Friday, December 22, 2017

The Bad Blogging Continues

December looks to be my worst month of blogging in a long time, and it's not gonna change.

Part of the blame falls on the new car I bought, that I then had to take back to have fixed FOUR times in three weeks since I bought it. Knock on wood, they may have found the issue. I've had the car now for a whole week without the light coming on.

The rest of the blame is now the freelance work I get smashed with at the last minute every year.

I went in and shot the videos they put online for the auction, then came home and edited for about 20 of 26 hours to get them up ASAP since the auction is January 6th. I won't complain--the paycheck in January is always nice.

Then I started the After Effects-intensive banquet video that needs to be done by the time I leave on January 4th for L.A. It's going to be pretty challenging to meet that deadline without giving up my holidays completely.

But I do have a car payment now...

My lawyer got me a check today for the accident that caused this whole car debacle in the first place. Not a bad little sum for the hassle and injury.

There's some weird family shit going on that I could probably talk about in vagaries(is that how that word is spelled?) but not sure if I should. Maybe soon.

Haven't been watching a ton of Christmas stuff yet. Saw a fun bad movie called Elves the other night at Zig's. We'd seen the new Wars movie, and I am not a fan. The weirdest part is how rabid the people who like it are about how MISTAKEN you are to not love it.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll detail the reasons I didn't like it. Besides it having a bad script, giving all of SW the middle finger, and treating Luke like a petulant little baby, as if the writer had only seen the first movie and neglected to see how Luke was becoming a badass in Jedi. prolly gonna try to watch Die Hard and Vacation. Been a couple of years for the Ref, which is one of my favorites. Just not sure how much time I've got to watch stuff.

Here, watch this.

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