Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Neighbor Issues Again

Bad news...I'm gonna get a new neighbor again.

This is all about the drunk neighbor that would come over at night and knock on our door, or sometimes wait for us to come home, then come out and slur at us. He was funny, mildly annoying at times, but perfectly decent as a neighbor.

I mentioned before how his wife just left one day, taking his two kids. He told us, at the time, that she was going to Pennsylvania to stay with her sick mom for a while.

That while turned into years, so it wasn't hard to figure out that they were done. Eventually he started bringing girls home--and that was the last story I told, about his girlfriend asked me for a ride home.

Last week he tells my wife some story about how his (now) ex-wife hasn't been paying the mortgage, even though he's been sending her money for it and child support. He has to be out in a couple of days.

Also, he suddenly has no electricity and asks if he can run an extension cord from our house just for a small heater. (He asked this of my wife, and she said yes. I think we know what I would have said)

The whole story is nonsense. The only reason your power would be off is if you didn't pay the bill. And there's no way he didn't get a notice about the mortgage not being paid, even if she WAS still paying for it from PA, which is bullshit I'm sure anyway.

Well, he emptied out the house, putting so much garbage on the curb that I'm surprised they took it all. Last night he stopped by to say see ya later--he's moving into an apartment not that far away.

And the new waiting begins. Will the new neighbors, whenever the house is sold, suck? Will they be nosy, or noisy? Will they have a shitty dog that barks non-stop, and forces me to consider options to kill it covertly?

We went over to continue watching that new Star Trek TV show with my dad. We'd watched the first four very-mediocre episodes a couple of months ago, but never had time to continue.

I took another three over there. My dad kept making faces, because the show is just not getting better. I'm not sure how its RT score is so high(82%)--though the audience score is only 56%.

There's really NO characters you give much of a shit about. The character they keep trying to paint as the hero is pretty crappy--they keep disobeying orders non-stop, which strains credulity as why the fuck would Starfleet continue to put up with it? (she is literally court-martialed in the first episode for mutiny)

The Orville is so much a better Trek show that it's insane.

My dad doing rehab, but his speech is still pretty bad. The more concerning thing is some personality changes that we're not sure what to make of.

For instance, he seems cranky a lot. He was always pretty mellow. We could chalk this up to maybe being frustrated at not being able to speak right, but my mom says he's also not doing things he used to do--like, he made coffee every day before the stroke. Now he doesn't, even though he's fully capable.

He used to eat certain things, but now he's not interested in them, and when my mom says, "You used to love so and so", he frowns like she's crazy.

Dunno. Gave me an idea for a story about a person who has a stroke and turns into a completely different person, but then I'm wondering if that's what that movie Regarding Henry was about. I can't remember.

Back at AE for the Ttory 2 segment. I'm ready to commit suicide.

So, I mean, it's going great.


Steve Pattee said...

That would make for a fascinating type of film you would make. Like a person that develops a taste for murder after a stroke or brain injury. I would watch the shit out of that. Then to end it, you can just knock them on the head and everything goes back to normal. You're welcome.

That said, it wouldn't surprise me if this sort of thing is "normal".

Aric Blue said...

Yeah, I was mulling over that sort of idea but would have to figure out something a little more. Just doesn't have enough meat to it yet, but it'll go on the back burner and if something percolates then I'll write it.