Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Yeah, Still Cold

Okay, technically we're 17 days out from shooting the last segment of Ttory 2. The weather's not warming up much. My forecast for next week still shows the 40s at night. I'm prolly gonna have to push it at least another week.

We found an actress for the naked role. She's got a pretty big following--over 30,000 on FB. She wanted to talk to me before she took the role, so I let her call me. She seems nice, seems eager, but managed to call herself a "scream queen" which made me shake my head.

Not that she "wanted to be", but that she WAS. She's done like 4 shorts and two features you never heard of. No biggie. She's done nudity in film and photo.

But she's asking questions like "So is if full nudity, or just breast and butt?" after I've told her all the details. I explain it again on the phone, and she seems cool with it.

Then I speak to someone who knows her that said she'd been signed up for a photographer workshop, where photogs pay to take pictures of naked women. She got flown in, then decided not to do any naked photos.

So you can see why all of a sudden I'm getting queasy.

She's also vegan, which is a pain in the dick on having food on set, and she apparently keeps her hair very short and just wears wigs. That means we're gonna have to soak a wig in fake blood, which will probably ruin it.

Did I mention I was gonna replace the one actor with Frank, from FOC1 and FOC2? As a sheriff, would be a cool little return role for him. Well, his job has him now working that weekend. So I recast AGAIN.

Still gotta get the main guy role replaced. Had a local actor in mind, FB chatted him up and he said he's interested, call him in the evening. I did, left a message. Heard nothing. Called again, got his machine again. It's been a week. Not sure what the fuck goes on with people around here who pretend they're looking for roles.

And still have a lot of little props to get, gotta go to one of the locations to double check my shooting script since it was set at the old location before the guy sold it and moved.

I CAN NOT WAIT to be done this segment.  It's dangerous, cuz parts of me wanna half-ass this whole thing to get it done, but I really want the segment to be good. Must push the inner half ass back inside.

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