Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another Week

Man, was a busy week. Got another hard drive. Formatted it. Partitioned it. Started copying everything from my current hard drive to it.

Then started installing all the programs I use on a daily basis. Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Office. Adobe Suite. (the old CS5 one--I really only use photoshop on this computer) Moviemagic.

Then logging into the million emails/web sites I log in to, figuring out which password I used, and saving it to my computer.

Had a boatload of stuff to pack for eBay. I've been selling actual LOTS of comics to try to get some of them out of my house, and they've actually been selling.

Went back to looking at the Ttory 2 stuff. Tweaking. I'm gonna deliver the wrap to the composer late this week or early next week so he can get started. Then I may send the Pump Trail to the other composer as soon as I'm okay with that. (and the short section with Stewie, since that style fits here better than the other, classical composer)

Saturday went over and watched the fights, and then Molly's Game. A pretty solid feature--very entertaining and well written. Hell, it's Sorkin so you'd expect it.

Tonight I went up and saw Malfi playing guitar, then also singing, in a studio as the mixer worked. It was pretty interesting. My kid would love it there.

Then after we went and drank some beers at some place called Hellas.

Gotta figure out when I'm getting out for V-Day with the wife. We never go ON the day, cuz it's insane. I usually like going the Monday or Tuesday either before it or right after it.

Things I've seen recently:
Tragedy Girls--finally a movie on everybody's best-of list that's not bad. It's not GREAT, but certainly entertaining and well done. With some weird parts for semi-big actors that you wouldn't expect to see in a movie this low budget.

Most of Phillip K. Dick's Electric Dreams--Most of them are pretty good. A couple are definitely in the Black Mirror league.

The current season of Vikings--well, the big question was would this show survive the death of one of its main characters, and the answer is a definite yes. This year was excellent. Was sad to see the final episode, because I would have kept watching. Now I have to wait until next year.

The new Cloverfield movie. It was okay. Interesting enough, but pretty clear that all the monster stuff was jammed in just to make it a Cfield movie.

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