Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drag Me To Hell, Please

Caught this on Thursday night at midnight. Didn't want to hear any more good reviews.

My fear was this: So many filmmakers lose or find a new sensibility as they get older. The things that interested them as younger filmmakers just don't do it anymore.

It happens. It's happened to me in some respects. The fact that is hasn't happened to Spielberg is something that keeps him great.

What I'm talking about has happened to people like Carpenter. He's just not interested in horror anymore.

So I thought, what if it's happened to Raimi? How disappointing would that be? He's gotten so used to making commercial blockbusters that he's lost that fun kid inside him who likes to do crazy things with the camera while throwing various bodily fluids at his actresses?

Not to fear. Raimi is back.

The movie starts big and just keeps going. There was a couple sitting right next to me. When the disturbing stuff starts happening, I sense the girl getting freaked out. She leaned over and said something to her boyfriend.

A few minutes later they got up and left. I thought, "Weird, going to the bathroom together."

They never came back.

If you like horror movies the way they used to be, check this out. Good stuff.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

T4 Spoiler Free

Mediocre. Casting Bale as Connor was a big mistake.

There's some cool stuff in the flick but I won't spoil it. On the whole though, the flick's probably the worst of the bunch.

So Trek's still your best movie bet out there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back From L.A. - Here's What Happened Day 3

Finally I get up about 1pm and look for Tom. Left him a message, but don't know where he is. I get my stuff organized, and run down to the 7-11 for a sandwich and a Slurpee. I feel like I'm home.

I'm surprised by how much Culver City looks like Florida.

I get back, watch part of a movie(Laid to Rest--why the hell would Lena Headey and Jonathon Schaech sign up to be in this movie for about 90 seconds apiece?), and Tom finally shows up.

He's got a million things to do--not the least is try to get five prescriptions filled because he's doing a car wreck on Monday, and he has to preemptively take anti-bruising drugs, plus get some drugs for a trip to Cambodia where he's shooting another film).

We get his stuff done and take off to meet Jacky at Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks. Jacky looks like she hasn't aged a bit. Same old Jacky, and that's a good thing.

We talk for like four hours, and could go on longer. The conversation ran the gamut from sex to fellatio to cunnilingus to masturbation. There might have been other conversation, but that's just the stuff I remember.

Finally I split--gotta meet Mun. Tom drops me off, and Mun and I hit a strip club.

Except...they don't take off any clothes. They're in lingerie and bikinis. They come by and rub your leg, and sit down and talk to you for a while. It's weird. I had no idea when to tip them, since they weren't taking off their clothes.

Mun gets a lapdance from one, so he ditches me. I convince the "stripper" who comes over to me to play a joke on Mun. He's going to Cambodia to shoot this film with Tom, and he's worried that he'll step on a land mine there and blow off a leg.

I tell this girl(who knows Mun because he's a regular) to tell Mun she had a dream where he only had one leg. That the dream scared her. Sometimes she has dreams that come true.

Mun comes back, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and when I come back Mun is serious-faced. She's doing a pretty good acting job, telling him about this dream she had. I pretend I can't hear.

Mun pulls me in. "Dude, you gotta hear this!" He's all worried now. Freaked out. The stripper leaves about five minutes later, and Mun's still freaked. I finally clue him in. He laughs, but he's part pissed too. He was thinking about ditching the whole trip.

After that club closed we went to a real strip joint. They were totally nude, but they couldn't serve liquor there. I got two sodas and they were $13. And in little tiny glasses.

I didn't leave a tip.

We stayed for a while, and then home to pack and get some sleep.

I Knew Something Was Up

A brief break. My first flick, HH, made a big jump on the imdb movie meter this week.

Turns out, ABC news did a news story on that serial killer. So I guess people are looking up the flick.

You can see the video here:

Printed News Story

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back From L.A. - Here's What Happened Day 2

This is Tom. The missing link.

I woke up twice with a migraine headache. It's weird, I go to sleep to get rid of migraines...

Tom takes me for a late lunch to a diner where everybody knows him. He says we want the waitresses to give us woody's. They say they can do that.

Turns out that's a 2/3 lb hamburger. It's good. I can't finish it.

We head back and I organize my stuff, check the equipment. I decide to try looping the interior car stuff first--he's got a mini-van in the bottom of a parking garage that should be fairly quiet.

It's hot going. We have to keep the windows up so the sound doesn't echo. It takes a while to do each line a few times, and some of it is complicated dialogue. I don't think I'll need all that we do, but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

We don't get all of it done before we head up to cool out and recharge my laptop(which has all the original audio on it that we're playing for him to match).

Mun(the FOC 1&2 D.P.) calls me just then. Wants to know what we're doing. He's bored. I tell him. I say hey, come on over if you wanna watch, but looping is every bit as boring as whatever you're doing now.

He shows up. We decide to go shoot the little video portion that I need while my laptop's recharging battery. Mun booms the mic for me. (And I didn't mention how much fun we had trying to match Tom's hair color and beard length to what it was)

Mun hangs around for over an hour, but finally takes off. Tom and I manage to get the rest of the looping complete by 3:30am Pacific. He's been up since 6am. We have to shoot on the roof(which entailed him shouting at 2am from the roof of an apartment building).

Lotta fun.

I have a hard time sleeping. I think about popping an ambien, but I think--"Three days in a row is too much". I just lay there for over an hour until I fall asleep.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back From L.A.--Here's What Happened Day 1

Got to LA around noon. Flight was about 5.5 hours. Tom sends an attractive Romanian girl to pick me up. He's at the gym(bulking up for some role, I find out later). He goes to the gym three times a day now.

We didn't get any real work done. I showed him some footage, caught up on what was going on, got situated.

Tom is, as normal, in the middle of 500 things. He's on the phone constantly.

But my composer Chad had invited me to the Arclight Sherman Oaks to see Star Trek, since he had worked on it. So Tom tells me to take the landrover and the Tom Tom GPS, and have fun.

I head out. I do not know my way around L.A., and the Tom Tom doesn't help a lot. First off, it talks in yards. It's like, "In 800 yards turn right".

I'm thinking, "Okay, 800 yards is like 2400 feet--what is that in miles? Is that a mile? A half mile?"

And it doesn't tell you what exit like my Garmen does. My Garmen would tell you exit 64A.

Anyway, I manage to find the theater. It's in a big complex called The Galleria. Chad and like eight people are at a table waiting for me. I'm introduced to them and surprised to find the composer of the film is there too. I figured he'd have seen the movie 100 times and wouldn't want to see the movie any more. (You can google him--his name is Michael, and I don't want search engines leading here)

They're all drunk and having a good time. The theater is nice. You can buy drinks, food, whatever. And seating is assigned. We walked in and the previews were already showing, but we got great seats because they were ours.


I liked the movie a lot. The crowd was pretty rowdy. A lot of clapping and laughing. The movie is 130 minutes of action, with a lot of clever nods to the original Trek.

I also find out Chad is getting married in two months.

Afterward I say goodbye, and head back to where I'm staying--one of Tom's apartments. I'm exhausted. I got up early, then flew across country, and now it's 7am my time(remember, LA time)--so I'm beat.

But I can't sleep. Too much to do the next day. So I take an ambien. I'm out.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fighting Ambien

I've taken an Ambien and things are going whoozy. I have to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow(anothre ambien), and try to get stuff done in between before I leave for LA on Thursday.

Talked to Chad--composer on FOC1 and 2. I hadn't asked him about working on the new movie because I don't really have anything worth his time moneywise. But now that the other guy who was supposed to do the sound design has kind of blown me off, I called Chad.

He seems willing to do it. Had some good ideas. I mention that I'm gonna be in town on Thursday and that I was gonna try to see a midnight Star Trek. Chad says that's crazy--he and some of his other crew, who all worked on the movie are going to the Arclight theater to watch it, and he's got an extra ticket. Did I want it?

I was like--hell yeah. Here's the theater:

So okay. I can barely keep my head together. I'm going to sleep.