Saturday, January 30, 2010


My kid was sick on Thursday--puking and having uncontrollable diahrea. We used every towel in the house. I thought I was free of it when he got better within 24 hours.

Then last night I came home and my wife's sick.

Four hours later, it hit me. Sharp pains in the stomach.

Notable nasty anecdote: Only thing I'd eaten in like 6 hours was some Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. So when I puked, that's what came up. It was very weird puking that up because you got the smell of chocolate while you're heaving.

Which just made me heave more.

I'm getting better now. Still haven't eaten since last night.

Oh, also our furnace broke so our house has been freezing. My dad came over today and tried to fix it--I tried to help, but mostly ended up laying around on the basement floor.

Still not fixed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creative Juices Not Flowing

Life is beating me down. I've been procrastinating working on any of my scripts because I just don't feel it. I don't feel creative at all.

And to top it off our dog is dying. I mentioned it a while back. She's diabetic. We've been giving her two shots a day for about a year, but it's not doing it. The diabetes is eating her alive. She's a 23lb dog that now weighs maybe 8lbs.

No matter how much we feed her she's always hungry, and it's not helping. She didn't seem to be suffering until last night when she had a hard time getting up. Now she's having a difficult time walking up and down the steps outside to go the bathroom.

It's brutal to watch. To see this beautiful dog, not even nine years old, reduced to a weak shell of her former self. I remember when I bought her for the wife--had her flown in from California, and I picked her up at the airport.

And even though I'm a guy whose heart is normally ten sizes too small, and I'm a guy who is not typically an animal lover...this is...hard.

Personally I think we should put her down before it gets worse. But my wife is very reluctant to let her go.

It's just another thing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Here's hoping it's Brett Favre VS Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. I want to see two veterans go at each other.

If it's Drew Brees VS Manning it will still be okay. But for God's sake don't let the Jets get in...please...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Of The Triffids

Watching the new BBC 2-parter "Day of The Triffids" remake.

Loved the original movie when I saw it as a kid years ago. Loved the mini-series that the BBC did back in the 80's. Loved the book.

This looks like a good one too. Featuring Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Jason Priestley, Eddie Izzard, and a couple of other names.

BBC does some good TV, man. If you haven't watched Dead Set and you like zombie movies, check it out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The First ABnME Fav

Today I give you the first Aric Blue and Me Favorite(ABnME Fav). You know how Aric was quoting a lot of Nietsche and stuff in HH?

Well, he(and me) have a lot of favorite quotes. Whenever I read something that I like I'll put it in a file for possible future use.

So here ya go, with the first.

"All good people are weak: they are good because they are not strong enough to be evil."--Comorro

See why that might appeal to Aric?

Monday, January 11, 2010


That's what you other bloggers are. I keep checking my links on the right to blogs I read, and with the exception of the first two, you guys are some slacking muthers.

I mean, I am freakin' prolific compared to you.

Anyway, was many screenplays have I actually written? I'm still not sure, but here's a pretty good list, in rough order. Still missing some, and doesn't include any scripts I haven't finished(of which there are like 30).

These are finished scripts(with the only exception being RFBF, which will be finished soon).

For Someone Else
Lucky Ones
Night Life
Hunting Humans
Sex, Love, Death
Last Good Time
Between The Seconds
Fear of Clowns
Ransom For A Psychopath
Hunting Humans 2
Fear of Clowns 2
Wounded Creature
Red Fish Blue Fish

*Also, watched HOTD. T. West's new flick. Don't want it showing up in searches so I acronym'd it. Won't say much. Just this: People are calling it a throwback 80's movie.

It's not. Sure, there are 80's songs in it and you see a walkman, but this movie is 70's all the way. Well done homage, but doesn't break any ground. But if you like 70's drive-in horror, you'll like.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pro Bowl What?

Can anyone tell me why the hell they would move the Pro Bowl to the week BEFORE Superbowl? (other than ratings?)

I a coach of either Superbowl team, are you going to take the chance of your best guys getting injured in the Pro Bowl the week before the Superbowl?

And for the players...if they don't go to the Pro Bowl then they don't get the sweet paycheck and mini-vacation. Not a big deal for the guys making $5 mil a year, but some of the other guys could probably use the extra cheese.

Dunno...doesn't make any sense to me.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's a New Year

I thought I posted a list on here at the beginning of the year of things I wanted to do in 2009, but I can't find it. Let's just say that I had a list of 10 screenplays that I either wanted to start and/or finish.

Did not get a single one done. Not good.

In my defense, I did work on four of them. Other things I accomplished this year, more to help me feel like I did something than to tell you:

Finished editing my fourth flick.
Held the premiere of the flick.
Wrote a feature screenplay in 11 weeks for one of my lead actors who also produces flicks, and if he gets the cash to shoot it will be my biggest flick by far, budget-wise.
Lost two hard drives and spent substantial time getting information off of them.
Started putting up two giant public blogs about my first two flicks, complete with new pics and video.
Submitted my third flick, FOC2 to Netflix, and Amazon VOD. It will be on Amazon within the next month or so. Still waiting to hear from Netflix.
If I remember more I'll add it to the list.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Added Blu

Was gonna respond to Bagel Boy, but just figured I'd post it here. Amazon's having some big sale at the link below:

Some of their stuff got more expensive, but there's a BUTTLOAD of $7.99 Blu Rays. So I just ordered(from my Amazon confirm email):

Shipping estimate for these items: January 13, 2010

1 "Under Siege [Blu-ray]"
Steven Seagal; Blu-ray; $7.49

1 "Basic Instinct (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]"
Michael Douglas; Blu-ray; $7.99

1 "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [Blu-ray]"
Arnold Schwarzenegger; Blu-ray; $7.49

1 "Dark City (Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]"
Rufus Sewell; Blu-ray; $9.99

1 "Creeping Shadows"
Alan Draven; Paperback; $12.78

1 "Swordfish [Blu-ray]"
John Travolta; Blu-ray; $7.49

My collection grows! (the Creeping Shadows is a book featuring a story from one of my Facebook buddies)

Some of these I wouldn't have bought(or re-bought in the case of Basic Instinct and T3) but for that cheap it's hard to turn down...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Into The Blu

Got a Blu Ray player for Christmas, so I guess I've officially entered the 21st century.

No movies though. (not totally true; my wife, who got me the player, guessed and got me X-men on Blu Ray, but I'd really prefer part 2 over 1, and neither is the first Blu Ray I'd pick if I were picking...but it's the thought that county, right?)

So I got some gift certificates to Best Buy. Went over tonight to see if they had Star Trek, the 3 Disc for anywhere in the neighborhood of Amazon's $19.99. It was $10 more, as were many other Blu Rays.

But for are the first three Blu Rays that I bought:
The Mist 2 Disc: This was on the list of movies to get. I have it on DVD, but I think it's worth the upgrade.
28 Days Later: Good movie I wouldn't typically get but it was only $9.99 on Blur. Couldn't pass it up.
Zack and Miri Make A Porno: I liked this flick, and it has a bunch of extras, and was on sale for $14.99 Blu Ray.

There ya go. The first 3 Blus that I own.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Amazingly windy and cold the past two days. Got to experience two great pieces of it.

First, at my home-away-from home, Burger King. Going in I held onto my hat so it wouldn't blow off.

Coming out I had a soda in one hand and a bag in the other. I figured I could make it to my car okay.

Nope. Wind took my hat off and BLEW that fucker like you wouldn't believe. Wouldn't stop. I'm chasing it across the lot like a madman, and it just keeps going.

I barely caught it before it got to Ritchie Highway--a major highway--and just as I was about give up. I bet it was pretty funny to watch.

Then a couple of hours later I'm in a big shopping center parking lot and I see a shopping cart barreling across the lot at full speed, the wind giving that thing wings.

It got clear across the lot and SLAMMED into a parked car. Couldn't tell from where I was if it did any significant damage, but with how fast it was going I have to believe it did.

I'm tired of the wind now. It can go away, back to Canada.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Old Time Weirdness

Watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci Fi. I always get caught in this thing and always seem to catch an episode I haven't seen before--though I don't know how that's possible...

Anyway, there's a scene where this married couple is in bed--or should I say beds--two single beds.

And I'm wondering how did that work?

You're married, you go upstairs to your two beds but you're feeling amorous...was there another bed for the sex, or did you both cram onto one of those tiny beds for your sexual olympics?

I'm sure no one reading this is old enough to have done it, but if you've got an old grandmother or something...ask her for me. Thanks.