Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Another Christmas Gone...

Part of me is really pretty tired of Christmas. Just part of me. It's weary of the same routine every year.

Another part of me enjoys not taking the kid to school, getting to see family and whatnot.

Another part of me is irritated that I never get to watch all the Xmas movies I want to get to. I fully intended to watch Die Hard, The Ref, and Christmas Vacation--three of my favorites. I didn't watch a single one of those.

The other night I got on a Xmas horror kick, so I watched:

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night - Always fun. 
  • Home For the Holidays(1972) - featuring a very young Sally Fields and the mom from Arrested Development. It's not a great movie.
  • The Children(2008) - I think I had seen this before a long time ago, but then again perhaps this was just familiar as a remake. Not bad.
  • Red Xmas - This is not very good. It's on Netflix. 
  • Silent Night, Bloody Night - also called Death House. Features a young Mary Woronov. Pretty mediocre.
  • Bad Santa 2 - not horror, but I've been saving it on my Netflix cue for months so I could see it at Xmas. I liked the first one, and this is more of that, so it was fun.
Today, went over to my parents' house first to see my sisters who were in town from Wisconsin. Hung out for a while, then headed to the inlaws for dinner(cuz my Mom didn't make turkey for the first time in years.).

Fairly uneventful gifts, since the wife and I gave each other a trip to Cancun this year, and had agreed not to get each other anything. (we still did, but nothing big)

From the parents and inlaws and whatnot, got a lot of Amazon gift certificates(they're the BEST), a couple of Burger King certificates(also great), and a 7-11 certificate. Do these people know me, or what?


Continuing my work on the video for the banquet. Slow going, and it looks more and more like we're gonna come up short...which will lead me to try to wing it and come up with other ideas.

I've worked every day on it since Wednesday. Christmas Eve alone I worked from 2pm-5pm, went to the inlaws, then came back and worked on it from 9pm-3am).

Today(Christmas) was the shortest. I started work at about 11pm and will work on it until about 6am. It's not a full 7 hours, cuz I played an hour of video games, then the 15 minutes it takes to write this blog and check my emails.

Hard to believe another year's gone by and that list of screenplays I've started but not finished didn't shrink by a single one. I've put off writing for a while, with all the editing I've done, so when January rolls around I really want to get back into it.

Of course, Ttory 2 looms, so I'll be doing the finishing touches on that, and keeping an eye on the weather cuz the 2nd I get a decent weekend, we're going out to shoot the final segment.

More and more though, I'm thinking about releasing it in October. It's probably safest, though it delays me getting any of my money back until January of 2019. (That's when I get paid for October 2018 earnings)

Anyway. Back to work. Here's another pic.


Forgot, in one of my fantasy football leagues, I made it to the superbowl. (it's the 3rd time in 5 years)

I just checked, cuz I was expected to lose according to estimates, but lookit that! (I'm Nevin)

If you wanna know what a superbowl team looks like, here ya go:
(Note, Blake Bortles was a late pickup because Alex Smith was sucking for a while)

Also of note, I lost the first 3 weeks in a row, so I figured my team was gonna suck for the rest of the year. This is the 2nd time in those five years that I won the superbowl. Too bad it's a free league.

Bragging rights though!


Steve Pattee said...

I watched Better Watch Out again. It's streaming on Shudder. I don't know why I like that film so much but I do (made my top 10 this year).

I'm thinking it's because I knew nothing at all about it before Friday Fun.

Aric Blue said...

Yeah, it was pretty entertaining, but I'm not sure how it will be on repeat viewing now that the main plot point has been revealed to me after seeing it.

Steve Pattee said...
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Steve Pattee said...

I thought of that too, but there's enough comedy to carry it through for sure. It's like Sixth Sense; the movie is still good. But it's better than Sixth Sense as far as rewatchability because the turn didn't shake you THAT much.