Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big News...

And I'm not talking about the fact that FOC will be on Pay-per-View for sixty days starting at the end of September.

No, what I'm talking about it bigger. And I know at least one of you who will also be excited.

There are two new listings on the television season dvd list. Mark your calendars!

Sept 21 - Riptide. Yes, I've been bitching about why this series hasn't come out. I loved it on TV--I'm sure it's goofy as hell, but I WANT it.

Even bigger and better though...

October 10 - FINALLY...Simon & Simon season 1. It's about effin' time. Christ, they can put out six seasons of Magnum and four seasons of Remington but can't get out one season of Rick and A.J.?

I'm psyched.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not much to report...

...except that it's only been about 6 weeks since we finished principle photography on FOC2, and I have 49 minutes rough-edited together. That's right, you can sit and watch 49 consecutive minutes of FOC2 already.

My rough cut should come in around 2 hours long--I'll cut that to between 90-98 minutes long. So by that account I'm around halfway finished.

But the reality is that I've edited 95% of the tough scenes. There's only two big scenes left to edit--Attack at Lynn's House and the Finale.

Sound issues are going to be huge though. There are some big problems I'm working on right now.

But when I say I'm living at my editing machine, I'm not exaggerating...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Disappointing Summer Movie Season

Man, what a bummer this summer's movie season is. Where are the good movies?

The early hope was X-men 3. It sucked hard.

Then there was Superman. It didn't suck but it was VERY long and quite a retread from the original Superman movie. It didn't blow me away, though I enjoyed quite a bit of it.

I haven't seen Pirates 2 yet--wasn't a big fan of the original.

Now my last hopes are on The Descent(a horror movie done by the guy who did "Dog Soldiers") and Shyamalan's Lady In The Water--which I'm hearing mixed things about.

If those two are crap--jeez, another crappy summer. Where'd the fun popcorn summer blockbusters go?

Friday, July 14, 2006

80's Music

I have Sirius in my car, and on my computer. My employee has XM at work.

I'm not going to debate the merits of either one--they're both nice. Sirius is the better one, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Both channels have an 80's station. 24 hours of 80's music. So what do I do?

I listen to 80's music all the time. And I was in my car wondering--will there ever be a saturation point? Will I one day get sick of it all?

Even if I do, these are some of the songs that I'm sure I'll never pass up. I don't know why I love them like I do, I just do.

80's songs can't pass up

Take On Me - A-Ha
99 Luftballoons - Nena
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Pretty Much Any Kenny Loggins Movie song -- Footloose? Danger Zone?
I Want Your Sex - George Michael
Talk Dirty To Me - Poison
Seventeen - Winger
Prince - pretty much all of the 80's ones, but especially When Doves Cry. Honorable Mention to Let's Go Crazy, Kiss, and Hot Thing.
Heart and Soul - T'Pau

Oh no, that's not all of them. There are many more. But those are the ones that just popped into my head. It's an obsession.

Wait--I love that song too, by Animotion. See, I can't turn it off...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Funny story

If you weren't on set during the shooting of FOC2 this won't make you laugh, but I think the rest of you will.

There was a scene in the film where one of the clowns, played by Clarence McNatt, shouts "WHYYYYY?"--and it became this running joke among everybody. Clarence shouts it so dramatically and his voice is so deep that it was like some booming Shakespearean query.

After that, a day or night didn't go by without someone in the cast or crew mimicking the shout of WHYYYYY--and everyone would start laughing.

Tonight I'm logging footage from the B-camera. The scene with Clarence comes on, so I'm typing the timecode and what's happening on screen. There's Clarence's face, and he suddenly yells "WHYYYYY?"

Behind me, my three year old(just turned it today) mimics in his mousy voice: "whyyyyy?"

I couldn't stop laughing--which made him do it a couple more times.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nag's Head

Took a short-notice vacation this week to Nag's Head. My entire family was going, and they'd been asking whether we could make it. I didn't think I could, but at the last minute figured--Screw it. I can use a vacation.

It's an 8 hour drive. That's a long drive for me. I drive an hour and a half to the beach and THAT feels long, but this...

We left at 5am. I hadn't gone to sleep yet. I drove the entire way, stopping about every hour to get a drink. I had two super-size cokes and two Red Bulls before 11am. My mouth tasted like battery acid.

The beach was nice. I wish I could say it was relaxing, but when you have a not-quite-three-year-old, it's really just you chasing him around for four days. He wants to run into the ocean. Constantly.

At dinner one night he turned into Rain Man. He had a grill cheese and it was cut into pieces, so he'd pick a piece up and say, "Triangle. 1. 2. 3 sides." Over and over. I'd say "Yes, that's right. Very good. Now eat your dinner"

And he'd start in with the Triangle speech. He did like five times. I finally ripped the sandwich into a shape he didn't recognize just so he could eat it.

The 4.5 days went by fast. We left last night around 9pm. I drove. It started pouring rain, and there were some places it was VERY foggy.

It's 3:30am and we were about ten miles from a city called La Plata when the car started making a funny noise and it became impossible to steer. I pulled over to the side, the rain still coming down, and got out to check. The front right tire was SHREDDED. Not some little flap.

I just watched the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, so I'm looking around to see if someone laid out a spiked chain or something. Nothing.

So I have to unload all the luggage out of the trunk into the pouring rain so I can get to the spare. I jack up the truck and change the tire, and find out the spare is pretty flat too when the car's weight is on it.

I drove anyway, now soaked to the bone. We had almost 90 miles to go to get home. I stopped at the next gas station and pumped up the tire, and then spent the next hour and a half hoping we'd make it home.

We did.

Now it's back to the editing game. I have to make some big time in the next two weeks. To have a shot at making my self-imposed October deadline I need to have about half the movie edited in two weeks.

hahahahaha! October's looking like it won't happen...