Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Doings

Took two solid days and re-read the book I'm gonna try to adapt, making chapter summaries. I told Malfi I'm going to write a script too, just to get even more familiar with the story, and we can compare scripts and mash the best parts of both.

He's like fuck it, you write the script. I think he wanted me to anyway, so no biggie.

There's some serious challenges in it--namely all the exposition that comes courtesy of our main character thinking about things that have happened or things he knows.

For instance, there's something called "Worlders" in the book. The first time it's brought up, the invisible narrator tells us what they are. About 100 pages later someone else also explains it. So my choices are, when it's asked the first time, ignore it and leave the audience wondering for 30 minutes. Or have someone else ask "What's a Worlder?", and then it gets answered there for the audience.

The other option is to go with voice-over narration. I know, calm down.You've seen Adaptation or read a book that told you that it's a lazy story-telling device.

I assure you that is only so if you do it in a boring way. Frankly, there are some stories that can't be told without it.

And if you wanna name some lazy, bad movies that have it then I guess you'd be talking Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Big Lebowski, Citizen Kane, Fight Club, and more. Trash movies, right?

Last night I started working on the script. The non-voiceover way. It's running long already. I'm 11 pages in, and only on chapter 4(of 66 chapters). I don't want this script coming in over 100 pages, so things have to start getting streamlined soon, or I may just put it all in and then start going in and chopping.

Then I'll probably do another draft with the voice-over instead, and give 'em both to Malfi and see which one he likes best.


My dad's getting set up with a speech therapist this week. He had the added problem that the week of his stroke, he had a temporary crown put in one of his front teeth. It was bothering him the night before his stroke--he told my mom on the phone that he was calling the dentist in the morning to have them take a look.

One of the ways we know what time my dad had the stroke that Friday morning is because he called the dentist that morning about 8:15am to set up an appointment that afternoon--an appointment he never kept.

Well, the tooth came out a couple of days ago. Now when he smiles, he looks goofy and he knows it.

He's still having issues saying things right. Like, on occasion he'll get a lot of a sentence out but there will be one or two words that just don't make sense, so it's hard to parse the whole sentence.

He'll get it.


Hey, the wife is taking the kid to Disney because his high school band is going to play there. They'll be gone from Wednesday to Saturday, so vacation time for me!


The diet continues, though slowly, and with lots of cheating. I've only lost about 12 pounds in a month or so. But I'm not killing myself. As long as it keeps going, I can keep this up no problem.

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