Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Man...there was a time when making movies was fun. It was fresh. I knew a bunch of people who loved making movies, making shorts, just fucking around with cameras and acting, and making stuff.

Most of those people, well, I just don't know them anymore. They moved away, or they started a family and got a job, and they just don't have time anymore.

And I made a movie that got distribution. Then I made another movie that got a LOT of distribution, and everybody assumed I made bank on it. A totally incorrect assumption. I did okay for what we spent on the flick, but we spent peanuts on it. The deal was that I got an okay amount of money AND got distributed by a big label. The deal was NOT that I got distributed by a big label AND got a boatload of money.

But everyone that hears I'm gearing up for something assumes I have money for every position, from P.A. to extra to fluffer. (Okay, I might have money for a fluffer)

It's a battle on this next flick because we are shooting it cheap. I can't afford to pay everyone.

More problems: Found a great actor for one of the main parts, but it turns out he's SAG. He got SAG to send me a booklet with the ultra-low contract, but it's still crap. One clause in the 4 page contract says that concurrent with signing the 4-page contract, you're signing the longer contract also(which is 123 pages). I can't possibly sign it--it gives a lot of control of the movie to SAG--for just one actor.

Another problem: Can't find an excellent black actor. Sent out sides to about 30 people who had submitted headshots, and only one returned a dvd audition. He was okay. Nobody local has been any good at all for that part.

Locations: Where do I start? Who wants to let me come by their house/apartment and shoot some fake guns in the dead of night for no money? Sweet, I'm on my way.

Props/Vehicles: Gotta put all these together, and it's extensive. With a lot of money it's no problem. I don't have a lot of money.

My production manager is on another job and won't be back for a couple more weeks. We start shooting in about 5 weeks.

Pressure is building.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's, like, the return of every hair band from the 80's! It's great.

I already told you about Def Lepard's really great CD. Motley Crue's new CD is decent, as is Alice Cooper's "I'm a crazy serial killer" album.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that Extreme had gotten back together. A crazy thing, because there was a TV show on VH1 briefly that got old bands back together for one show, and the only band who wouldn't do it ended up being Extreme.

So I didn't think they'd ever patch things up. But I guess they did, because they're all back here.

I'd forgotten to go out and pick it up, so I checked on Amazon. And there's this new service where you can just buy the .mp3s right away. You have to install Amazon's download program, which is tiny and non-intrusive like some other sucky programs I could mention but won't. (I'm looking at you Itunes)

And after you download the songs, they are .mp3s. Period. No protection. Burn them at will. You paid for them, you get to do what you want. The way it should be. Unlike some other sucky programs I could mention but won't. (Still looking at you, Itunes)

Anyway, am listening to the songs now. Will update ya later, but so far it's pretty good. I'm not sure they'll ever recapture what they did in "3 Sides To Every Story", which you should really get--it's a phenomenal concept album with so many different sounds(a lot of orchestral stuff with the rock) that it's amazing that it was ever released.

It's cheap--go pick it up used. Anyway, back into my hole, trying to cast people.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tired of the Olympics

Women's Beach Volleyball being the exception.

And is it me, or do they do swimming for 8 hours each night? BOOOOOOOR-RING.

Recent dvd watching: Brutal Massacre: A Comedy(Very funny, because I've lived this movie three times), Otis(It was okay...had a decent twist, and it's always funny watching Daniel Stern being Daniel Stern), and I just finished season 1 of The Wire and am 4 episodes into the 2nd season. It's okay, but I still don't know what the hype's about.


Posted this a couple of days ago, but as a draft, and forget to publish it. And no, it wasn't worth the wait for you. :)


Working hard at casting and location stuff. Breaking my shooting script into a shot list.

Took time out to attend a preview screening of "Mirrors". About 30 minutes away, but I needed a break so I went. We got there, and find out the screening is canceled due to the film breaking.

I know this is B.S., because a "film breaking" is easy to fix with tape. Splice it back together. I talk to my buddy who runs these preview screenings and he tells me that's the official story. The real story is that apparently this movie is so bad that they didn't want any more bad word of mouth on the internet, so they canceled all of the final showings of the flick.

Wow. Scratch that off the list to see.

Went to H o r r o r...F i n d weekend convention today for a while. It's gotten pretty lame. I definitely don't like this hotel near as much as either other hotel it's been held in over the years. It appears VERY under-attended, but the guest list wasn't very impressive.

Other than that, it's busy in preproduction land...(and kinda boring for blogs, if you know what I mean and I think you do)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Post 9,123,932 on how this country is stupid

Ok...I know. I've beaten this into the ground. This country is full of idiots. I think we can all agree, even the idiots.

But this...I read in Entertainment Weekly that The Dark Knight was ranked as the #1 best movie of all time on imdb. I thought...nah, can't be.

It is.

Listen...WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Heath Ledger was good. There was some decent parts to the movie. But...

It's WAAAAY too long. The 2-Face portion is crammed in. The fight scenes are pretty laughable. Batman falls 30 stories with a woman and they hit a car and they're okay. Batman's partially retarded. (the motorcycle thing where he skids and knocks himself other explanation). It's way beyond wishful thinking to think nobody on either boat would have turned that key.

There's a lot of garbage in this movie. It's not even top 10, much less #1. So, in order to combat the idiots, it is your duty to go to imdb RIGHT NOW and rate is a 1 out of 10. No, even if you don't think it was that bad. (Personally I'd give it a 6...but my duty called, so I made it a 1)

Go. Do it for your country. NOW...