Friday, April 28, 2006

Kiss My Freakin' Ass

We were supposed to have permission to shoot at Six Flags. I was assured by a number of people that it was just about a done deal. Just give them that scene from the script and the date, and they'd get back to me.

They got back to me. Corporate denied us permission.

Now, this is the first day of shooting. I moved it to that date, because they needed us to shoot before Memorial Day(their first day open). Now I've moved it up, and NOW I have to find a replacement location.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What do you make of that?

I think I now understand what some women have been saying when they write to me that they find Mark(the clown) sexy and they don't know whether to be turned on or frightened.

Monday, April 24, 2006


For those of you who didn't read my coverage of this horror convention last year, you can do so now:

Okay, you back now? The bottom line is that the show was so bad that all I did was snap pictures of chicks. We were stuck in a horrible place in the show(blocked by a massive artificial wall on one side, and with many of the lights above us out so we were in shadow), and it wasn't that well attended.

Funny--I get this email last week from the guy who runs the show. I'm not sure how he found my web site.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove your Monster-Mania pages from your website. I realize that you obviously didn't sell many copies of your film but you give a totally false impression about the show and when we host vendors at our show, we don't expect them to be taking photos of the
asses of our attendees and posting them on their webpages.

I don't know. The only impression I give of their show is that it sucked. And that's not a false impression. They don't expect their vendors to take pictures of asses and put them up on their webpages, but I don't expect my horror shows to I guess we're both out of luck.

Rather than reply to him, I decided to ignore him. It's what he did when I asked him to get the hotel to replace the bank of lights above us that were all out.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Saw some of the FX for FOC2 today as Doug did the full body cast for Savannah(and yes, she was nude for it).

Here's one poor soul that Shivers essentially turns into a Pez dispenser.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Five Hundred Pound Guerilla

Well, crisis time again.

There was a point about two months ago where I almost called off FOC2--it looked like the main actress couldn't come back, and there was a question of whether Shivers was coming back. If we couldn't get both I was just going to call it off.

Crisis averted. But here we are, five weeks away from shooting, and the main location has balked at letting us shoot there. I thought the whole thing was taken care of. A done deal.

So Frank is still talking with them. He's confident he can get them to sign off.

But I got a back-up plan. It's called "guerilla". We go in and shoot anyway, without permission.

I'm no stranger to guerilla shooting. Those who remember HH should remember the scene in the grocery store. We just walked in, set up, and shot. No one said anything. The shoppers walking around in the background were just that: shoppers. Most of them were so intent on shopping that they didn't even notice us.

And the road we blocked off to shoot the scene where Aric thinks someone(me) in the truck next to him is the guy stalking guerilla. That's B&A Blvd, and those who know that road probably realize it's pretty busy, even at midnight. Which is why cops at two different times stopped us to ask us what we were doing. I told them I was shooting something for class. They both left us alone.

But...the guerilla shooting game is a game for the young. When you're young you don't worry about little details like getting arrested. Also, you have the energy to run your ass off if things go wrong.

I guess I shouldn't worry. On the first FOC we shot some guerilla stuff--the footage in the Enchanted Forest was all guerilla. I even had to kick some people out of the park for trespassing while we were trespassing.

So I guess we're back on. Five weeks and counting, and there's a LOT still to be done.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


There's this instinct that I find curious. I'm as guilty as everyone else of this, but lately I've been wondering where it comes from.

It's the tendancy to get mad or irritated or at least indignant when something you've discovered gets discovered by EVERYONE.

Like...I was on the Nine Inch Nails bandwagon before anyone had even heard of him. (Because that first album was ALL Trent). Like...I watched "X-files" from the beginning and got to fret about it being canceled because the ratings sucked. (I still have the first episode on VHS tape with the original commercials). Like...I have been watching the excellent show "House" from episode 1.

And then the world discovers your "secret" find--NIN becomes a huge sensation. "The X-files" becomes a hit television show. "House" now has better numbers than "Lost".(It was number 4 on the Nielsen weekly chart last week)

And why is it that in your head you think: I knew it was great all along. Effin' posers.

I dunno--maybe it's not everyone. (But I know I'm not alone in this...)

Because that's the stage right before you start calling your band or tv show or whatever a "sellout" because they're all of a sudden doing big numbers.

So what is that impulse? Weird...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hmmm hmmm good...

What's your favorite fast food place?

I don't know, I'm torn. I eat out probably four or five times a week. It's not always fast food--I like to eat at steak houses a lot.

But more often than not it's Burger King, Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A.

I'd have to say--if pressed--it's Burger King. I love the Double Cheeesburger, but lately have taken a liking to their chicken fries.

Taco Bell's still good--at least, when the shells are crisp, but ever since they changed to the shells(and nachos) that were "better for you" they've never been as good as they used to be.

Wendy's is okay, while McDonald's and Hardees are bottom of the line for me. I won't eat at Hardees at all, and I'll only eat the fish sandwich at McDonald's. Their fries used to be so good, but now taste horrible.

How about you? Where you eating at?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

If you're interested...

Since they didn't put the deleted scenes on the dvd, and many people want to know just what the hell I was talking about on the's the actual original script for FOC.

Click here for it

Note: The sequel is going to be a sequel to the MOVIE, not the script.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hey, chime in here, will you?

Okay, I'm looking for your gut reaction(pun unintentional) on this. I don't need medical research backing or anything, just what you'd believe.

Now: Imagine you see someone get cut in half right above their pelvis. So this person is in 2 pieces.

How long do you think that person would stay alive, assuming they fell down flat? BEFORE you go post your answer, have it in your head so that others' responses don't influence you. Give it to me! Second, minutes, hours, whatever! Be specific please.