Sunday, February 04, 2018

Asylum Trip 2

My brother Mike and I went back to the abandoned asylum, and this time we took our other brother, who also is getting back into photography. You can find some pics plus some of the details at this blog entry of mine:

We spent about five hours total, because I'd made plans with my dad to go see Hostiles at 3:45pm.

We showed my older brother the building you go through to get to the main building. It's big, and has lots of shit to photograph. Then we took him to the main building(and we located the morgue this time, but it's pretty unimpressive--VERY small, and there's just one cadaver table.)

Then we made our way to the church, which none of us had been to. It's interesting, but not as much cool shit to shoot.

Then we made a bit of a hike to the furthest building. There was a bus there, so I climbed in for some pics:

On the way--which I didn't mention in the other blog post--we came across a building with barbed wire running fencing all around it, and big tunnels of it on the ground around it. And the barb wire looked BRAND SPANKING NEW. Like, shiny silver.

But the building's door were all busted out, so it's not like they'd be using it for anything. It looked like this:

I looked into it when I got home, and apparently they tried to retro-fit this as one building to house troubled girls or something. This was like 15 years ago or so. It didn't work out, obviously.

I wanted to go look, as I figure there might be stuff in there not as busted up, but we just didn't have time.

I didn't mention, but I also took my drone this time. Not to fly, but I wanted to walk it through one of the hallways to see if I could get anything interesting. (Because the drone, even without flying, has its gimbal--so it's basically a steadicam. Here, this is what I shot, and I didn't try to be steady--and the floor was very rough, with shit on it, so I actually stumbled during this:)


On the Ttory front, have been testing different coloring schemes on the wrap to see what my starting basis will be. (Once I see a "look" I like, I can tweak everything from there for all the scenes. I've found one that I kind of like, so I'll probably go with it.)


Met up with my local author buddy again for beers and chat. I think we offended some of the people near us with some of our talk. (apparently loud talk about masturbation isn't acceptable in today's society. To think.)

We also brainstormed some ideas. I may have talked him into letting me adapt Night Parade into a film. I wouldn't wanna try it unless I could get a six figure budget(even if if was $100K). It's a great book, with a great story--and an AMAZING scene.

But he's definitely open to it. Like I told him--really the only reason he's not selling the massive books of the horror giants is lack of exposure. He's definitely getting out there, but he should be much bigger than he is. He's that talented.

He told me the story of the year he was nominated for the Stoker, and how he lost to a book that was a little less worthy than his.

We talked about a way to get Dante some money to direct another flick, but more importantly, we'd be able to drink beers and hang out with Dante since we'd be producers.

Talked about a lot of stuff. He really wants me to come split a table with him at STC--that convention I used to go to before the drive back through traffic drove me insane. I know it would be hella fun, and I'd probably meet up with some of the other authors he hangs out with.

I gotta keep my eye on this Ttory 2 ball. GET. IT. DONE.

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