Wednesday, November 08, 2017

To Boldly Go Where We're Not Allowed

Turns out we were lucky that actress forced me to cancel. An unexpected rain moved in the entire weekend, so it would have screwed me anyway.

Had a relaxed weekend. Watched some decent UFC fights. Saw Thor. (it's a lot of fun)

Then, since we had the camera rental anyway, me and my brother Mike decided to go out to an abandoned asylum I had just found out about. I took my drone.

We head with a rough idea of where it is, but not sure where we're going to park; the place is supposedly guarded, so you have to park on a side road and walk in through woods.

I drove--and we pulled to the side of a road and got out, started walking towards where we thought it was. Immediately three people come out of the woods where we're going. Some guy and two attractive girls.

He yells to us--tells us not to park there, cuz the guards will drive by, see the car, and know somebody's on the grounds. He tells us where to park--down the hill where they're going.

I drive us down there, and we meet the guy. He takes girls into decaying places and shoots nudes and partial nudes with them. He's actually super talented too. Has some great shots. He gives us some instructions on the best way to go about not getting caught. It was a real lucky run-in.

Mike and I head in, and I realize from Google maps that this place is like less than 3 miles away from that big bad agency that spies on us. So no way am I flying a drone there.

Moving through the woods is a path, and just to get the mood set quickly for visitors, there are asbestos masks hung along the trail, leading the way.

(I took this pic on the way back, and we ended up on a different trail that didn't have as many masks--next time I go I'll get a shot of the bunch of them hanging along the trail.)

We cross through a creepy one-story building that's the best way to stay off the main road and make your way to the big building.

In that creepy building is all sorts of creepy stuff. Broken piano. Adult-sized cribs. Weird restraining chair. Lotta graffiti, some of it very good.

Like this one:

And like this mushroom with grass growing near it.

Here's a few pics of other stuff there.

That last one is me, getting ready to go in. I took my steel baton. Ya know, to clear spiderwebs.

We hustled across the road and I heard the big golf cart that the guards drive. It passes our road farther down, not turning in. We make it to the main building. This is the back side of it.

We went inside. The place is supposedly haunted. I didn't get that vibe, but it's certainly creepy. And something weird happened when we first got on the premises.

I was having a VERY hard time focusing crisply with the camera. This is the same camera and lens I've shot a TON of Ttory 1 and 2 on, and I've never had issues.  I mentioned it to Mike.

He ends up using his camera while I shoot with the rented one, and he gets the same problem with a lens of his. He thinks his lens is broke. But then he uses Live View rather than the viewfinder, and he can see that it focuses fine.

I do the same thing, and yeah, it's fine. So for some reason both camera's viewfinders showed things blurry when they weren't. Pretty odd.

One of the rooms I found had VERY IMPORTANT information about my past. I was very happy to find this out, and will let my parents know I found this out when next I see them.

This is bottom floor:

We were looking for the morgue, but couldn't find it. It was weird, we thought we scoured every floor, but the layout is weird.

It started getting dark FAST. And lemme tell ya, if you think it's creepy during the day, you are gonna LOVE the night...

We saw this cool graffiti on our way out:

We realize we didn't take a great look at WHERE we came in from. We know what direction, but we can't find the exact entrance to the woods that we took. So we take another trail, and eventually find our way out of there.

It was cool. I think we'll go back and explore some more, find that morgue, and there's also apparently a mass grave that may actually have some bodies starting to show up due to ground erosion and not-too-deep burials.

This was me getting ready to head into the darkness when we first got there.

Anyway, I figure this weekend I'll start taking a serious look at finishing all of the pieces of Ttory 2 that I have done. Starting with the main story.

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