Monday, March 19, 2018

Back From FL

Went to Florida for an auction. NICE weather, man. Like 80's, mid 70's at night. It was at a nice resort, too. Here's some pics I took.

 This one was the flattened panorama shot from my balcony. I took the kindle out there one evening and read. Man, fuck winter in its fucking face.

The auction was pretty easy, which was nice. Only issue was the major fog when we were supposed to leave. The plane was already there, but the pilots who were flying in got diverted to another airport. Our flight was pushed back, then pushed back again, then AGAIN to 10:20am(originally scheduled to leave at 8:35am).

Luke, who is neurotic, was like--there's another flight to Baltimore that leaves at 10:15am. He wants to get on that, because he thinks our flight is going to continue to get pushed.

So I say--sure, let's see how much it is to get on. It's no charge, but we'd get C53 and C54 so we'd have shitty seats. Luke says fuck it, and charges us so we can A10 and A11--it's $40 apiece, but I think Luke likes our system--which is he takes a window seat and I take the aisle, and we puff out like puffer fish so nobody sits between us.

It worked on the way out, but this flight was fuller--apparently only two seats not sold. Well, nobody took our middle seat. Worked again.


Time for the serious Ttory 2 push. I have to go foley the entire final scene as soon as I can. I'm not sure if I can do it at the actual location, as it's close to a road PLUS has so many lookie-loos, which is why we didn't get the audio when we originally shot the scene--people chatting, wandering in constantly.

If I can't make it work there then I have to find a backup location.

I took an afternoon nap and then went back to work on the AE work. I'm getting somewhere, but man is it slow work. Lot of trial and error.

Took some more whacks at the Mad Gathering segment. I'm going to export it for the composer soon and get it to him soon.


My kid's not going to school tomorrow.

Shit--lemme back up. I just looked and I guess I didn't mention this on the blog. (Did I mention my 14 year old son has gotten way more interested in girls lately?)

I walked in on my kid and he's on his ipad. He clicks it off with what can only be described as a mortified look on his face. Normally he acts all weird and never wants us to see what he's looking at--when I check it's always some music video.

This time I pull it away from him--and he STRUGGLES with me--but I take a look. He's google image searched "naked women". There are a lot of pictures of naked women, cuz I never turned on safesearch.


I don't shame him. I just tell him--"Hey bud, it's normal to be curious about this at your age, but you shouldn't be looking at this stuff right now." He sort of blamed it on google, which I found funny but after he left...

I checked out his browser history. The whole thing started about a week earlier with him searching for "girls in underwear". So who knows? Maybe google started suggesting stuff to him after that. The funny part is that at one point he googled "two girls naked kissing".

Now I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to explain sex to an autistic kid who isn't really all that communicative. (I also turned safesearch on)

Anyway, last night--since he's not going to school tomorrow due to some ridiculous testing that makes most students come in 3.5 hours late so we're just not sending him in--I was like, wanna watch a movie? He's always up for that.

So I opened up my Shout Factory Teen Wolf and we watched it. He REALLY liked it. You can never tell what he's going to like, but he was super excited for the van surfing and then that scene comes up where the girl drops her towel and she's only wearing a bra and underwear, and then she drops the bra so you see her naked back.

I think he liked that part too.

When the movie was over he wanted to know if the movie was "ours", meaning--can he take it and watch it? I said no, it's a blu ray(which he doesn't have a player) and besides that--he ain't taking any of my Shout Factory discs.

Movie's still a lot of fun.

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