Monday, February 23, 2009

Goings On, A Summary

I dunno. Just not feeling inclined to blog lately.

See, there's tons of shit I don't put in here. On the one hand, half of reason I do this blog is because it now takes the place of my autobiography in that it documents the goings-on in my life.

On the other hand, there's a lot of shit I don't put down here because it's too personal for the interwebs. I mean, you should SEE some of the crazy shit in my autobiography. There's a reason it's encrypted and password locked.

Anyway, went over Zig's the other night to watch some bizarre stuff. My car got towed. What a fuckin' racket that is. Went to get my car at 1:30am and they only take cash, and it's $150. Luckily, Stewie lent me the money. I only have charge cards.

Still working out the kinks in the new flick. Trying to get a temporary "score" so I can submit to a few small festivals, but my guy is slacking.

Am watching something called "Meerkat Manor", available for instant streaming through my Xbox. Dunno what to make of it. It's interesting, and each episode is like 19 minutes long, so it's good background noise while I'm doing stuff.

Caught the Oscars. How boring. Never have they been so predictable. My mom and I have played the Pick-the-Oscars game for like 15 years, and this is the first year we tied. We each only got five wrong.

And am writing four scripts. Some in the early stages, some midway. Don't know if they're any good yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

High Class

Had an idea for a movie a couple of months ago. I let them percolate for a while before I typically get to work on them. I put down about four pages of notes over the last month, and just started it tonight.

And the first line of dialogue?

So you're telling me that you get
head regularly?

That's how you know this is gonna be a high-class script, yessiree.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's funny how many cool ideas I have for blogs when I'm driving on the road, and then I forget when I sit down here.

Anyway, the new flick is near a completed form. Most of the audio glitches are cleaned up. The movie with no credits looks to be somewhere around 80 minutes long. Short, but hopefully that will ensure nobody leaves. ("Wow, this sucks, but at least it's short!")

Overnight we had some sort of massive windstorm. Blew open our storm door and scared the dogs to death.

And did you see that freak J. Phoenix on Letterman? Wtf?

Here's a link to most of it:

Some people are saying it was fake, but I watched that live, and I don't believe it.

Took the woman to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. It's kinda fun. The 3D is cool and the movie isn't bad. Some cool gore. I would like to know why, in your 3D movie, you have a naked girl running around and you hire a B-cup chick. Dude, I wanna see some EE's bouncing in my face 3D-style.

Missed opportunity, you know?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009