Thursday, September 29, 2005

Saw Serenity on Tuesday night...

Good movie. If you like the television show you'll like(and hate) the film.

I can't tell you why you'll hate it because that would be spoiling it.

If you've never seen the television show I have no idea what you'll think. After the flick I tried to figure out how accessible it is to those who never saw the show and I drew a blank.

I'll wait and see what my brother thinks of it. He never saw the show. My father liked it, and he's only seen a couple episodes of the show. Now he's going to go watch all of them though.

If you haven't watched the show, hop on over to amazon and buy it. A tremendous first season of television.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just because your parents say so...

I've always been a bit of a rebel. I was always the guy who went against the grain, sometimes for no other reason than because it WAS against the grain. I don't know why.

I've always questioned what people tell me. Until I find something out for myself I will not take someone's word on pretty much anything.

I think everyone should be like this. But it's not so.

Now that I'm a parent(holy shit, did I just write that?) I have to decide things for my kid and inevitably my first choice is always what my parents taught me.

And hey, when you're a kid you don't realize that your parents could actually be(gasp) wrong. You just take everything they say as gospel. You know, violence in a movie is okay but nudity's not. Eating liver is good for you so eat it or you won't get anything else. You have to go to bed at 9:00pm whether you're tired or not.

But I've decided to question everything I teach my kid. My wife got a little pissed when--as I was perusing the Playboy and the kid came over to check it out--that I didn't jerk it away from him and hide his eyes.

Hey, it's the female body. If I try to hide it from him and make it a big deal, it will turn out to be a big deal to him later. That's how you create obsession. Trust me, 'cause they hid the boobies from me and now I'm positively crazy for them.

I don't tell him what time to go to bed, though I understand that eventually you have to set up some sort of sleep structure for them. I just don't think I'm going to go bananas if bed time is 9 and he's still watching TV at 9:05

Hold tight, we're gonna make a very stilted transition here...

But overall I think people really need to start questioning their beliefs that were passed on to them from their parents, unquestioned as fact.

Because there's a lot of people in this country who are Republican or Democrat, simply because their parents were--and that's how they vote. Regardless. They don't even look into what the candidates views are--they just look for the (R) or the (D) next to the name and check it off.

All because their parents told them either "Republicans wanna take away your rights" or "Democrats tax the hell out of ya". Neither is untrue, but there are all shades of (R)s and (D)s.

I don't wanna go all X-files on ya or anything but...QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Horror Channel Thread...

So there's this argument going over on the Horror Channel message board. The thread started off with someone asking "Any actual filmmakers here?"

I didn't chime in right away, 'cause you always gotta think--why bother? But since I figured I could probably move a few dvds, I eventually posted.

Three pages of question and answer ensued, and then...

Some pinhead posts this:
My point was that shooting on a $10 million film, while you may think nothing much is going on, people are actually committed to creating something significant whereas most people shooting on video just settle for making junk to sell to Blockbuster. I know that last comment will probably offend people here but I've spent the last year surrounded by amazing artists making intelligent and entertaining work only to fall into obscurity while any low-denominator trash gets distribution without question. Video filmmaking can be the most artistically free and original in the world yet nobody actually attempts anything of significance; it's nothing but dull horror rip-offs whose filmmakers think fulfilling a body-count is some sort of success.

And then, when I bristled at that comment a couple of people tried to chime in and say "Hey, don't be offended." Seriously, am I missing something? Didn't that guy just say that NOBODY(which would include me) who does video filmmaking attempts anything of significance--they just make dull horror rip-offs?

Check for yourself. Maybe I've gone senile in my old age. This is page 3 of the convo, but the beginning of the pinhead's convo.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


So I found out something weird last week.

HH is no longer featured on the MTI Home Video web site. I thought that was odd, so I emailed the VP of acquisitions, who I've talked to in the past. His name's Jay, and he's an extremely nice and helpful guy.

I asked him why HH wasn't on the site anymore. He told me that MTI is no longer distributing HH--they only had the rights for two years.

Typically a film is picked up for between 12 and 15 years(or 7, in some foreign cases). To take a two year deal seems very strange.

So now the rights go back to the company we licensed the movie to(who, in turn, licensed it to MTI).

I don't know what that means. It doesn't seem likely that someone else will distribute it in the US with MTI having already done so.

Oh, and Jay told me one other thing. I asked how the film did for them. He said very well--it moved 37,000 units. That's a huge number for a no-name little flick. I had jammed some numbers and guessed that they sold around 16,000. I was a little off.

Jay wouldn't give me dollars, but it's likely that that's at least $700,000 worth of sales.

Makes me cringe when I think about how much we licensed it for...

Monday, September 12, 2005

For the record...

I'd like to say, regarding the previous blog, that you all are some boring mutherfuckers.

Harsh, I know.

But only 1 reply with a story? Come on, you could post it on your blog and link to it in the comments.

Unless maybe you're lives really are that boring. If so, I apologize for reminding you of that fact.


This rant is not triggered whatsoever by the fact that I lost in fantasy football this week. Not one little bit.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I Want Something From You

One of the few rewards that comes while you're writing something is when a character surprises you. Maybe he does something you hadn't planned. Maybe he says something you hadn't thought about, at least not consciously.

That's a great thing. A while back I was writing the script for the sequel to HH. It's done now and you'll never read it(nah nah), but Aric started talking about how strange life can be and how every person has at least one story of something that happened to them that would astound you.

It was a weird thought because it wasn't something I had been thinking about. And I had to stop and think--Is it true? Is he right? Do I have a story like that?

I do. Took me some time to think about, but I've actually got a couple. And I bet you do too. So I want you to post your story--something that either happened to you or impacted you(so that you're a principle player) that would surprise people. Has to be a true story.

Here's one of mine. It's not the most astounding story. It's the best one that wouldn't be, in essence, me confessing to a crime in a public forum.

My brother was run over by a motorboat. I was twelve and he was thirteen.

He went out on a motorboat with my best friend at the time, Brooks, and two girls. They took the boat out on the pond. They put the motor on idle and Paul dove in for a swim.

Apparently one of the girls wanted to drive the boat--she grabbed the handle--I guess she didn't know how to drive a boat--she only succeeded in rotating the boat without going anywhere.

Right over my brother. Brooks said he heard the hit, heard the blades hit something, get caught up and then the motor died. I guess he knew before he looked what he'd find.

My brother was tangled in the motor's blades. His shirt was ripped to shreds but had tangled enough in the blades to stop them. Brooks couldn't see my brother. He was under water.

He leaped into the water--the girls said it was like he was superhuman or something. He pulled Paul off of the motor and threw him into the boat, even though they were in water over ten feet deep. One of the girls started screaming because there was so much blood coming from my brother's head.

I wasn't there. I was two doors up from my house talking to a neighbor when my mother came running up to me. "Your brother's been run over by a boat! I have to go to the hospital. Go watch Michael for me."

My first thought was "Cool. I wonder if he lost an arm or something." That's the kind of weird kid I was. There was no concern there. I was a very cold kid.

In the end he almost lost an ear--he had to get something like 44 stitches in his head and he had major burns from the motor's heat on his head and shoulder. He was incredibly lucky.

Anyway, that's one of my stories. What do you got?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Have you seen this map?

Now this is funny. Scroll down a little to the map.

La Paura Di Pagliacci

We just got a great offer from an Italian production company for FOC. The offer was five times what we got for the Italian rights to HH. My producer's rep made a counteroffer, which they approved so we're getting six times what we got for HH.

We get 30% at signing and the rest by February of next year.

Sweet! This also bodes well for FOC2--we can presell rights and get money up front. Apparently clowns are big in Italy.

I dunno. I just love their Italian Ice.