Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Great News! (He said sarcastically)

I have mentioned that I use two computers regularly, besides my edit computer, right?

I have my old internet computer that's mostly used to log into my business A-zon accounts, and to print labels from eBay(because it has the printer attached), and I stream stuff to my Xbox from this computer.

Tonight, that computer's hard drive died. Whole computer froze, and when I rebooted it...there's no boot disk any more.

For me to use this computer again, I had to re-install Windows, then all the drivers for everything on the computer...but I can't remember which one of these CDs goes to this computer. (I've built three of the machines I have)

And the ethernet is one of the things no working right off the bat, so I can't even use the internet to find drivers for stuff.

Then I have to try to re-install all the programs I use on a daily basis--Photoshop, VLC, winzip, winrar, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Then try to revisit all my sites and enter in the passwords.

Lot of fucking work.

I'm hoping I didn't lose much on the actual hard drive that went down. It was the old, original Bounty edit hard drive. I had backed it up on another hard drive, so I think the only thing I probably lost were some Word files because Word would always naturally save to the documents folder on the boot drive.

It lasted about 10 years, so I can't complain about the HD life. But now I have to waste what's left of my A-zon credit on another hard drive. (when one goes down, you always order another and start backing up the hard drive you backed the collapsed hard drive on. Always have two copies somewhere...)

But it's really time consuming too. (and I really wanted to order some of the horror blu's that have been on my wish list for a year or more...)

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