouettes and city shots at night. (you know, who else is gonna be stupid enough to go into an alley in Baltimore at night and shoot a photo?)

And a long time ago I'd shot a photo of Rick G from HH to use in the press kit...it was him in silhouette in my back yard with some smoke. A bunch of them came out nice, but this was on 35mm film. When I scanned them there was some artifact problems, but the pic was still cool.

Big Stock accepted 2 of them silhouette pics, plus some other assorted ones. I did some new silhouette pics with my Canon T2i, with me in the silhouette. They accepted one of those.

Anyway, they don't license for much money, and they don't pay out until you reach $25. Months went by. A buck here, a buck there. The Rick G silhouette seems to be the most popular one. It's funny, you can even see it on the cover a self-published book on Amazon here, and if you type the word "gunman" and "silhouette" into google, my image is the first link you'll get.

But this month I broke through, and Big Stock just paypal'd me $31.50...so that means I am now a paid photographer!

If you're bored and want to see my photos on Big Stock, you can click on the link below.