Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Die Pretty

Ok, so I didn't weigh in on the whole Heath Ledger thing. Yeah, it's a big tragedy and all. I think he was a good actor and he seemed like a nice enough guy from what I've heard.

So it's horrible, yeah?

On the other hand...you know, he will always be remembered as that good looking fellow from (name that movie). When you see him in a film he will always look good.

He could have aged, gotten pretty out of shape, and then just made a fool of himself in general. (see: Jeff Conaway, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, etc)

I mean, I do believe I'd rather go out at the top of my game than after the fact.

Isn't it weird, the occasions I pick to look at the bright side?

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yeah, I could comment on Heath, but what am I gonna say that no one else has said? If it was suicide, he was a douche. If it was accidental, well, then it's a tragedy. But hey, I liked him in just about everything he was in. (no, didn't see Brokeback--just can't muster up the enthusiasm to watch gay cowboys)

Anyway, been working on trimming FOC2. I've had my eye on 99 minutes for quite some time.

The flick on the limited is like 104 minutes. You wouldn't think 5 minutes is that hard to trim, but it is.

I was down to 100 minutes, and struggling with the final 30 seconds. In the end I just decided to speed up the end credits by like 12%. Ta Da, 99 minutes.

Kind of a cheat, since I'm looking to make the movie move faster in places, and that doesn't help since the movie's over at that point.

I have to fix a few things, but I'm dangerously close to finally being DONE done on the film.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Worst Part of Making A Movie

There's lot of crappy things about making no-budget flicks, but this has to be up near the top.

So...you're making your movie. You get money from investors(or in the case of FOC2, use all of your own money) and you pay the crew for their time. You pay the main cast for their time.

You make the movie.

Time passes. You hold a premiere for the film, that YOU pay for, taking you further into debt. The cast and crew all wanna know how many free tickets they're gonna get. Fine. You give them each one.

Many of the cast/crew wanna know if you can make them copies of their scenes for their reel. This would be a full time job if I did it for everyone who asked. Most of them I ignore.

Then you make a limited edition dvd--taking you further into that blackness of debt. The cast and crew email to find out when they can get their free copy.

See how it works? It's like you owe these people until you die. And these are people you actually paid to work on your film!(and I'm not talking chump change...some of them made up to $1000 a week)

I'm not talking about those who worked for free on the film--those people I treat very well. They took time out of their lives to work on the film for nothing but meals, and I feel like I definitely owe them. I gave each of them two free tickets to the premiere, and will definitely get them a copy of the finished film.

But the people I paid? I don't think any of them read this, so I feel okay in saying, come on! Get some perspective. You're sucking me dry...

On the Netflix list:
Just finished "Don't Look Now", a very bizarre Italian(I think) flick that I'd heard was scary, but it's just kinda...not.
Payback: Director's Cut and The Fountain, both HD versions

Monday, January 14, 2008


I got an email telling me my 20th High School Reunion is coming up. I've never attended any of them. I'm thinking about it this time.

Is it odd that I don't really want to take my wife though? She thinks so.

To me it's part concern for me, part concern for her. Because:

1) I know I wouldn't want to go to her reunion. Let's see, sit around all night watching her chat with people I don't know and probably won't like. Sounds like fun! So why would I want to make her do that?

2) If I do see old friends(of which I didn't have many in high school--see: loner), I'll be self conscious of my wife having to sit and listen to old stories, like, how bored is she?

So I dunno.


Another death. My ex-best friend(long story)'s grandfather. We called him Pops. He had a lawn-mowing business with riding mowers, and we used to help him mow lawns. We got paid ridiculous amounts of money(like $20 an hour--this was in 1982 and I was 12 years old), and we got to drive around, years before we were legally allowed to drive. What's not to love?

Also, he had a big truck he'd collect trash or leaves or whantot in, and he let us ride around in back. We used to cause all sorts of mischief back there. Great fun.

He was super friendly, always joking. He used to call me the Quarter Pounder kid, because I would always want to eat at McDonald's, and I'd always get the Quarter Pounder. (This was before McDonald's sucked like it does now).

The last time I saw him was about three years ago--I stopped down at Christmas. He wasn't doing too well--had been a recovering alcoholic about 30 years sober, but that liquor had taken a toll on his body. He was still friendly, but a little cranky like old people can get.

My mom got the news and passed it on to me that he'd died. I went to the viewing for his wife about eight years back, though I never look at them in the coffin.

That's another thing I don't understand; looking at dead people you know. I don't mind looking at dead people. I do it all the time on the internet. But I like to remember the people I know for the memory in my head. Why would I want the last memory of them that I have to be of the plastic-y shell of them in a coffin surrounded by weepy people?


Hey, it's not all bleak. I found a new song that positively ROCKS. This is a remix--which would piss me off if I was the band, because it's SO much better than the regular version. I don't even like the regular version. Check it out.

Again, it won't be up long because it's not exactly legal for me to post these things ya know.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Call Me Uncaring

But if California needs to fall into the ocean for me to have these temperatures all winter long, well, so be it.

Next on my watching list: Girl Next Door, White Noise(HD), Wendigo

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Went Out

To a bar tonight and saw some of the members of Laughin Colors play--and co-blogger Freakmagnet came by to say hi to me and the wife. I told her I'd get her some Modern Talking songs to check out--here's 3, plus a new Collective Soul. (the best MT song is You Can Win If You Want).

If you don't like these three MD songs, you won't like any of them. Listen to them a couple of times each, and if you're not singing to yourself afterward, you're beyond hope. The Collective Soul song is "All that I know", and it's one of those cool toe-tappers they're known for.

Hurry and get 'em--I'll be taking them down shortly.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking Back

New Year's Eve. I do not have a good history on New Year's Eve. They have always been drunken blurs and bad decisions.

Now that I have a kid, they've pretty much just been dull.

I decided to do that look-back thing at 2007. What did I get done?

I finished FOC2 and the dvd extras. I wrote what I consider the best screenplay I've ever written(WC), and in total wrote...gotta go count...about 260 total screenplay pages. Not great in total.

But in that, I finished a script I'd been working on for four years, began a pretty interesting docu-horror, began the most personal screenplay I've ever done, and began another three scripts. So I have seven screenplays I'm currently working on at the same time.

Some people might consider that weird. It's always been the case for me. If I get stuck on one, I let my subconscious go to work as I head to the next screenplay. I'm constantly rotating through the bunch, adding a page here, a page there. Some of the screenplays have outlines, others are just do-it-as-I-go.

Overall I want to up my input in 2008. I'd like to shoot another flick, but that's up in the air until I see what the distrib situation on FOC2 is. So maybe complete four of the seven screenplays and actually shoot one of them--that would be a nice year. And maybe let someone else edit it--at least the first pass--so maybe I can take a fresher perspective on it.

Another year coming--they go faster all the time, don't they?