Friday, June 21, 2019


I don't make a secret that I eat a pot brownie every night before I go to sleep, do I?

Well, it takes a while to kick in so I work and stuff while it hits.

It hit the other night, but I kept working. And getting higher and higher. Finally went upstairs to brush my teeth and go to bed.

I do that, then take a look at my chin to see if I can see this ingrown hair that's been bugging me. Nope, but then I stare into my eyes...

...transfixed...but I get the feeling that that guy in the mirror who looks just like me...IS NOT ME.

And I don't want to blink because I'm afraid that if I do, he WON'T blink, and then he'll know that I know that he's not me.

I don't know how long I stood there with my eyes open. But eventually I slid out of the bathroom without looking away, turning the light off.

And then went to bed and slept like a goddamn baby.

Monday, June 10, 2019

There's Too Much TV

Spending way too much time watching TV. Shows I'm enjoying:

In The Dark - Some CW show about a blind girl. Surprisingly good.
Doom Patrol - I'm 3 episodes into this quirky show, and it's entertain AF.
Barry - Just started this. Had heard it was good, and yeah, it is. Henry Winkler is amazingly funny.
Cobra Kai season 2 was just as good as season 1
Naked and Afraid is as good as always. Love this show.
Brooklyn 99 is another show that makes me smile a lot. Sure, I'm high most of the time, but whatever, man.
Billions - New season is turning out to be another winner.
Love Island - started again. The wife and I dig this show a lot. Stupid TV, but so fun.
Deadwood Movie - Man, it's amazing to see how these guys took a 10 year break and then came back and killed it. My only gripe is that it didn't feel like it had a real ending...but does that mean they hope to do another movie? Please do.

Watched Waterworld with my kid. He enjoyed it. I forgot the awkward moments in the movie--like when a hot Jeanne Triplehorn drops her dress and offers sex to Kevin Costner. Then later Costner sells her like a whore to a passing boater.

Also took him to see the new Godzilla. It's not a great movie, per se, but it's a lot of fun. Exactly why I go to the theater in the summer.


Writing continues on the new script. May have broken a plot point that had me stymied. Still feels like it'll be such a huge undertaking to shoot for so cheap that I shouldn't attempt it.


Went out and shot some more photos with my brother. Set up this new free phone with its camera to see how it would look side by side, and's scary. On the wide shot it's almost identical, possibly better straight out of phone, ungraded, than the real camera.

Sure, the issue still remains that you can't zoom well with it, and you can't change lenses--adapters aren't lenses--and it's dogshit in low light. So I'm not planning on shooting any movies with it but they are definitely making huge strides.

For the record, it will record all of these formats:
720P HD at 30fps
1080 HD at 30fps
1080p HD at 60fps
4K at 24 and 30 and 60 fps
Slow mo speeds:
1080P at 120fps(HOLY SHIT!)
720P at 240fps(WHAT?)
1080P HD at 240fps(Crazy)

This is an uncolorcorrected shot with the camera. I have others but for some reason my computer doesn't recognize the phone, even if I tell the phone to trust it. So I'm having to dropbox all these files from my phone, and for some reason it's taking forever even if I'm sitting right next to the router.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Little News

Work has begun on The Making of Ttory 2. So be warned if you're cast or crew, I'm prolly gonna be interviewing you soon.

Not sure how long it'll take. Right now I'm just getting PTSD from watching and organizing photos and video I think I might need.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Busy Weeks

Two weekends ago, a buddy had a little get-together shindig cuz he and the gf went to the courthouse and got married a few weeks back. Had a good time, got a little too buzzed. Wasn't driving, so no big deal.

Then during the week...hell, can't even remember. The wife left on Friday morning with the kid for the Memorial Day weekend with her parents. So, vacation for me. Figured I'd hang out at the house all weekend...

But then Saturday night we ended up going to a buddy's house to watch a local low budget flick with actors we know. It wasn't bad.

Had a buddy call me that day to tell me he was having people over on Sunday, could I make it? This is my oldest friend--met him in 3rd grade. Haven't seen him in a couple of years, so I'm like "Count me in."

I head to his house, which he recently bought. I hadn't seen it yet. It's in Edgewater. And holy shit is it HUGE. And on the water. I find out it cost him about 1.2 million. Apparently the company he worked for and had equity in had sold, and he'd made some decent money.

But hey--if I wanna shoot a movie in it, he's like "Any time!"

There was a good crowd, but toward the end they all thinned out so we got a chance to chat for a while.

Man, I had some more stuff to say but the high is really starting to set in...sorry

Friday, May 17, 2019

Well this is crazy...

Woke up the other afternoon, came out and found two identical boxes in my living room. I ask the wife what they were. She's like, no idea, they were on our porch.

They're both addressed to me, with my name properly spelled. Why is that important? Most of the time I order shit, I misspell my name. Different ways. That way if I start getting bullshit mail, I know who sold my info.

So the fact that this stuff has my real name and info on it...strange. At first I just assumed I'd ordered some from A-zon and forgotten.

I open the first box. It's an iphone 8. I'm like...uh, what? Says it's refurbished, but looks new.

I open the 2nd box. It's a iphone XMS. This one is completely sealed, brand new.

The packing slip says it's from the phone company that rhymes with lint. Which is weird, cuz I have V-zon.

I didn't order these. My wife didn't order these. None of my other relatives did either. There's some warehouse information and shit on the slip, but nothing else except...a web site.

First I check to see if anyone has billed me on my credit cards. Would be a weird scam, but who knows? Nope, nothing there.

I check the web site. It goes to a site where the company I named above that rhymes with lint--they apparently find high school kids who don't have internet and they literally GIVE them a free phone, and pay for their service for the kid the entire time they're in high school. They get 3 gigs of data per month at 4G speeds--if you go over that, it's still free but it's 3G for the rest of the month.

Cool program, but the thing kid has internet. He also has a phone already. Also, they sent us two phones and I have one kid. So what the fuck?

After a day I decide to turn on the iphone 8. I set it up for my wife-- I tell her she can just use it for other stuff, any non-call stuff. I can put that app on that texts people for free as long as you're on wi-fi. You can also make calls on wi-fi with it. Hell, she can use it for pictures and shit too, since she's always filling up her phone.

I try to make a call with the phone, expecting to hear it say something about setting up an account or something, but the fucking phone works. The call goes through from some number I've never seen. So...who's paying for this?

I do the same with the iphone XMS, which is noticeably larger than my old phone, the 5. Set it up, make a call. It goes through also, with another phone number.

I guess the bottom line is that we have two new free phones, with no bill. Do I ditch my old phone? There was a note that said if we wanted to transfer an existing number, we can...but that sort of ties me into this phone, right?

Also, we'd be on that other company's service, which I hear isn't great...but free is free...

Not sure what we're going to do at this point. But it's kind of cool.


Went out for drinks with the Malf. Lot of good discussions again. Interesting writing discussions.

Also, his 9 year old daughter has written a script. He has no idea where she learned how. He's going to help her film it, and wants to know if my son would have any interest in doing music for it.

Obviously, that's a yes. So I tell him--fuck it, if we're gonna do, let's do it right. Let me know when and I'll come over and shoot it for him, edit it if he wants. Should be fun either way.

I sent him the first 24 pages of the book I'm working on. Just to get an idea of whether I'm on the right track, or if he has any suggestions. He's almost done his new book, so I'll get to read that soon.

We're going to try to go ahead soon on that music video for him. And I think he's starting to get on board with my new script that I was talking about shooting. When I first mentioned it to him, he was sort of against it, but I think I've told him some of the more interesting stuff I've got planned in the story, so he seems to be more into now.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Drivers Suck

Holy shit man, what is it with drivers nowadays? This morning was insane, and it was only like 7am.

People running red lights to make a turn at the last minute. People pulling out in front of me(running the stop sign) even though I'm coming fast, then they decide they'd like to drive the 30mph speed limit. People not using their turn signal when I'm right behind them.

It's REALLY fucking dangerous in this day and age of shootings to be doing shit like that. I'm being completely serious when I say that if someone does that shit to somebody, and they get shot over it, I'm perfectly fine with that. Put me on that jury--not guilty.

It gets more and more clear every day that there are too many people on this planet. It wouldn't be a problem except that the overwhelming majority are fucking trash. Self-involved, selfish to extremes, greedy, non-empathetic shits.

Fuck, am I tired of humanity.


The all-knowing G(that company that spies on everything we do) has recently decided this blog doesn't fit with their ad campaigns. They suspended my ad account, so I guess that's $20 a year I'll be out on.


Went out and shot some more pics and video. Got some decent stuff, but nothing amazing. Still figuring a lot of stuff out. This camera's pretty complicated. So many options, but I guess that's a good thing.

Still working on the script, slowly but surely. No news still on the location.

Not a lot to report otherwise.

I know, my blog's just sucking the big one lately, right?

Monday, April 29, 2019

Time Crunches / Never Enough Money

April's almost gone. I still have no idea whether I'm going to shoot something this year or not. My choices are as follows:
1) The action horror I've paused writing until I can see the locations I know we're gonna film in. Still waiting to hear from my buddy the cop about the other location. If he can come through, then perhaps I'll give it a try. I don't think I can do it for $2K, so perhaps I'll try to crowdfund a little--if I can get an additional $2K then it looks much more doable, though still a massive amount of work for me.

2) A Ttory short. I thought about this the other day. I'm guessing--though it's mostly pure guesswork--that not everybody finishes the Ttory movies. Either they're just not their cup of tea or they don't like no-budget movies or whatever. But we win on A-zon because SO many people watch some of the movie.
           So if I make a short, perhaps I still have a shot of making similar money, and a short won't cost anywhere near what the whole flick makes. I'm not saying ALL shorts could do this, but Ttory does have some traction. Both movies did pretty well. And more importantly, I have an idea for one that I kind of like. That's always the most important thing for me--if I'm not significantly interested in the story, I'm not gonna do it--no way am I killing myself over something I'm like "It's okay."


Now, money's always an issue. I'm not like most other no-budget filmmakers in that I don't have a regular job. I work maybe four or five days a month, plus have a bunch of shit up on eBay, plus A-zon pays me for the books and movies.

That pays my bills, in general. Doesn't leave much left over to go do other stuff.

And here's what I have to budget for right now:
Reserve a hotel at the STC show for one night. Just to go drinking with the buddy, plus JBob is gonna be there. Would be cool to meet him ahead of the other convention where we'll both be guests.
Reserve a hotel for the other convention where I'll be a guest. Get two dvds made--the GOH and Ttory 2 to have at that convention.
Get money together so I have $2K to spend on the new flick or short. (cut that in half if it's the short)
Buy some more gear for the camera I'm gonna be shooting the flick on. (the A7III)

See, I learned something new this week that I didn't know regarding digital cameras. I shot with the new camera on one of my freelance gigs, and got a little bit more grain at ISO 4000 than I thought I'd have. I mean, this camera goes to nearly 60,000 ISO before it even starts going extended. I've seen videos that show this thing in the 20,000 range with minimal grain. So why do I have grain?

Turns out, grain will be more prominent the worse your lens is. This is something I've never heard of in my years of shooting digital.

I was using my shitty telephoto lens on it, so I'll have to be careful that I'm using nice glass when shooting high ISO--which will be most of this movie either way. So definitely gotta rent some glass, plus test my brother's Canon lenses on it to see what they look like. Problem is, if I wanna use them AND the amazing autofocus on this camera then I'll have to get the more expensive lens adapter than I have. That's another $300 or so dollars right there.

Need a lot more testing. We went out the other night and shot some night stuff. Didn't get much I liked other than these two images:

I'm a little embarrassed to say how many shots it took me to get those road lines in the center of the shot. They were always SLIGHTLY off, and it was so dark. That's also the moon coming up in the bg, not the sun. I tried to color correct some of the color out of it, but that's actually the color it was so...

Time continues to accelerate every year...seems like each year just flies by worse than the year before...