Thursday, January 11, 2018

In A Plane. Struck By Lightning.

You know, I guess I forgot to talk about this because this didn't happen on THIS last trip, but the one before it.

We're on our flight home and I'm looking up from my book, my neck sore. It's the perfect time, too, as I see a bright flash outside of the window behind Luke, then sparks fly everywhere. I'm not sure whether it was simply my mind playing tricks on me, but I could have sworn the engine sputtered a little.

Everybody looked up. Luke looked over, then looked to me.

There's this tense moment where we wait to see if the plane is going to suddenly plummet from the sky, because I'm not sure just then if it was lightning or the engine blowing up for whatever reason. Nothing happens though.

"Did you see that?" I ask Luke.

"Yeah," he says. And continues to look around.

The captain comes on the intercom to tell us that the plane just had a "small lightning strike", but it's no big deal. I figure that's what he'd probably say if he'd lost all power and we were gonna die, so I don't believe him.

But there's no issue on the flight home, and as you can see, I forgot about it until now.


The L.A. auction went well. The company I do work for set a record for the most ever paid for a doll. This is soul-crushing to those of us who don't have this kind of money, but it sold for $290,000. That's before taxes and a premium added to every sale, so the person probably will end up paying around $350,000 when all is said and done.

In-sane. But at least this time it was a museum.

My brother was at the auction where we sold the PREVIOUS record, and he tells the story of this couple that bought the $250,000 doll. He wrapped it up all nice and tight in tissue paper and packing material, and the lady came to pick it up.

She unwraps all the wrapping, takes a look at it, and then tosses it in her bag and strolls off like it's a GI Joe doll.

These fucking people, man, they just aren't human.


Booted up the Ttory computer. Took another look at the new trailer I'm working on. Staying away from the actual movie stuff for a while longer.

Took another whack at the opening credits. Man, was I an idiot when I did the first one. Trying to tweak THAT to work with the II symbols for this one just made me TWICE the idiot.

Without going into details, I went ass-backwards at it and failed miserably, then just deleted a bunch of layers and started mostly clear. Now I'm getting somewhere on it.

Originally I was just going to have the Ttory logo like before, then the II symbols dissolve in behind them and zoom out a bit, and then they all explode into that heat-blaze that was in the first one.

But I don't love it. The II doesn't stand out enough, and sort of blends in unless I add a stroke to the II, and that just looks like dogshit. I changed the color of the II to red, and that's slightly better, but still not great.

Then I changed it so the symbols come in separately from each side, eliminating the Ttory word until they're all that's left. Then THEY blaze out like the first title. I think it's better, but still not there.

I was also going to leave the map background behind the title the same, but then I figured that was way lazy and changed it up.


Bonus post because today...I went.

Lemme backup just a smidge. When we were in Cali, we went to the place where anybody can buy legal weed. We bought a few things to amuse ourselves and make sleep easy. Expensive, but interesting.

I'd already made an appointment to go to the doctor the following week in my state, as it's legal for medicinal reason in my state, and I gots the problems that calls for it.

First off, the place is SECRETIVE as fuck. I signed up to get an appointment, and they called me and got all my info. Then they say "Where do you want to go for your appointment?" I say..."It says you have an office in Annapolis." They say "Yes, is that where you want to go?" and I say yep.

"Okay," they tell me, "your appointment is for Wednesday at 5:10. See you then."

I'm like, "Woah, I need an address." They say it will be in the email they send me with the confirmation.

I get it, and show up at the place. It's in an office complex that I've been to, which is weird, but you follow these paper signs taped to the walls inside, through a weird door to ANOTHER door on which is printed the name of the company. Like it's some fly-by-night place.

I walk inside and it's completely undecorated, with about 30 folding chairs in the room, and it's PACKED with people. Only two open seats. I grab a clipboard and fill out the info, and sit down.

It takes AN HOUR past my appointment time to get in to see the doctor. And here's where it gets REALLY weird.

The doctor looks at my papers--he's clearly already looked at them--and says, "I don't know that you have DISEASE(I'm not typing it in here)". I frown. I'm confused. "What do you mean?"

"From these papers, I don't know that you have DISEASE. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. But these papers don't show that you do."

Granted, none of the papers actual have the term on them. For some reason that always struck me as odd, my doctor had never put it on any of the records he'd had. He'd told me on the phone that I had it, and what to take and do. It required no prescription unless it got much worse.

So I say, "Well, those are the lab results that the doctor used to tell me I have it, so if he can tell from them that I have it, how come you can't?"

He says, "DISEASE has a number of factors, five or six, that are used to determine if you have it. These results show that you clearly have an auto-immune disease, and the other papers show that you've gotten uveitis, which is indicative of it, but without more tests I can't tell for sure that you have it. Have you seen a rheumatologist?"

I say no. He tells me I should. He says they could tell me for sure if it's DISEASE or not. He asks me what the main symptoms I'm there for are, and I tell him--pain in my forearms, but mostly to get and stay asleep. He asks if I use the MJ currently, and I say yes.

He says, "Well I'll approve you because you're already using it anyway, but if you really want to know what you have for sure, you should go see a rheumatologist." Then he adds, "There you go, you got a free consult too."

So I got the certificate, but all of a sudden I'm left thinking that maybe this DISEASE I've had for 6 years might not be the disease I thought it was. It's crazy.

Also crazy is how much this doctor has to make. See, it's $200 but that $150 for the place and $50 for the doctor--all cash. I was there for an hour and he must have seen 20 people in that hour. That's $1000 per hour. The place is open only Wednesdays for like 10 hours, so let's say he sees 150 people a day(I rounded down for lunch, and maybe he has slow times)--that's $15,000 cash for one day's work.

So if he quit his job and only did this four times a month, he'd net around $60K a month in cash. Not too shabby.

Also a side note--you can't legally buy a gun if you have a MJ license, even if it's legal. Not really a problem for me, if you know what I mean.


Steve Pattee said...

The gun part is such FUCKING HORSESHIT. I mean, I'm 100% for gun control, but being for gun control doesn't equate to anti-gun, and this pisses me the fuck off. It's so fucking ass backwards. It's the equivalent of if someone buys some beer, when they show their ID, it's stored and that person can no longer buy a gun. So fucking stupid.

And very interesting on the doctor's advice on the DISEASE. I assumed they were just pocketing cash, but this dude actually did some due diligence.

I need to get my shit together and get my card. Did they require medical records, or can I just go in and say I can't sleep. I literally have glaucoma, so getting those records won't be an issue. I'm just lazy.

Aric Blue said...

Yes, they require medical records, and as I said...he STILL questioned them...but when he asks if you're already using it, just say yes and either way I think he'll give you the certification.

But I'm not sure glaucoma fits in this state--did you look it up? They're big on the chronic pain being the main reason to get it.

Steve Pattee said...

You just sent me in a panic, but after looking at the website of where you no doubt went to your appointment, glaucoma is listed on there.

Aric Blue said...

I would just double check that it's on the Maryland web site for reasons good enough. Chronic Pain is what he wrote on my paper, even though I told him that wasn't the main reason I wanted the paper.

Steve Pattee said...

Yup. It's even on the official site:

"The patient is required by law to have a bona fide provider-patient relationship with the provider and the provider must approve medical cannabis as a treatment option for the patient for a qualifying medical condition. Qualifying medical conditions include cachexia, anorexia, wasting syndrome, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, severe or persistent muscle spasms, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain."