Friday, February 23, 2018

A Post. Crazy Times.

They brought my dad home on Monday evening. (or was it Tuesday? It's all a blur)

Went over to see him. It's nothing short of amazing how much progress he's made in only a couple of days. He's dressed normally and walking very close to regular. The only time you can really tell that something has happened is if he tries to talk. It's mumbled words that don't make sense.

And when he tries to do something with his hands, it gets dicey. But face it--this was him on Friday:
And then this is him at home on (checking) Tuesday at home with one of his newest grandkids:
It's insane, in a good way. They're working on getting a speech therapist for him, so we're all hoping that within 6 months this can all be just a very bad memory.


Sent the Ttory2 wrap to the composer. I keep second-guessing myself. Even after watching it with Zig, I keep seeing things I feel like maybe I should cut a little tighter.


Maybe I buried the lead a bit. Tonight I went out with Malfi again. Met him at a restaurant he knows the owner of not that far from me. Super nice guy(the owner, not that sonuvabitch Malfi)--says he owns like 3 acres of land, all woods, if we wanna shoot something there, or shoot in the restaurant if we want.

Malfi had asked me if I was interested in shooting the music video for his band's first release, which would be cool, but nowhere near as cool as the next thing he dropped later.

He's like, "Hey, remember we talked about (name of my favorite book he's written)?" and I'm like, "Yeah." He's says, "Not sure if you were serious, but what do you think if I write the script and we try to raise the money, and you direct it?"

And I'm like, Fuck. Yeah.

So he's gonna write it in the next couple of weeks and shoot it to me. I'll make any little changes I think are necessary, then break it down so we can figure out if we can possibly do it justice on a budget of around $250K.

By far my largest budget, but right in the ballpark where I think we have a shot at making real money.

It'll be a lot of pressure on me, because as much as I don't like to fail on my own stuff, I DEFINITELY don't wanna let him down, and turn his great story into a piece of shit.

I think I'll go into fully believing--and not just cuz it may be true--that this will be the last film I direct, so I'm gonna put everything I have into it. Leave it all on the field, as they say.

Pretty exciting, though.


Steve Pattee said...

HOLY SHIT. What a great post all around.

Fuck both you and Malfi.

But still a great post.

Aric Blue said...

Thanks! And fuck you back!