Friday, April 06, 2018

A Special Little Treat For Ya

I'm gonna let ya see some un-color corrected, not final footage from Ttory 2. So you can feel my pain too.

First off is this clip. I'd like you to Full Screen it and watch it, and let me know if you notice the problem. Watch it a second time if you don't spot it. If you still don't spot it, good.

The problem, which I really can't fix at this point, is that the guy in the rear is wearing glasses in two of these shots when he's not supposed to be wearing them at all. The actor has a hard time seeing without them, and kept putting them on between takes, and forgetting to take them back off.

Without a continuity person on set--cuz seriously, we had a crew of two if you don't count me--it was hard to catch on long shots. I'm shooting, and with a small monitor, so I didn't notice sometimes. On the 2nd shot, where they're coming toward us, I DID notice--and we did it again, but the takes aren't as good.

I sent the clip to Zig a while back to see if he noticed, and he didn't. I figure when it's on the big screen for the premiere you'll see it, but otherwise it should be passable. Fuck it.

Also take a look at that first shot of Phil's face--did I mention that he had a staph infection that day? (unknown to everyone at the time) His face is FUCKED, and day two looks kinda swollen.

It's all part of my luck.

Next up--this is one of the pieces I've been bitching about working on in AE. I think it's about as good as I can make it. The first shot looks WAY better than it used to, I can tell you that. Still looks very CGI-ish, but what are you gonna do?


In other news, Premiere got an update that's pretty cool. They used to have this thing in speed grade where you could color match clips. But speed grade was a piece of shit designed by a madman.

They've now got it integrated into the color system built into the program under color wheels. And it's SWEET. I have a couple of shots in the film that don't match that great, and I've done my best to match them by eye--but I went ahead and tried their color match and it looks WAY better than my try. And you can tweak the settings after it takes its shot too.


Fuck sake, the last segment is SOOOOOO cursed. No matter what I do, nobody can work the same days. The weather continues to be fucked. Also, I need some dead birds.

I know, right? I've been contemplating going out and shooting some with a bb gun like I used to do in high school. I'm sure some people will find that barbaric and blah blah blah, but I would reply back with "ART".

I need them for a scene. Technically I could composite some in for far-off shots, but I definitely need a couple for reals to sell it. I've seen some fake birds I could MAYBE make work. MAYBE. But it would be a lot more work than, you know, just shooting some.


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