Monday, May 30, 2011

Hard On Myself

You know, sometimes I'm hard on myself. I tend to really focus on the negative. How I'm not getting what I want accomplished.

I mean, I only want to be Steven Spielberg. Is that so much to ask?

I have decided to try to counter-act my negative thinking. I have been looking at some of the positives and trying to focus on them. It works...a little. For instance:

  • Every movie I have ever done has acquired distribution from a reputable DVD company, with the exception of FOC2, which had an offer from Lionsgate that I turned down. Most filmmakers are lucky to get even one film distributed by a real company.
  • It's incredibly likely that over a half a million people have seen a movie of mine. Think about that. How many people can say that? (I use statistics based on the "turns" from Rentrak, which is more or less only rentals) A HALF A MILLION...
  • I have met some great people and became friends with people I never would have met if not for making movies.
Wait...that's it? Man, now I'm depressed again. There's gotta be more. I'll add more if I think of them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say What?

I think I mentioned that I watch Supernatural. It started off as an okay show with great production value and look, wandered off into monster-of-the-week, and then really took off with season 2.

The creator of the show had a 5 year plan--he was going to end it after five if it made it that far, because that was how far his story went.

Anyway, show was a moderate hit, made it the five years, and a funny thing happened. It got renewed for season 6. Creator said, "Hey, I'm done...good luck."

At the end of season 5, you can see where the story ends. It fades to black. And then the last 10 seconds of the show, it fades up from black and pretty much negates the end of the story. Kind of a slap in the face to the creator, it felt to me.

So this season started and I was on the fence about watching it. I went ahead and did anyway. They did a smart thing--they put Ben Edlund in charge of the show. He's a long-time writer, but most people don't realize he created The Tick before he became a TV show writer. I knew his name a LOOOOONG time ago(I read the comic).

He's done Buffy and Angel, and other stuff. Guy knows his stuff. I guess I wasn't too surprised when this season started turning out to be pretty good.

Anyway, coming down to the end of this season and I start watching episode 22. I always pay attention to the writer and director at the beginning--if Ben is writing, I know it's gonna be a good episode.

And damn if the writer of the episode isn't: Eric Kripke.

I think my mouth dropped open. He's the original creator of the show who walked away...

I can only guess that he kept watching and liked what was happening so much that he decided to come back for an episode...I think it's actually pretty cool.

Check out the show if you get a chance, but I'd start at season 2.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot Dog: The Movie

I'm scrolling through the titles on Netflix streaming while I wait for a motion tracker to track some footage on GOH. I'm having to do some compositing that I really shouldn't have had to do, but whatever...

and I see Hot Dog: The Movie. An eighties sex comedy I had a recollection of seeing when I was young.

So I think fuck it, let's play it. And I start watching it and...I am back to age fourteen. I distinctly remember watching this late one night at my buddy's house. His dad was dead, and his mom worked late, so we'd always put on HBO or Cinemax or Showtime or The Movie Channel('cause that was all the cable there was...) and watch movies we weren't supposed to.

Horror movies mostly.

But then there was the odd sex comedy like Porky's or Hot Dog: The Movie.

Man, were those good times. We'd fix a pizza, have some soda, and watch taboo shit! We could do whatever we wanted, and--unlike at my house--nobody would set any limits.

Anyway, I haven't seen Hot Dog since seeing it really took me back.

I realized that when I originally saw that film, I had never had sex. You ever think about that? There was a time when you/I hadn't had sex, and probably didn't really understand what it was. I know I certainly didn't. Not like we had the internet back then to show in incredible detail what it was...

Feels weird to remember that time in my life...and as an FYI, David Naughton is in this film...saw this pre-American Werewolf, so I didn't even remember he was in it...also, Shannon Tweed shows some great boobies, and this was clearly pre-landing strip them 80's.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey! Cool!

The flick we did two years ago just hit VOD(Video On Demand) on Verizon Fios, Time Warner, Charter and Brighthouse--you can watch it for $4.99 regular or $5.99 HD. It's called "Bounty", and is a mix of Dog/Cops/horror.

I would not watch the trailer--they cut a new one and threw in some spoilers...

I also watched the HD version of the trailer and it almost seemed like they de-interlaced it or something weird. It looks sort of jerky(the trailer). Hopefully the movie's not like that.

I didn't notice any issues in the regular version of the trailer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plugging Away/Rough Cut

Have a rough rough cut of GOH done. Showed it to Luke so he has an idea of just how much sound work we need doing. Bad news: We really should just loop the whole fucking movie and record foley effects for everything.

Good news: That will make creating an M&E track REALLY easy!

Sorry, sound joke there.

Wanted to go to the M3 festival last weekend. Kix, Slaughter, Warrant, some other hair bands were playing. Used to listen to that shit in college, so it would have been fun.

But the couple whose wedding we attended in Vegas was having their reception here for the family. So that was out. I also got tasked with creating a nifty video slideshow with music to be played there. That included fixing all of their photographer's crappy photos(a TON are out of and removing defects from the face of the bride in many of the pics(minor wrinkles, a birthspot, etc)...

Did that, the reception was fine and I drank too much. People thought the video slideshow was super fabulous, of course. Man, I've become a pro at making wedding video slideshows...just what I always wanted.

Afterward we went to a bar and I got even more drunk. The night got uncomfortable though, as my brother-in-law got a little weepy. Long story I'm not going into, but the more he drank the sadder he got...

No fun there...had a major headache when I woke up.

Am now going through pass 3 on GOH. Writing down the stuff we NEED looped, the foley we NEED, and then my wishlist of better sound.

Also, have been spending a lot of time at the store putting out comics and in general trying to get it ready to shut down in the next few weeks. Big sales starting...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Goin' Ons...

Man, I have this new neighbor...I was hoping it would be an upgrade. You know, over the old neighbor with the ugliest, most annoying dog in the world.

These neighbors have moved in, and hey, they breed dogs. Yappy little things. Pieces of shits.

Worse yet, they fancy themselves handymen/construction people(the neighbors, not the dogs), so they've brought bulldozers and tractors into their yard, and have dug about a foot out of their entire yard in an attempt to level it(so they can put in like 3 giant sheds)...

So now I get to wake up to the sound of BEEPBEEPBEEP of the fuckin' machinery.

And then it turns out one of the neighbors is Mr. Talky. He called me over one time when I got home, and I thought he just wanted to introduce himself. No, he wanted to talk. Forever.

Then yesterday I get home and he comes to the fence. Tells me he knocked my cable wire off my house, 'cause it hangs low across his yard--his backhoe hit it. He put it back, but he wants to hang it higher. He'd just have to take it off my house, blah blah--I said, no, if it's too low(which it really is), I'd have Comcast come out and raise it.

So he talked some more, and I kept walking away, and he kept talking. It got to a point where he actually said, "Well, I know you're trying to get inside, but let me just tell you one more quick thing..."

He KNOWS I want to get away, and he STILL wants to talk...


Anyway, am deep in the 2nd pass on GOH.