Monday, July 20, 2009

People Should Die

Wow, bad couple of days in general. First, the fluff.

I need the people who go to 7-11 and mix their slurpee flavors to all spontaneously die. Why? First: The new slurpee machines suck balls as it is. They don't mix the flavor with the ice right most of the time.

And every time the machine is used it goes into a defrost cycle immediately, which messes the machine up even more. So these flavor mixers go in, use the machine, and fuck up every flavor so the machine is basically fubar'ed for a half an hour, EVERY FLAVOR.

Which means I can't get a fucking slurpee when I go in. And that makes me irritable.

Next: Been working on a premiere for my new flick. There were two theaters I was eyeing up. Both took their sweet time getting back to me after I contacted them.

The first theater tells me they don't have digital projection capability. Scratch them.

The second theater makes me wait two weeks, then tells me to contact corporate. I contact corporate, who tells me to contact someone else in corporate. I contact them. They say they're going to get back to me with a quote.

The quote is this: For a 475 seat theaters for one showing: $5450

Uh...if they sold out that theater for one showing at their normal ticket price of $10, they would make $4750...and most of that would go to the film company, not the theater.

So how do they get that price? I am speechless. The whole thing is so fucking ridiculous that I just want to go out and shoot random people.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

My kid

goes in his playroom and turns on his CD and will sit in there doing who knows what for hours on end.

Well, I went in and recorded it, so now YOU know what. Here it is:

And you better rate it 5 stars or the autism society will blow your house up.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I watched, on the big screen at an actual movie theater, the 4th film by KK. (that's me)

It's funny how sick and tired I can get of my movies, since I've edited all of them and you get to watch each film about 1000 times, but the second you put one up on the big screen it's got my attention again. I get excited.

I was last minute checking things, since I'm still eyeing up a premiere in the next month or so(if any of the rentable theaters ever get back to me). Nothing too unexpected. There's a lot of rough audio still.

The movie seems slow to me still in the first 25 minutes, but the guy I watched it with--who's never seen any of it--thought it moved very fast. He seemed to like it.

I still think some people are going to come out confused. I mean, you gotta wonder just how dumb you have to skew your movie so enough people get it--I'm always fighting that urge when I write. How much do I have to explain, and how much should I try to let the audience figure out?

Whatever. What I mean to say is, this movie is pure genius. Like all my other stuff. And if you don't get it, you're just not filmically trained.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like I Don't Have Enough To Do

I hate this state. I haven't hidden it. The problems are numerous.

But even more than I hate this state, I hate the people running it. None moreso than our current governor, and his croney Mbusch.

I got semi active on a message board that details the things our crooked gov does on a daily basis--though I'm under an alias on the board.

And last week I decided...why not put my hate toward something good? They have some really horrible anti-gov youtube vids on the site--really amateurish, non-moving pics and text, same music the whole time...

I could do one of these that really nails all the points, because this douche of a gov is up for re-election next year, and it takes a lot to get the retarded Ds in this state to vote against their own kind. (The Rs are no better at this, mind you)

But I'm hoping that the record tax increases coupled with the crazy shenanigans will help remind them--I know the gov shoved the tax increases through early, hoping everyone would forget about them by the time re-election came.

I'm gonna try to make sure that doesn't happen. Who knows what it will lead to?

Monday, July 06, 2009


Don't spread it--not ready to release the poster yet widely, as I'm not sure it's done. Also, just because we're on this page doesn't mean we're in.

Scroll Down And See

Too Busy To Blog

Not really. Just don't have anything I feel like sharing.

Went over Zig's and watched Cannonball Run. Man, does that movie not hold up. All I remember is how much cleavage and kung fu was in that movie, and it really didn't have much at all. And the story and dialogue...

Next night my wife took the kid to the beach with her family. It's like a vacation for me.

I went over Luke's the first night and watched Death Race(it's okay) and The Ruins(which I liked a lot when I first saw it in the theater).

Next night, went back over and we had some dogs on the grill, followed by a double feature of Beastmaster then Jaws. I know, you're trying to figure out which movie is better, right? Close call.

Seriously though, what's astonishing is how much nudity is in Beastmaster--a PG movie. Not PG-13, just PG. And there is a quick boobage shot early, followed by Tanya Roberts boobs(plus her bathing friend) for like 10 seconds.

As cheesy as that movie is, I still love it. I remember first seeing it at the Crofton theater, and waiting for my parents to pick me and my brother and my friend up. We found some sticks and were swordfighting outside like we were all Beastmasters.

Jaws...well, what can you say about it? It's set on July 4th weekend, which was the main reason to watch it again. It's still great, and barely dated.

In other news, submitted the new film to three fests. Still ain't in love with the name. Which is making it very hard to submit screeners and do a one-sheet and a teaser trailer.

Working on the premiere. Hope to do it maybe the first or second week of August.