Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When it Rains It Pours Acid

A-zon has reduced their pay rates to moviemakers by 60%.

I wrote a blog about it here so feel free to check that out first:

So it appears that my having to push Ttory 2 back is going to hurt me very significantly in the wallet. To think that if I duplicate the performance of the first film--which is certainly not guaranteed--then I'm going to make 40% of what we made there?

I could very easily lose money on the movie, which is hard to believe when we made it as cheap as we did.

It's gratifying yet sour that my instincts regarding A-zon sooner-or-later changing were true. Hence my rush to get Ttory 2 done within a year of the first film.

I am very reactionary, and always looking forward so I'm considering my options. The one I'm thinking about most seriously is getting an aggregator and trying to get the flick out to other venues like Netflix.

Problem is, you're not guaranteed to get accepted there, and they can take up to 90 days to make that decision after you've delivered the film to the aggregator. This means that I need to deliver the film to the aggregator by mid-June. That way if they decline, I'm still ready to launch on A-zon on October 1st.

See, Netflix won't take it if it's playing on Prime, so I can't do both.

Other slight problem is that it'll cost me a grand just to submit to Netflix, and more if I want to submit to other venues.

All this means I have to really push forward to finish the film ASAP. I need to film the remaining segment as soon as the weather is okay outside. Get the pieces to the composers. Work on the trailer. Work on all the art. (you have to deliver 3 different sizes to the aggregator, so I have to fix the poster so it fits those.

Lot of work to do. Lot. Of. Work.

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