Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the spirit of the 30th anniversary...

Some things really crack me up. I don't know who has the time to do these things, but my hat's off to them...

Vader's A Smartass

Vader Sessions

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Heroes. Not so great finale. Little predictable, little cop out-ish, and I'd bet money no one actually died, despite how they tried to make it look. The only bright spot was the last two minutes, which sets up a whole new storyline, but based on how they finished off what they set up in year one, I'm not all that excited.

Lost. Two words. 1) Holy 2)Shit

Now THAT'S how you do a finale. I forgive them for their missteps in season 2. Those who stopped watching...man, you dropped too early. Can't wait for season 4.

The Shield is building very nicely to the end, and I have Jericho's last three episodes on my Tivo--no rush now that the idiot network canceled it, but I was very much enjoying it.

But as always, I look forward to the summer where I'm not slave to the TV.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Desperate Housewives, My Neighborhood Edition

Big surprise--I don't really pay any attention to my neighborhood. The neighbors on my left are: Dennis and wife: Dennis is a friendly guy I speak to on occasion. You know, "How's it going? Hot as shit, right?" The wife, well, she's a cold fish. Doesn't smile, doesn't say hi. Seems a bit stuck up. I mean, how can she be stuck up when I'm clearly her superior?

The other night I'm in the bathroom about to shave and I hear SCREAMING next door, from the Dennis side of my house. Of course I go quiet and listen. Dennis' wife is screaming at him about how she's HAD IT! she's SICK of his drinking all the time! she comes home from working all day and he's DRUNK, and NO, she's NOT going to keep quiet! WHO is he afraid is going to hear?!?

Naturally I get my wife and tell her to come here and listen. It goes on for a couple of more minutes, but it became a pretty tedious refrain of "You drink too much" and "I've had enough". If I had to put up with her I'd be drunk most of the day too...

On the other side of my house is...well, I don't know their names. They're fat friendly guy dad, fat friendly wife, and super annoying talky daughter Britney. Then they added the most godawful ugly dog that barks CONSTANTLY, and which has made me reconsider my days as pet assassin.

So...I guess my wife talks to the neighbors more than I do. Not hard to do.

She comes up to me the other day and says--with that wonderful tone that people like to get when they've got juicy gossip to spread--that she talked to the neighbor woman TWO doors up, and it turns out that fat friendly wife took the daughter and moved out. She apparently was having an affair with another man, and has now left fat friendly guy dad for good.

And now fat friendly guy dad has to get renamed super depressed but trying to put on a happy face dad. He comes home with take-out food every night of the week, but not much of a smile. Me, in a show of incredibly empathy, can only wonder why the fat friendly wife couldn't have also taken super-barky dog when she left.

Anyway, I had no idea my neighborhood was so scandalous...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lost Boys 2

So I hear they're going ahead with the sequel to The Lost Boys, which is one of my all-time favorite flicks. It's gonna be called Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and I think it's gonna deal with surfer vampires or something. No joke.

And I just...come on. I hear it's gonna be released direct to video. Seriously? That's the best they can do for this sequel?

I mean, like 15 years ago I read(and probably still have it somewhere) the actual script for what they were planning to do as Lost Boys 2(it was called Lost Girls). It featured the Frogs and Corey Haim's character, but didn't have Jason Patric in it(he was apparently moving on to other stuff)

And it wasn't very good. But compared to "The Tribe", it sounds like Oscar material.

Disappointing. Remakes are one thing--I've never had a remake tarnish an original. But a sequel? I can honestly say that the Episode sequels have turned me away from being a Star Wars fan, and Tremors 3 and 4 have negatively impacted the Tremors franchise.

So I dunno. It appears the film is going to get made, so I can't even hope it doesn't. I guess I just hope it doesn't suck as much as it sounds like it's going to.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Ramble

So this weekend was spent at the in-laws beach house(well, it's what they call their beach house, though it's not actual AT the beach...but it IS close to it...) and there's a few things to mention.

They got the new Comcast digital service there and something I noticed right away was that channel 166 is Fearnet.com. Something I'd heard of but not realized you could get it in this area(the house is in Delaware, not Maryland) and they had a bunch of cool stuff for free.

John Carpenter month--and I saw a flick on the list that I hadn't seen before: Eyes of Laura Mars. I thought: "I've seen all the Carpenter flicks, haven't I?" Turns out it was directed by Irvin "Empire Strikes Back" Kirshner, but Carpenter gets credit for the story and co-writing the screenplay.

So I played the flick. And isn't it funny to see an old movie you've never seen and witness some well-known actors in roles you've never seen them in. Faye Dunaway. Brad Dourif. Tommy Lee Jones. Rene Auberjonois(spellcheck me--it's that guy from Benson and ST: Deep Space Nine) and also Raul Julia--credited as R.J. in the credits.

The flick starts--Faye Dunaway is Laura. A famous photographer. She has a show at a gallery and meets a handsome man who, not knowing she's the photographer, belittles her work. He's a little creepy but kinda hunky.

Maybe you can see where I'm going with this. I've never seen the movie, so it couldn't have been my subconscious swiping stuff(like sometimes happens). But this is the exact setup in FOC--except my creepy guy knows she's the artist and is just doing it to break the ice and meet her.

Anyway, the movie on the whole was okay. The ending was a little goofy, but it had some cool moments and was directed well. It could be a case of "seen that", so perhaps it was better when it first came out and was more original.

Either way, Fearnet was very cool--all of the movies on the channel were no charge, so this is definitely a channel I wish we got.

Sunday morning we discovered HBO On Demand. We hadn't seen "The Break-Up" with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, but my question is this: How the hell did they get that cast?

I mean...it's like they said: "Hey, let's get a well-known actor in EVERY role, I don't care how small!". Case in point: Joey Lauren Adams plays a girlfriend. Cole Hauser and Vincent D'onofrio play Vaughn's brothers--and let's face it, D'onofrio is on screen for maybe five minutes TOPS. This guy is SO much better than that.

Not done: Jason Bateman plays a friend/real estate agent(but he's done this kind of small moonlighting work; see "Smokin' Aces"), Judy Davis plays Aniston's boss, Justin Long plays the gay secretary, Ann Margret plays--hell, I don't remember who she played.

All I can say is, they all owed Vaughn a favor, or the casting director's got incredible connections...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


  • Spidey 3 - Bit of a let down. They tried to put way too much into it and ended up with a lot of stuff that had great potential but that's it. Bruce Campbell was great though.
  • Finished inserting the looping from LA--seems to work okay. Now I await the music so I can see how it all mixes in.
  • Got a weird idea--may do something with it. I know, could I vague it up some more?
  • Still working the shooting script for Wounded Creature. Still not sure I can do it--the location is SUCH a problem. I don't want to compromise and use locations I have access to--I really want to do it just the way I see it in my head.
  • HH had some weird boost on the moviemeter for imdbpro last week. No idea why. It was hovering around 50,000 and all of a sudden it jumped higher than FOC--which it has NEVER done and landed around 11,000. Somebody showing it on TV that I don't know about?
  • I'm going to the beach for my wife's b-day this weekend(we have to celebrate it a week early so we can get the babysitter)--I'd love to relax, but that never happens.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

Weight Weight

I was a little worried about my weight when I went to L.A.

I was 193.5 when I left. That night I had a McDonald's fish sandwich. The next day I had a giant platter of fried fish, and then some chicken fingers later on that night. I wasn't eating a lot of small meals like I should have been.

Next day was more chicken fingers, then that night some vodka drinks and some fried mozzarella cheese.

When I got back I felt like I weighed 500 pounds. The morning I got home I weighed myself to discover I was 197. I went to sleep for 10 hours--woke up and I was 195. I figured--not bad, I basically gained 1.5 pounds in L.A. --I promptly went and got a giant grape snowball, figuring it would be my last cheat before I went back to the diet.

So the next day I went back on the diet--not hard core or anything. Still had chicken nuggets that night. The next day I weighed 193. Then today I weighed 191.5

No idea why the weight is suddenly falling off--but I won't complain. I'm less than 12 pounds away from my target weight of 180. I'm going to totally fit into that tux for the premiere of FOC2...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick recap

I'm back from the L.A. trip. It wasn't too exciting overall, so I'll make it quick.

Got in Friday night and we figured we'd dive right into the looping. I set up the equipment and we tried, but it was SO noisy in her apartment complex that we couldn't do it. We figured we'd try the following night.

Night 1 on the couch with not much sleep.

Day 2 Jacky and Mun were going to go on a hike. I figured, what the hell? It was going to go very near the Hollywood sign, so...
Pretty much my view for the entire hike.

The trail was VERY steep--not so bad if you're doing the leisurely-walk, but Jacky was walking briskly. I haven't done exercise in like 2 years, and have been eating around 1400 calories a day. So I was having a hard time keeping up. I'd say we walked about 2 miles, but much of it was at a 30 degree incline.

Afterward we ate some chicken and went back to Jacky's to try the looping. No go, too much noise. Jacky had to work, so Mun and I went to a local pool hall/bar and shot pool. (Me so sorry, Mun! 6-2 baby!) Had vodka, but didn't help my night of sleep on the couch.Jacky at Mel's Diner

Sunday: Jacky and I went to Mel's Diner for lunch. They shot American Grafitti there. Okay food. She drove me around, showed me where Aaron Spelling lived, the Playboy mansion. A few other sights. Sunday night we again did the looping. Not sure if I'm going to be able to eliminate the noise or not. It was almost comical how every time I hit the record button that was the exact instant the birds would chirp, or someone would start hammering, or a party would start, or someone would turn on a stereo, or a dog would bark. Insanely frustrating.

Chad, the composer for FOC stopped by--I had never met him in person, so that was very cool. He even showed us some stuff about how the "Lost" score is created. Even showed us a brief clip to an upcoming episode(top secret!).

Not much sleep on night 3 either.

The Paramount Lot

Monday. Plane was set to leave at 10:30pm, so Mun got us passes to go on the Paramount lot where he works on "My Boys", a TBS series. Cool place. We went inside and watched them running through some takes. Lot of crew. Lot of equipment. (insert wistful sigh here...)

There was a giant backdrop of a sky that was as large as the drive-in screen at Bengie's. Mun said it was for some new Samuel Jackson flick...

Met up at The Coffee Bean with Oscar-nominated Josh. He used to be just Josh, but the Oscar changes people...
Me and Josh(or Josh and I, if it matters to you)

But seriously, he had some great stories. He moves in much bigger circles than we mortal folk. Perhaps some day...

An interesting anecdote is that the Coffee Bean we were at is across from the DGA(Director's Guild of America).


Mun took me to a mall in Century City and pointed out the Nakitomi building(Die Hard). We ate dinner at Fuddruckers--love those burgers, and then he dropped me at the airport where I had my only star sighting(if you can call it that).

I was at the boarding gate for my plane and the plane arrived and let off some passengers, two of which were Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito. Not too exciting. Then, the red eye flight.

Anyway, am back home. Will be busy checking the audio over the next couple of days. If you haven't seen the new poster created by EA of FOC, go check out www.myspace.com/kangaskahnfilms

It's pretty cool.