Friday, March 30, 2007

Drive In: What Happened...

So. My parents and brother showed up and we took off for the Drive In. I had printed out my blog for them to read, and we all had a good laugh. It's always funny to see what you remember versus what your relatives do.

After driving the almost half hour we got there. It was weird. There was no line in.

Also, there was no one at the little booth to examine my invitation and check my ID. And when we pulled around the road up to the drive-in screen there was only four cars there.

"Not a lot of people for a free show," my dad said. So I examined the invitation and noticed that the show was scheduled for LAST Thursday.

Here's what must have happened: They sent me the invite in the email on Wednesday for the show the next night. On Wednesdays I'm typically pretty out of it, 'cause I don't get a lot of sleep.

So the fact that I got the invite on Wednesday coupled with the fact that you needed to respond them to be confirmed that you could come must have led me to believe it was not the next day but the following Thursday. I didn't even check the calendar.

I was pretty bummed, but we had gotten there early enough that we headed to a close theater and I paid for everyone's ticket to make it up to them. We watched The Shooter, which was okay.

It wasn't the Drive-In experience though. I told them we'd have to do it again some other time when they next got a movie we all wanted to see. Who knows, that will probably be in ten years.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Drive Ins

Once upon a time my family was different than now. It was my dad, my mom, me and my older brother. For eleven years, that was our family. I have sporadic memories of moving from our neighborhood to a new house, and then the memories become a little clearer.

Regardless, when I was eleven my parents decided--for some unknown reason--to have another kid. My younger brother was born, and a little more than a year later my mom got pregnant again, and my twin sisters joined the crowd.

I got a semi-private invite to see a movie tomorrow at the only-remaining drive-in theater near me(it's like 25 minutes away, so it's not right around the corner). I've only seen one movie there in the past fifteen years.

But I have great drive-in memories from my early years. I saw Jason and The Argonauts on a drive-in screen. Sinbad and the Eye of The Tiger. The Empire Strikes Back. Giant Spider Invasion. Slithis.

My mom would pop some popcorn, throw it in a brown grocery bag, and off we'd go. We'd get there early and sometimes go over to the little playground.

The movie would start, and frequently my brother and I would climb on top of the station wagon in pajamas and make a little bed from a sleeping bag or blankets, and some pillows. We'd lay on the roof and watch the movie in rapt attention.

But there were times we'd watch from the back seat of the car. And there was a couple of times we were only supposed to watch the first show and then go to sleep, because the second movie was rated R.

We'd act like we were asleep, but then we'd watch what we could from half-closed eyes.

Back to now. I asked my parents and my brother to go to the drive-in with me. I figure it would be the original [insert last name here] reunion.

So we're going tonight, and I think it's pretty cool. I'm even gonna take a camera, because I don't have any pictures of me as a kid at the drive-in, and who knows how much longer they'll be around?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Violence And Dreams

So this past week I have been feeling alternatingly(is that a word?) angry, tired, depressed, and violent. I don't know exactly why. Maybe I do.

I still work once a week in the store I own. This past Wednesday I had a mini-meltdown. I had an idiot come in the store and I said something to him that I would never in a million years say to a customer(and I use that definition very loosely). It was extremely rude--I think subconsciously I was hoping he'd start a fight or something.

But he just went away--and the next couple of minutes I laughed kind of crazy to myself. I really felt like I was losing my mind.

Regardless, I had a dream two nights ago that I lived with Dexter. Yes, Dexter of Showtime's series that seems an awful lot like my first flick HH. But anyway, I lived with him. He knew that I knew he killed people, but he also knew that I didn't care.

In the dream I was really starting to go bald. It alarmed me. I've been told for the past 15 years that wearing a baseball cap every day(which I do) will cause baldness, but it hasn't happened yet.

But the other day I caught a glimpse in the FOC2 Making Of of the top of my head, and it looks like there's a small bald spot; yeah, barely noticeable, but it's there. So here I am now having dreams about REALLY going bald.


Monday, March 19, 2007

It is DONE

"Wounded Creature", first draft, is done.

It's really short(70 pages, creatively spaced) so I'm debating whether to flesh out something, or just leave it as is because the way I picture it unfolding, along with the way I prefer to edit, would probably have it clocking in at 80 minutes without credits.

So after credits it would be a perfectly acceptable 85 minutes or so, pretty sleek like HH. So if you hate it, at least I get points for not wasting too much of your time...

I'm going to move on to something else for a week, then come back and take another look--make sure everything adds up right. I'm pretty excited about it--it's a little bit of a risk financially, since it's not what you'd call distributor bait(see: FOC).

On to finish the first trailer for FOC2--will post a link when I finish it to see what you think.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love That Movie

You ever flick through channels on your television set and see a movie that actually makes you go pull it off your dvd rack to watch? Like, yeah, you've seen it 300 times but you still want to watch it, and not the watered-down TNT version?

There's a couple of these flicks on my list. Movies I'll watch if I find them on, no matter how many times I've seen them.

This week was Tremors. I mean, I LOVE that movie. Easily one of my top-ten favorite flicks of all time. (Two others: Aliens and Carpenter's The Thing)

Had to throw it in the dvd player--never realized that it's a pretty shitty transfer. It claims it's the "Collector's Edition" and whatnot, but this is one of those few times I hope they put out a new dvd with a better transfer; I'll buy it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Too Good To Be True 2

Anyway, when you're stuck in a basement for hours on end over months...well, you tend to gain weight. No exercise, coupled with my weird bear-like eating habits(eat once or twice a day, big meals)...I stepped on the scale a while back and was shocked to see I weighed 230 pounds.

My previous high was 220 in college. I mean, I've always been chunky/stocky. I didn't think I had gotten THAT heavy though.

So I had to contemplate a diet. Most of them have never worked great--my schedule has me eating out all the time, so it's impossible to eat right.

Ocho--who's on here sometimes--had lost a bunch of weight on his diet, so I asked him about it. He said he lost like 50 pounds in 3 months. The thing that sold me was: No exercise.

I know--it sounds too good to be true, right? But I knew he wasn't lying. Unless you count typing as exercise, he doesn't do it.

The diet is a shake diet. You buy this powder, you add it to water, and you drink it 5-10 times a day. That's it. That's the diet. Don't eat any solid foods. Take vitamins.

I wasn't sure if I could hack it--truth to tell, I couldn't. I started cheating right away, but with okay stuff like granola bars and vegetables.

Starting weight: 228

I didn't mention it on here, because if I said I was on a diet and then I bailed on it, what kind of pussy would I look like? :)

But I'm here to tell you...this diet is for real. I have lost 23 pounds in four weeks, and I have badly cheated a number of times. I've had two slurpees. I've eaten out at a nice restaurant. I've gone to the movies twice and eaten a greasy bucket of popcorn both times. I frequently grab a five-piece chicken nugget pack from Wendy's for $.99

And the weight keeps disappearing anyway. Sure, last week it was only about 4 pounds. But I'm not killing myself on this diet. I can keep on it indefinitely. I think the trick will be to figure out what I can eat to maintain a weight, so when I get to the ideal weight I can simply start eating that.

If you're interested, the web site is and click on the SHAKES link--I recommend lactose-free chocolate. It actually tastes good.

I won't kid you--the first two days are tough. I was starving. But after that it became remarkably easy, and if I really got hungry I would eat a can of green beans or a can of chicken noodle soup. A small cheat, but the weight kept dropping.

I'm going to keep going to 190 I think. It's been a long time since I was under 200...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Too Good To Be True 1

You know, I've always subscribed to the idea that if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

I've now found not one but two instances where this is not true.

Case 1: I've had a bad back for about fifteen years. I woke up and my back would hurt. I couldn't even do sit ups because of how bad my back hurt. My doctor told me to lose weight(and I was only about 20 pounds overweight at the time). I went to a chiropractor for six months--it felt good while I was there, but never fixed anything.

A couple of months back I heard Howard Stern talking about this book he read that fixed his back. I thought: A book? I looked at it on Amazon--nothing but rave reviews. The cover of the book said essentially: No surgery, no drugs, no exercise. I was sold. I figured screw it, it's only like $15.

I got the book(John Sarno's Healing Back Pain) and read it. Totally skeptical. The book essentially claims this: By simply reading the book, your back pain will go away.

Come on, you're laughing, aren't you? Doesn't it sound crazy?

I read the book in one night and thought--I dunno. A lot of the case studies DID sound like me, and I had heard stranger theories than the one presented in the book. I shrugged and went to sleep.

When I woke up and rolled over my first thought was: "My back doesn't hurt". I wasn't thinking about the book. I was simply so used to the pain of rolling out of my bed that to not have it after all those years was weird.

Then I thought about the book and I gotta tell you that I was a little spooked. It was like voodoo or something. Magic. The book said it would happen(though it said it could take up to three months) but it happened overnight.

Since then I still get backaches. I would say, if I had to put a percentage on it, that my back is 70% better than it used to be. I do sit ups now no problem.

The book claims it can also help with other problems like IBS, migraines, etc but I don't know about those. I only know about the back thing. If you've got back problems, give it a try. It's like $11 on Amazon, so that's all you have to lose.

I mean, along with the back pain.