Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Car Probs Continue

Ever buy a car so you don't have to worry about car problems, but then the car has to go in for service 4 times in the 18 days since you bought it?

Yeah, me too!

At the instant I'm writing this, my car is BACK in the shop and I'm carless for the fourth time in 18 days since I bought it. I actually picked it up last night, and only got 5 miles away from the dealer before the check engine light came back on.

I am SUPER out of patience about this. I have a lot of stuff to do, and ain't got time for this...

So that's one of the reason I haven't posted much in blogland. I haven't done much on the movie either.

I did go out and shoot some drone footage in the snow, and during a sunset when I was down Ttory's way. Mostly just for fun.

Wanna see?

This is on my road from different angles:

It's neat that all that snow barely gets on the drone as a result of the propellers going so fast. Biggest issue was all the snow that gets on my Kindle Fire(which is what I use to see what the drone sees).

Would like to make it back to that asylum I visited a month or so back, but it looks like we're leaving for L.A. on January 4th, so I have even less time than I thought to do the video for the banquet...


Steve Pattee said...

That drone video is amazing. Technology is awesome.

Can they lift anything? About how much, if so?

Aric Blue said...

I don't think it will lift anything and still function as a camera. I believe it's measuring resistance at all times, and the weight would be experienced as resistance.

Steve Pattee said...

Did you see my post about the chickens on FB? A drone shitbag attack would be awesome. I was wondering if it could hold a bag of shit.

Aric Blue said...

It might be able to lift a bag of dry shit, but it's not like it has a release switch, so the timing of the drop would be impossible to figure out. Go create a shit-dropping drone and take it to Shark Tank.