Sunday, June 17, 2018

Final Trip To The Woods

Forever? Let's hope...

Got the pickup to do tomorrow. It's not a lot, and it's a good thing because I'm literally the entire crew. Nobody else was around. My brother's gonna try to step out and help me for the night stuff.

Here's how it's blocked out:

  • Go across the bridge. Shoot some drone footage of the Fountain. Will I use it? Who knows. Then I take the fountain down, pull my tripod out of the water, and head back to:
  • The woods. Foley the entire last scene by myself. This will be fun.
  • Then will meet Ali and reshoot her car scene. I have to drive and shoot at the same time. Nothing dangerous about that. I'm gonna try to mount the cam to the windshield--I have the mount, but not positive I can get a matching shot to the other side we shot like that.
  • Ali and I will take a dinner break to wait for dark.
  • At dark, we head back over for the two night shots I need of her. 
  • Then we have to go into the woods in the pitch black until we can't hear cars any more, and she has to scream and grunt. Go ahead, joke away.

Then. I. Am. Done.


Debuted the Ttory poster to a few sites. Here's the one I gave them:

I have one without the lettering, plus one that says more words.

But this is probably the poster I'll put on A-zon:

This is the one I talked about, the one the designer first gave to me. I was like..."Bad. Ass."

But worried because that's NOT the head that Jack sports in the movie. Then again, it looks cooler than our plastic mask, so more people are prone to watch the movie. And I'm all about that.

I'm also going to get a second poster made that features some of the other segments.

Still waiting on some more score. Am starting to get a little worried--the guy scoring the longest piece(plus another) has gone slightly M.I.A.-- I mean, he's responding, but isn't turning me in anything. He's only sent me one 7 minute opening piece of a 50 minute section. Then he has another 18 minute segment to do.

Stuff has to start coming in. I'm going to set a deadline of July 12st soon.

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