Tuesday, January 23, 2018

TMI Part 2

Did you check out yesterday's post? If not, click here to go right to it. Then come back here if you're interested in seeing an even grosser pic.

So today I went in for the surgery. Appointment was at 4pm, but they didn't take me back until 4:30pm. Doc brings me in, takes a look at the growth and winces.

Gets me up on the table and says "Can't numb it well--I'll put some freezing stuff on it but you'll still feel it." He sprays it--and I'm thinking, weird, shouldn't there be a nurse or something with him?--and then he cuts me open.

And says, "Ewww..."

He squeezes, which hurts A LOT, and says, "Aw, that's disgusting." And "Jesus."

I laughed. You expect a doctor to be very objective, very professional. Like, they've seen it all, right?

But what he was doing was basically being a stewardess who hit turbulence, and suddenly screams, "Oh my God we're gonna die!"

I've known him for a long time, so I'm used to it. He kept pushing and squeezing, and man did it hurt. Took a while to get all the pus out. He told me he can't take out the cyst now, because due to the skin stretching and how much swelling, if he took it out it would leave a big hole in me.

Then he crams a bunch of antiseptic tape(I think he said) into the wound and says, "You can come back tomorrow and we'll take it out, or you can take it out yourself if you feel like it. It'll be gross, so you can freak someone out." (should I videotape it and put it up here for you amusement?)

Wanna see the wound afterward? That's a piece of tape you see hanging out. Nice, huh?

It's still bleeding a bit, and hurts. Plus, changing the bandage is painful because it rips out my hair every time.


Steve Pattee said...


I have a cyst on my hand that gets all swollen if I do a lot of writing. But not like yours.

You going to keep it and name it?

Kangas said...

Nah, want that fucking thing GONE. I can post video of pulling out the tape. It's pretty gross.