Monday, January 01, 2018

A New Year. Same Old Feel.

No meme more perfectly sums up the problems with the new SW films.

Anywho, for a guy who prefers vodka, I drank a lot of beer this week. First, went out with the Malf, as I'll call him. At Bateman's, where we first met a few months ago. Chit chat, throwing ideas, talking about collaborating on some stuff. Then he's like "You wanna go to a party?"

I don't have any plans, so I'm like, sure. We hop in his car, leaving my car behind at Bateman's, and it turns out this party is--no shit--like a mile from my house. I'm thinking, Fuck, shoulda driven separate...

Had a good time, went home and did some more work with a very slight buzz from the beers I'd drank all night plus some orange vodka drink they gave me at the end.

Then tonight, went out for New Year's with the wife. Hit the steakhouse we love across the bridge--it was amazing, as usual, and then came over this way. There was a band playing near my parents house that she used to love in high school, so I surprised her by taking her there.

They played a lot of their old songs, which the wife loved, and stayed til they closed(which was after the ball dropped). There was a good crowd, but I had more beers. Not so much that driving home was any problem though. Those days are over...

Now it begins again. The new year where we all pretend something's going to be different, or we're gonna change something significant, all because of an arbitrary date on a calendar.

I just wanna get this L.A. auction over and done with. I don't like travel, and I don't like staying in hotels in general, and I also don't like to work at all, so this is just a bad deal all around. :)


Was thinking about doing a top 10 horror list for the year, but honestly I'm not sure I've seen 10 this year that impressed me to say they were top 10.

So maybe I'll just do a top 10 movie list, then maybe put my list of okay horror flicks I saw.


When I get back, here's what's on tap for me for 2018.
--Diet. I've gained enough weight I can notice it, so that shit has got to stop. Maybe I'll buy that shake again where I lost 24 pounds in 3 weeks. See if it still works in my late 40's the way it did in my late 30's.
--Finish the Ttory edit on everything I've done so far. Picture lock them so I can send them to the composers. Then get everything ready so I can shoot Fountain. Get the credits to a position where all I have to do is add the particulars when Fountain is done.
--Write. I've been slacking big time. And I think maybe I'll finally try to write another novel. (I did one back when I was 17 that was terrible) You know, as well as the scripts.
--That's all I can think of offhand right now. I know there's a bunch more.


Steve Pattee said...

The band wasn't LC was it.

I bet it was. First you hang out with The Malf 10 minutes from me without calling, then you go and see LC FIVE MINUTES from me without calling.

Aric Blue said...

It was half of LC, yeah. (Dave and Corey)

And Malfi and his wife were actually gonna meet us, but something came up.

I'm sorry, but Luke has told me I can no longer hang out with you any more. hahahahahahaha

Steve Pattee said...

Trump officially has my vote in 2020.