Thursday, June 21, 2018

Done. But For One Shot.

The day I shot the last pickups was HOT. I went across the bridge to the fountain spot. Bugs galore in the heat. I flew the drone a couple of times, but not sure if I can really use the shots because when I arrived at the location, the fountain had tilted a bit.

Then I set about getting the fountain out. It HAD three strings tied to it, with the main one being on our side of the pool it was in. But when I got there, that string and the stick it was tied to were gone.

The string on the other side had shifted so it would be even harder to get to. I thought, "Hey, I'll use this side string and just pull--that other string will either break or the sticks I loosely tied it to will break."

I pulled the side string and IT broke. The fountain--and my tripod underneath it--were now being held by one string. On the other side of this nasty pool.

I jumped the side spot, then had to creep over thorns and bee-infested flowers to get to the string. I cut it off the tree and clambered back around to the good side of the pool. Pulled the whole thing over and out. It's slimy and covered with green shit.

Anyway. Headed back across the bridge to a spot in the Ttory woods. I needed to foley the big final scene of the movie. By myself. The location I need to use is either down a 70 degree hill, or you can walk quite a ways down the path, push your way through trees and stuff--takes a good 15 minutes of walking.

I elect to go down the hill--took 10 seconds but is not un-dangerous.

Foley'd the scene. Whatever I got, I'm using.

Head to snag the camera at my parents' house. Tried to set up the window suction mount with the camera, but it won't fit on the window because of the weird slope and minimal room between the dash.

Great. I grab Ali and figure--fuck it, I'll hold the camera on my leg with a mini-tripod, watching the monitor and try to drive. Perfectly safe.

Except, the monitor cable is on the side of the steering wheel, and keeps going off anytime I move.

So I end up driving, but tilting my head over to the left so I could see the LCD on the back of the camera(it's not foldout). It's an ugly shot, but oh well--you can definitely tell she's in the front seat.

We grab pizza and go to my parents. Eat, talk. Get some audio looped. (just two lines) Wait for dark.

It's night. We go over, set up lights. My brother Mike comes out and helps. We get the few shots I need, then head into the woods a bit to loop her scream and grunts. We're done by 10:30pm.

I inserted the footage and audio into the segment. It works.

I have only one more shot to do, something for the FX. It's literally 4 seconds long, but is going to be REAL tough to get.


I got some score from Terry. It's good. He'd sent me a first draft that was REAL off, like scary off. But I temp scored that scene for him so he'd get a better idea of what I wanted,  and this time he's back on.

Hopefully he'll start getting more to me. I also expect the Pumpkin Trail complete thing soon. That means I gotta get the Fountain to him ASAP.

Coming down to the nitty gritty.

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