Friday, March 09, 2018

Could I Be Busier?

Wow--you know, I have this folder full of funny/sexy pics that I add to whenever I see one that amuses me or is hot. I post them in this blog, and then move them to another POSTED folder so I don't re-use them.

Apparently I'm not great at that. I just saw that I used the same photo twice in the span of 2 weeks...I'm gonna blame the pot.

Been slammed the past couple of weeks. Did I mention that I'm re-doing my biz web site? It hasn't been updated(other than the News section) since roughly 2003. It looks like I mean if you're missing the early 2000's, just go visit my site and it'll take you BACK, man.

I'm not much of a designer though. The "look" and whatnot isn't something I'm great at. Like, if I saw a web site I liked, I could totally reproduce it--the programming isn't a problem.

So I looked at that company that everybody is using. Rhymes with the band Kix.

I took its "design a site" for a spin, and actually came up with a decent-looking site. I mean, it's fairly routine in how many sites look nowadays, but it certainly looks more modern. But then I looked at what they charge to simply put this site on MY web server--it's like $15 a month!

That's more than I fucking pay for the actual domain AND web space that I have. It's insane.

I thought...fuck, man. I have the entire Adobe Suite at my disposal. I can just re-create the site with Dreamweaver. Then I took a look, and oddly enough Adobe has TWO programs that create web sites. Muse is the other one.

I don't know why they both exist. Muse is newer, so I went ahead and learned how it works. It's powerful, but fuck is it retarded in many respects. For instance--no backup saving. None. Not available.

Is that a problem? Let me tell you--if you're clicking in elements on the page, and you're not on the element you THINK you're on(and it's REAL easy for this to happen if you're not watching the Layers menu on the right)), you may hit the delete key and nothing happens.


Then later you figure out you deleted an entire layer of shit from a different page in the web site, and you ain't getting it back. And there's no backup to load up.

This happened to me. Pretty fucking irritating. But I re-created the page almost exactly after a couple of days of work. Then I export as an html, and get some crazy CSS missing shit when I try to load it in a web page.

Apparently this is a known issue--people are talking about it.

Fucking pisses me off. Get your shit together, Adobe. I'm paying for this stuff.

Doesn't make a huge deal YET, as I'm not ready to debut the site because it has the poster for Ttory2 on it, and I don't want to show that until I'm ready to reveal it.


Continuing work on the adaptation. On page 37. Chapter 11 in the book. Condensing a little bit, but continuing on the "include everything" plan. If I get to page 90 and I'm not near the end though, I'm gonna start really figuring out what can go.

I still plan to do a 2nd version. That version will have a little more of "me" in it. This version is mostly straight out of the book, only veering when I need to figure out a way to include backstory.

It will be VERY challenging to do all this with $250K. There's a lot of locations. And we gotta find some run-down towns that we can sort of make look subtle apocalyptic. Like, not Mad Max kind of apocalyptic--what I love about the book is how realistic this end-of-the-world seems to be. Frankly, it could be happening right now with the way the world and people's health problems are. (hell, I HAVE some of the symptoms of the disease killing people off...)


Had a paid video to shoot and edit. They hit me up last minute on it, but I don't turn down money jobs. So I went, shot it, edited it and uploaded them within 2 days.

Next week we go to Florida for an auction. Not looking forward to it. These things are pretty physically draining for me.


Ttory 2 work continues. My brother, who's working on the most complicated CGI effect sent me a rough test, and now I'm worried. It's okay, but it defiintely looks CGI and isn't exactly the way I envisioned it.

I'm not blaming him--frankly, this is some ILM level shit I need for it to really work.

So I'm back to doing some tests on my own--basically trying to use actual physical elements instead of whole-sale Cinema 4D stuff. The problem is that I had to shoot those elements(which are dozens of pieces of paper falling to the ground) on location. No green screen.

Which means I now have to rotoscope them one by one, frame by frame.It took me 4 hours to do THREE pieces of paper falling. And I'm not even sure this is gonna work.

Composer has the wrap minus the end. I guess he's working on stuff. Haven't heard back after the first couple of emails. Not sure what that means. Like, does he not like it? He has no questions? Or--because I told him he has plenty of time--maybe he's just fooling around with themes and sounds.

I may have gotten the end-credit music. I'm excited about that. It's a fucking GREAT song by a great synth group who does a ton of great stuff. It's actually hard to pick which song by them that I wanted.

They said yes, I've sent them the contract, so if they sign then we're all good. I really wish I could make Turbokid kind of movie so I could just fill it with all the great synth shit out there now. There are some incredible amateurs working out there now, mostly in Europe.


Watching Absentia on Am-zon. It's NOT the movie and it has nothing to do with it. It's got the chick from Castle in it, and it's pretty good. Probably could have been 8 episodes rather than 10, but worth a watch.

Also got out to see Annihilation. Decent. Not Ex Machina great, but still entertaining with some neat stuff in it.


Steve Pattee said...

Why don't you use something like Wordpress? Easy as shit to use, and it auto backs up and auto updates.

Aric Blue said...

Cuz Wordpress looks like dogshit?

Steve Pattee said...

You are fucking high.