Monday, January 22, 2018

TMI Picture

Not that one. I'll get to it, but if you don't like gross bodily things, you may wanna bail now.

Here's the deal. For my whole life I've had this bump under the skin at my sternum. And sometimes it would get kind of hard underneath, and then pus would come out.

I would of course ignore it. Because it didn't hurt, and it wasn't that big so I barely noticed it.

About 10 years ago it got pretty big though, so I went to the doctors and said, "What is this?"

Doc gave me some antibiotics and told me it was a sebaceous cyst. Said it was no big deal. He's like, "If you want, schedule surgery with us and we'll remove it in office."

Who's got time for that? I took the antibiotics, the bump went away, and I ignored it.

About six months ago, the bump started hardening and getting bigger(that's what she said). Slowly but surely.

About a month ago it started to get painful. I tried to lance it. No luck. I called my doctor and scheduled surgery, telling them it was pretty painful right now, but they only do the in-office surgery once a month, and that wasn't until today.

So I'd have to wait two and a half weeks. Meanwhile, this thing is getting REAL painful. Couple of days ago I texted my doctor(I have his text number because he used to be a customer at my comic store) with this picture, and said "Coming in for surgery in a week, but I need some antibiotics now."

He got me the antibiotics, and today I go in to get it removed.

Looks good, right? I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this is really pushing it.


Forgot to mention in the previous post that when we went to see Shape of Water, we went to the movie theater I used to go to ALL the time. The one my buddy worked at in Columbia, which is also the one we shot the first FOC in.

Man, do I miss that theater. So many good times there. And I was surprised by the flashes of memory as I entered the bathroom. (it was a pretty traumatic night when we shot that bathroom scene)

This is what it looks like now:

Hasn't changed a whole lot, at least the lobby hasn't. The seats are all recliner seats now.


The diet's going well. Sticking to it, but got a giant salmon steak from Costco and have been eating pieces of it for dinner every day. Lost six pounds in the first week. Weird part is that I'm not really starving like I was the last time I went on this diet.

Biggest question will be at what weight will I hit the plateau--that place where it will be nearly impossible to lose weight for a while. It gets frustrating when you're not eating much, but your body refuses to shed pounds.

Always happens though.

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